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Report: OxyContin Found in DJ AM's Stomach

9/2/2009 3:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

dj amDJ AM had eight OxyContin pills in his stomach and one in his mouth when his body was found last Friday -- according to a new People report.

We checked with law enforcement sources tonight, and they still say AM's death was not a suicide.

We're told the OxyContin pills would be another indication that DJ AM had relapsed into addiction -- triggered by anti-anxiety medications.

Official autopsy results have not been released yet.


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So he had eight in his stomach, 1 in his mouth, and a crack pipe next to him? Unless your trying to kill yourself, I'm pretty sure nobody is gonna smoke rock all night then decide to eat oxy's like skittles.

1879 days ago


not suprising. oxycontin is the new vicodin which replaced Tylenol. things are not going to change until doctor's have consequences. the patient's won't ask to be taken off these meds.

1879 days ago

huge jackman    

ladies and gentlemen give it up for your boy DJ AM in the crack hay-ouse!

1879 days ago


8! why was he taking so much. how much r u supposed to have?

so that mixed with something else killed him...sad


1879 days ago


MSNBC is reporting that he had mirrors propped against doors. They broke when police broke into his apartment. Accident or suicide, this is a tremendously tragic loss.

1879 days ago


I hope the police are checking in to murder as well. ~ Who wants an Oxycontin in their mouth that's not swallowed?

1879 days ago

mrez golucky    


1879 days ago

no way    

I'm offended by the difference in the treatment of Michael Jackson as opposed to DJ AM and Billy Mays. DJ AM went through and unimaginable tragedy and I am sure the survivors guilt was terrible, I totally understand his relapse, however it's how it's covered that bothers me. I have never seen you refer to either Billy nor Adam as addicts or anything derogatory, while I appreciate that, I would appreciate the same respect for Michael who (as far as you've reported) only had doctor administered drugs in his system.
Show them all respect, each man had a problem that inevitably cost them their lives.
Rest in peace to all of them and peace and healing to their families

1879 days ago


let's see, eight pills still undigested in the stomach and one in his mouth.. and he was prescribed benzodiazapines for anxiety, most people know that benzo's and oxycontin if taken together will KILL YOU.. I have a feeling DJ AM knew it too, it really does sound like suicide, poor man.

1879 days ago


I read that he promised his sponsor he was going to check himself into rehab when he got back to the West Coast. I think he possibly wanted one last big "high" before he had to get clean. And maybe he didn't realize the repercussions of Oxycontin because he'd been clean for the last 12 or so years and Oxycontin didn't start gaining momentum it seems til only a few years ago. And I don't think the propping up of the mirrors against the doors means anything, I do that kind of stuff all the time when I'm getting ready to go out and want to check myself in different lighting, etc. That could've been anything. Regardless, I feel bad for that guy. What if he was never in that plane crash? Would he have relapsed? It's like "Final Destination". Watch out, Travis Barker...

1879 days ago

Vanessa Kaye    

Now i know i said on twitter i wouldn't talk about this any more but wtf! What i want to know is how does the "Law enforcement" know the intent of any thing. They weren't in his mind at the time he took the prescription, and other drugs. So I'm not buying it. They can't speak for the man, they weren't there when he died they only showed up after the damage was done. So in reality no one knows. BUT THEY CAN'T SAY THEY KNOW WHEN THEY DONT!!!!

1879 days ago


Jesus, TMZ, when does this become TMI! Gross.

1879 days ago


oxycontin are extended release as opposed to oxycodone which are short-acting. It is odd he took 9 of them. Were they prescribed for him for pain of some kind or did he get them off the street? Was he was dulling emotional pain with narcotics?

1879 days ago


UNLESS, he actually replapsed a LONG time ago and has been using again for a while, I would say, without a doubt that 9 oxy's on top of all the other crap is most certainly a suicide attempt.

1879 days ago


I suppose another theory could be that he was a COMPLETE novice with the oxy's and got them off the street?? Highly unlikely though, everybody knows the dangers of oxy's surely by now? ESPECIALLY addicts. RIP

1879 days ago
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