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Jon Gosselin -- I 'Despise' Kate!

9/8/2009 2:57 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The war between Jon and Kate Gosselin hit a peak on the morning talk shows today -- with Jon announcing on national TV that the mother of his 8 children is "someone I despise."

Jon Gosselin: Click to watch
Jon was on "GMA" where he kept talkin' trash about his ex -- and even accused her of taking his wedding ring.


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Kate never said anything to hurt the kids in any interview he has become a fame whore
it seems he is the one that's going to be sorry in the end when the kids get a little older and understand what Jon is or has said about thier mother will only make them dislike him and I bet Jon is saying some nasty things about thier mother infront of them so they will dislike her and blame her for the break-up
it appears Kate is the most stable parents he see the kids one oo two days then jets off to god know where and partys with a whole lot of girls around him

1809 days ago


I believe the way Kate talked to Jon was purely out of frustration... he would usually run off and do his own thing, while she was stuck with eight young kids. This is all really unfortunate.. It seems like they're not trying to salvage anything.

1809 days ago


What a douche bag!!! You do not say that on television or so that you children may hear it some day.

Kate may be a b$%ch but I suspect that she was that way when he married her.

He should really be ashamed of the way he is acting.

1809 days ago


He is the biggest ASS!!! I hope Kate keeps her head up and mouth closed, she will look like the bigger person.

1809 days ago


Is he on crack? Why can't he learn to just shut-up.

1809 days ago


He has to be one of the meanest and ugliest men I have ever seen!! He always looks coked out to me.....

1809 days ago


Like that guy said, you need to watch what you say for the kids sake. I don't care what she says in private to Jon, the kids won't hear that- why would this idiot want her to say bad things to the public, so the kids can hear it someday?? He is SUCH an IDIOT!! Hate is a strong word but I really, really, really can't stand this guy. He makes me want to punch him!!

1809 days ago


This guy is a J-O-K-E! He looks like a total psycho like he's stoned or something! Or about ready to go nuts! I don't feel sorry for him one bit. Those poor kids will see him say this on TV some day. Or the other kids at their school will tease them. Poor kids. Kate had to be strong to deal with a heartless creep like him! Typical immature male!

1809 days ago


Well EVERYONE dispses you Jon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1809 days ago

reap what you so    

Jon your 15 minutes of fame as a single man are about up.
You have kids, you were married to the mother of her kids. Do you think this is what you want your kids to see or read about.

Sure there were issues. Where is the part where both of you went to a marriage counselor or got involved in your church for help?

You have a sense of entitlement. You are a cheater. You did nothing to turn your marriage around.

Now you want pity and understanding. I think you are a poor excuse for a man.

1809 days ago

Tutti Froooooty    

Agreed with #9. Kate is a controlling beeotch who didn't even give Jon a chance to be a parent. She treated him like a child, and how can you stad up to a narcissistic woman like that? She took his balls away the day they got married! I don't know how Kate juggles her 8 kids and I applaud her, but Jon has been put through terrible emotional and mental abuse for 10 years! He had to stay with her for all the time only because of his kids! People shouldn't slam him for his going out...he is a grown man who can do whatever he wants when he is not around his kids!! And with 8 of them, I promise you over half of America would be hitting up the bars at happy hour every week!

1809 days ago


Get a life....this creep should shut his mouth and think of his children for once in his life. Does anyone ever notice when he is in charge of the kids he is always on his cell phone and NOT interacting with the kids. He is the worst excuse for a father there is. I think Kate should say good riddance.

1809 days ago


Freakin loser, anyone notice JK+8 was not on last nite? I just checked for the heck of it. Unless I'm mistaken, usually on Monday nites. Maybe TLC had all they can take of that loser. He's a horrible father, terrible role model, and he's turned off even the viewers who used to be in his corner. All you Kate haters, why you think she had an attitude? Try living with that useless slug. She probably didn't realize until it was too late and she had the two litters. Good riddance Jon. Kate, you're showing a lot of class through this whole mess. I wish you the best.

1809 days ago


Cancel their show. It is now just a train wreck. They joined the ranks of "Spidey" from the hills. Nothing to offer anyone. Get a real job...losers! Both of you are pathetic.

1809 days ago


Jon, what a joke. "Years of anger and abuse?" You get what you pay for. Could her anger and abuse be in response to your irresponsibility? Nothing says "I'm a man" like talking trash about your wife on national TV. The intented message might have been that you were abused, but unfortunately, you just made an even bigger a**hole out of yourself, and I didn't even think that was possible! BTW, if you would pull your head out of your butt, chances are you'd remember where you put that ring in the first place.... Quit blaming Kate for your own stupidity!

1809 days ago
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