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Hard Labor Day

9/7/2009 10:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bernie & Chris

mug shots


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yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

awwww...look the sad pouty face...:C

1849 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

if you ask madoff, it was all well worth it. something very strange about how the mind of a psychopath operates. but it's how they keep themselves interesting as well.

1849 days ago


Hey #17 "look mom,no blood" ! You have got to be the biggest moron I have ever seen post a comment! From what hole did you come out of? Please go and get an education, then a job and then a life!!
Maybe if you had more than a dollar to your name and some clown defrauded you out of it you would understand!!
what a total loser!!

Your mother raise you??

1849 days ago

Grammar nazi    

Madoff. There was at least one suicide because of this. He destroyed people's lives.

1849 days ago

Happy Labor Day, Bernie Made-off (with the money). See you in 2159 (by my great grandchildren).

1849 days ago


Why even put Chris Brown on.Give the readers a break, I'm tired os looking at Chris Brown and Rihanna. Give it a rest, How long are you gonna beat this dead horse.

1849 days ago


You Chris haters trip me out. I've said it once and I'll say it again. While I don't condone the mistreatment of another of any kind, Chris and Riri took whatever they were arguing about way too far. True, he should have just walked away or put her ass out of the car and drive off. We all have no clue what she did or said that made him go off. She was probably giving him hell. Anyway she has forgiven Chris, thus the time spent together at Puffy's house and they still love each other. The only reason they don't get back together is because too many people will be doggin' her out, so it's best per their PR people (and the judge) that they stay apart and i bet that they are probably having phone sex right now.

1849 days ago


chris still deserves some type of difficult punishment for what he did to that young lady.

Geez, he beat her leaving her face to look like a premature death mask.

1849 days ago


Bernie Madoff all the way, he stole a bunch of money from many people, so i dont think you should be even comparing him to chris brown. All the peoples lives he ruined and the foreclosures and the children who wont even be able to go to a college is MADOFF'S fault. Chris Brown did something in the heat of the moment because he was angry. Well everyone gets angry and everyone hits people and the only reason he is in trouble because of it is because he hit a popular singer as well as him being one himself. i just say LEAVE CHRIS BROWN ALONE. im sure he has learned from his mistakes, cant say the same for millions of other women in the world who are still getting beat up from their spouses but arent famous.

1849 days ago


not even close i know chris did what he did but to compare him with madoff hats just crazy chris hit rhianna but maddof made people homless and bums but hey if you really tihink chris desvers more time than mdoof im say that your damn supid cause that is crazy

1849 days ago

Michael Jackson's Voice    

Where as it is not ok for aNY ONE to hit ANYONE.. I will say what Bernie did was FAR worse the Chris Brown. At least Chris has a chance to re-abilitate and never do this stupid stuff again... as For Bernie... He loved defrauding people and ruining others.. thats just pweoer play and he will do it again! It's like Dracula with blood... one taste and he has to have more.. Bernie sucked the lifes blood out of people and he is being xcompared to Chris Borwn... Yeah my support go to Chris Brown.. at least he IS truly sorry!! Sheesh.. Mandoff was never sorry and probable STILL isnt!!

1849 days ago


what the f^ck was the point of this article.

1849 days ago


@ JimmyD: Nice of you to say, but because I am sure that you have never been a battered woman, you have no idea. Of course it is horrible to have your life savings taken from you. These people also made poor investment decisions, which they likely will learn from. It sure would make life hard to have something like that happen to you, but it is MONEY. Battered women, unfortunately, have people such as you downgrading the enormous damage that can happen with such abuse. Money is not everything. People will live and be more aware of how they invest after what Madoff did. Abuse is in a different category altogether...

1849 days ago


Maddof Man ;; Thats Stupid He Ruined Many Lifes And As A Fan On CB I Am Gonna Say That He Was Wrong As Well .. But Rihanna Is Well And Living However Maddof Ruined Soo Many And Bless Them :( x

1849 days ago


Madoff is old, rich,& evil.Chris Brown is young, rich, and stupid. He can change. If he wants to.

1849 days ago
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