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Chris Brown -- I'm Totally Ashamed

9/1/2009 10:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ obtained another clip from Chris Brown's interview with Larry King -- one in which Chris claims he's "ashamed" and "really regrets" beating the crap out of Rihanna.

Link: CHRIS BROWN talks exclusively to LARRY KING

Chris couldn't explain why he flipped out that fateful night, but told Larry -- in the interview set to air tomorrow night -- that "It's just one of those nights I wish I could just take back."


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1855 days ago

Lori in Chicago    

I think everyone should give this guy a break.... He's paying for what he did... He's young, made a mistake, everybody makes mistakes... except he made a really big mistake... I am a white woman and I have never been through anything like this, but I hope this guys future isn't ruined by what he did... I just pray to God it doesn't happen again... I can only imagine how humilating it must be for the whole world to know something wrong you did, and the whole world won't let it go... I think people should have some compassion and move on.... I think he really regrets what he did and that is pain enough for him....

1855 days ago


He looked like he was ready to kick Larry's ass

1855 days ago


leave him alone

1855 days ago


I still want to know whose brilliant idea it was to dress Chris up like one of the Melendez brothers at a preliminary hearing.

1855 days ago

M.E. Rhytes    

We all have slipped, right???? We all deserve forgiveness. Have u slipped - tell me about it:

1855 days ago


And? What is the point of this clip? Of course he feels badly about it who would feel good about it? I feel so sorry for this young man. To be so young and so crucified is just sad. Everyone judging him while he continually begs forgiveness is just unreal to me. Why are people so unforgiving?

1855 days ago


one of THOSE nightS. Plural. Based on their violent history (her the aggressor, as well), it was one of many nightS of physical misconduct. Given the way he beat Rihanna, it probably wasn't his first rodeo. He has probably hit other girls and she has probably slapped other guys. Bet each will think twice next time they have one of THOSE nights.

1855 days ago


"Why are people so unforgiving?"

Go take another long hard look at Rhianna's battered face and head. OJ Junior is not finished abusing women....count on it.

1855 days ago

d brown    

They Are Both Young And In Love.We All Make Mistakes No One Is Not Perfect.Yes What Chris Did Was Totally Wrong And No One Should Ever Put Their Hands On Their Partner Whether It Is The Man Or The Woman.Sometimes Arguments In A Realationship Goes way Beyond What It Should,We Say And Do Things We Regret After.He Said HE Was Very Sorry For What He Did And He Is Paying For It In Alot Of Ways,Lets Not Make An Example Out Of Chris,Lets Give Him The Help He Needs And Help Him To Be A Better Man.Lets All Remember This Could Have Been Our Son or Brother In This Situation.Then Ask Your Self The Question,Would I Forgive My Son/Brother?And Would You Want Your Son Or Brothers Life To Crumble Because Of One Really Big Stupid Mistake?Sometimes We Have To Look Deep Into Our Hearts And Show Love And Compassion.

1855 days ago

The Truth    

I'm Totally Ashamed... No you're TOTALLY a piece of crap...

1855 days ago



1855 days ago


He is a women beater. There is no such a thing that he has snaped!!! I know people like him, I lived with one!!! Rihana is not the last women left bruised from his fists... We women are naive thinking that they hit you once and after apology we are willing to forgive, but then comes the next beating and next and the next... never ending until he will beat the life out of you... goverment should make correction facility for women beaters... Chris Brown is a CRIMINAL!!!

1855 days ago


I think why everyone is pissed is celebritys get away with everything, Joe Blo when have been locked up. So I agree with alot of these people don't buy anything that has to do with Chris Brown, For at least 5 years, his money comes from the streets,and the streets can cut him off. You don't beat a woman, so it's time for street justice, Cut Chris Brown off. It would be differant if he went to jail....

1855 days ago


I see most of the public is PO'D. but the public has a voice in this.And that is don't buy any of his cd's for 5 years, The public can put him on probation. by not buying his products.We the public can shut him down....Let's do it

1855 days ago
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