Kate Gosselin It's Kate Plus $1.3 Million Now!!! Sells Reality Show Home

Kate Gosselin is saying goodbye to the house where her 8 children grew up ... often in front of reality TV cameras.

Kate's found a buyer for her 23-acre estate in Pennsylvania, which became the setting of the TLC show "Jon & Kate Plus 8" after the couple bought the 6-bed, 7-bath pad in 2008 for $1.1 million.

The show later became just "Kate Plus 8" after she and Jon divorced, but she continued to live on the gorgeous property with her twins and sextuplets -- who, BTW, are now 20 and 16 years old respectively! Feeling old?

As you can see ... the 7,591-square-foot home -- about 70 miles outside Philly -- comes with a swimming pool and picturesque scenery. The pool also has a waterslide, and there's a nice patio and outdoor spa and kitchen.

The inside of the house features a chef's kitchen, fireplace, game room and a separate "man cave."

And, shout out to Jon ... the 3-car garage has its own private living quarters -- the perfect spot for an ex-spouse to crash, if needed.

The sale is pending, so not officially sold yet ... but it's just a matter of days before the $1.3 mil deal is finalized. Joey Frey of RE/MAX handled the listing.

DJ Jon Gosselin Scratch That Bowling Alley Noise ... I'm Gettin $20k To DJ

One of the 3 people who caught Jon Gosselin DJing at a New Jersey bowling alley last month were lucky ... because he just got offered a $20k gig in Atlantic City.

According to our club sources, Jon's spinning his way up the ladder fast ... he's moved on from Brewster's Bar and Grill to drop the beats at the posh Pool After Dark club in Harrah's Casino.

And he won't have to spend 5 hours around pins and funky shoes ... he'll only spin for an hour before spending another hour or so meeting his loyal fans.

The money's definitely good but it barely dents the $1 mil judgment against him in February for stealing from a former boss.

Too bad he can't spin that.


Jon Gosselin Spinning For One During DJ Gig


Jon Gosselin learned lesson #1 about show biz Saturday ... Everyone's gotta start somewhere.

That somewhere was a New Jersey bowling alley, where Jon made a guest appearance as a DJ.

The good news ... the one person who got up and danced really liked it.

Truth be told ... we spotted 2 others in the background at Brewster's Bar and Grill inside Laurel Lanes, where Jon put on a 5-hour set filled with every type of genre ... the musical equivalent of throwing darts.

Jon Gosselin Socked with $1 MILLION Judgment He's a Scanner Scammer!

Jon Gosselin needs to ask Kate for a loan STAT, because he was just socked with a million dollar judgment for stealing from his former company.

Jon worked for Securus, which sells electronic payment processing systems to merchants. It's the thing that attaches to iPhones to accept credit cards.

So Jon was a sales manager who was supposed to go out in the field and hawk the product. Instead, Securus claims he was a Benedict Arnold, convincing merchants to abandon the company for a competing company he was secretly helping.

Securus sued Jon and he didn't respond, so the judge entered a default judgment for more than a million bucks.

We tried calling Jon ... not sure if his phone's still in service.

Jon Gosselin Here's Why I Bought 'Call of Duty' At Kate's Garage Sale

Jon Gosselin has spared himself the humiliation of buying his video games back from his ex-wife at her garage sale ... by playing a serious mind game on himself.

We got Jon arriving at LAX Monday and he was quick to say ... the money he shelled out at Kate Gosselin's yard sale to retrieve his "Call of Duty" game was NOT payment ... it was a charitable donation.

Kate was raising money for an animal rescue group. So Jon helped the dogs, and got doody in return.

Jon and Kate Gosselin Reunite at Yard Sale Gimme My Stuff!

Jon Gosselin showed up to his ex-wife Kate Gosselin's yard sale Saturday in Pennsylvania ... which can mean only one thing ... the guy wants to get some of his old junk back.

Kate was selling off old stuff like helmets and car seats with proceeds benefiting the Animal Rescue League ... and apparently J.G. was feeling a bit sentimental.

Here's the problem ... he doesn't have garage sale money anymore.

Kate Gosselin Double Your Humiliation Twins Stage Silent Protest

Kate Gosselin won't be dragging her 13-year-old daughters out on TV anytime soon -- not after the twins logged on to zipit.com just as she needed them to start blabbing.

Revenge. A dish also served quietly.

Jon Gosselin Kate Put Our Kids in 'Horrible' Situation

Jon Gosselin says he felt TERRIBLE for his daughters for having to appear on the "Today" show with Kate this morning ... telling TMZ the whole thing was "horrible" to watch.

Gosselin appeared on "TMZ Live" moments ago and said Kate's humiliating meltdown on live TV this morning shows exactly why the kids shouldn't be forced to participate in a lengthy publicity tour with their mother.

"I’m going to handle this as a family matter," Jon said ... adding, "I don’t want to affect the children anymore."

Kate Gosselin 'Profoundly Concerned' Over Jon Firing Gun

Kate Gosselin is gunning for a way to protect her 8 kids from a trigger-happy ex-husband ... TMZ has learned.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Kate is talking to her people about getting the judge in their custody case to modify the order, requiring Jon to exercise restraint when it comes to firing weapons when he has the kids.

We're told she is "profoundly concerned" that Jon was armed last weekend when he left a restaurant, returned home and fired a warning shot in the air to scare a trespassing photog off his property. She says it was an "extreme reaction."

Kate is saying she's dumbfounded that Jon didn't just call 911 to report the trespasser.

We're told she's talking to her people about getting an order requiring Jon to keep all firearms under lock and key when the kids are visiting. She also wants the judge to somehow restrict his right to fire weapons when the children are there.

Kate Gosselin Worried About Her Kids' Safety

The gunshot Jon Gosselin fired was more than a warning to a pesky paparazzo -- it was a wake-up call for Jon's ex-wife, Kate Gosselin ... who admits to TMZ she's worried about her children's safety.

Kate dropped a strong hint about taking legal action against Jon when we asked her about the gun incident outside Jon's cabin in the Pennsylvania woods.

Kate's 8 kids spend most of their time with her, but also visit with Jon.

But based on Kate's reply to our camera guy in NYC today -- "I'm doing what it takes to keep them safe" -- she's got something cooking ... perhaps with an attorney.

Consider yourself warned, Jon.

Jon Gosselin Photogs Be Warned I Shoot to Scare

Jon Gosselin whipped out his handgun and fired a warning shot when a photog wandered onto his property, and it totally worked ... cause the pap bolted!

So, just in case you needed a reason -- besides the obvious -- don't go to Jon Gosselin's house.

Kate Gosselin Ducking For Cover After Jon's Warning Shot

Jon Gosselin's ex-wife isn't the least bit surprised he fired a warning shot at a photog -- and while she's choosing her words very carefully ... Kate Gosselin seems to be saying she's gotten used to erratic behavior from him.

Kate claims she's not even aware of what happened -- even though it was in the news all weekend -- saying she doesn't pay attention to what her ex does.

But when the camera guy explained what happened she wasn't shocked by Jon's gunslinging, saying ... "Nothing surprises me anymore."

TMZ broke the story ... Jon said he was sending a message when he popped a cap into the air after a paparazzo followed him onto private property.

Is Kate concerned about Jon having a gun around their 8 kids? Check the clip ... she's tiptoeing around it, but definitely sounds like the answer is ... yes.

Jon Gosselin Proud Father ... of a 3-Year-Old Tax Lien

Jon Gosselin became a free man in 2009 -- problem is, he allegedly snubbed the State of Pennsylvania in the process ... and now, the schlubby reality dad's been hit with a $39K tax lien.

If you recall, 2009 was the year Jon and Kate went splitsville ... scoring them both more publicity -- i.e. paid interviews and appearances -- than either could've imagined.

But according to docs filed in Berks County, Pennsylvania ... Jon still failed to dish out the necessary cash to the government that year ... resulting in the massive tax bill.

Let's hope he saved some of that sweet reality cash ... 'cause while the bill might've been a doable amount back then, it's gonna be a pain in 2013 ... considering Jon works a totally normal person job now.

Thank God he bought all those Ed Hardy shirts while he had the chance... Multiple attempts to reach Jon were unsuccessful.

Kate Gosselin CLIPPED from Coupon Gig

Kate Gosselin has just been FIRED from her job as a coupon blogger ... after her boss decided the ex-reality star was no longer a "good fit" for the company.

Gosselin has been working for CouponCabin.com -- dishing out advice to bargain hunters. But today, Founder & CEO Scott Kluth posted an open letter on his website announcing Kate had been sacked.

In the letter, Kluth explains ... "A series of recent events have made it clear to me that Kate Gosselin and her contributions do not align with the authenticity which we set out to build almost a decade ago."

He adds, "Ms. Gosselin is simply not a good fit with the wonderful team and culture at CouponCabin."

Despite the public shaming, Kluth insists, "We wish Kate, her family and her support staff all the best."

So far, no response from Kate.

Kate Gosselin I Can Still Stomach My Ex

A fresh-faced and makeup free Kate Gosselin showed off her taut mother of eight abs as her ex-husband Jon Gosselin picked up their kids in Pennsylvania this weekend.

In Kate's case, divorce really does the body good.


Just when you thought he had nothing left to save, Jon Gosselin suited up for a summer soccer league in Wyomissing, PA earlier this month -- and played a MEAN goalie.

But like most things, it didn't end well -- we're told the octodad pulled something and had to leave after two games.

He's a keeper.

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