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Taylor Momsen Starred in 'Purple Rain'?

9/13/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Here's "Gossip Girl" star Taylor Momsen (left) performing at some event last week -- and the legendary Prince back in the early 1980s (right).

One of them was 16-years-old when the photo was taken.

We're just sayin'.


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They dont make parents like they used to. Parents these days are part of the problem. They dress their toddlers in heels, because "its cute" or "whats wrong with it, its just a child" They let their kids date at 10 and put them on birth control at 10 1/2. Drive them to their boyfriends house and drop the child couple off at the movies. They are called sluts by the time they get to middle school. Parents let them do filty dances that exhibit sexual jirations. These parents buy slutty clothes for their kids and see nothing wrong with it at all. I mean they have to have a dress code at elementary school bc of the short skirts! I saw so called cruise wear that looked like kiddie lingerie and heard of thongs targeted at kids. Parents let their kids drink at home where its "safe". All of this subtlety started years ago with so called fashion trends and these rude cartoons. Such parents adamantly defend this and can be downright beligerent in their defense. But that is still no excuse. Parents are suppose to be the gate keepers of our kids and can control what comes in/out of the home. There is a choice in what you let your kids wear,watch, and say. Dont let them wear that color nail polish, or watch that cartoon, or buy that asymmetrical, short skirt, or that disgusting child bikini! You teach them that what they hear and see is not allowed in this home and show them the bigger picture of how these subtle changes and exposures tear away their innocence and will hurt them in the short run. A child we can see in Taylor and many like her.

1837 days ago


What a little piece of trash. Parents = epic FAIL!

1837 days ago


someone at TMZ just put their hands up in the air and said "f it, this comparo will have to do.." and went to lunch.

1837 days ago


Ahhhhhhh!! I didn't know that Prince was even sleezier than Michael Jackson as to grabing his pack. Zzzzzzzzzzz!! I'm glad he's much more classy now and I love his singing. He's just as talented as MJ.

1837 days ago

Brianna from Australia    

Gracious me! Whatever happened to that adorable darling little girl from The Grinch! I know everyone has to grow up, but can't they grow up respectfully and with pride! Why does she persist in dressing like a little slut, it just beggars belief. Does she think that it makes her cool or something? I mean, she looks like she's been around the block and back a few times, and she looked like that even when she was 14 years old! What sort of parents would allow their young teenage daughter to dress and act like this, it's just unbelievable! All in the name of fame, how sad!

1837 days ago


I have NO idea WHO this is, but if she is only 16 years old she needs a guardian to rip her a$$ off of that stage and teach her a lesson or two about style and respecting one's self!!! EWWW!!! Just plain NASTY.

1837 days ago

The Time Is Near    

Its a given when a girl starts off her career dressed like a slut its due to a lack of talent. Same with Britney and her lip sync style while wearing next to nothing. They are closer to being porn stars then they are to being good musicians.

1837 days ago


That pic of Prince reminded me that he was more of an underground artist from '79 - '83/'84. I saw him perform live for the first time in '81. He was opening for (and upstaging) Rick James [b*tch!], and had on a similar outfit as in the pic. He kept it covered up, albeit loosely, with a gray trench for most of the show.

1837 days ago


They're both pretty gross.

1837 days ago


#14: Did you get that out of the "Pedophiles Handbook?"

1837 days ago


Easy, breezy sleazy Cover Girl.

1837 days ago


wow she look like such a slut

1837 days ago


Like it or not people they are in an industry where sex sells. Yeah I know she's young, but so was Prince at the time of this photo (around 19 or 20 yrs old). I don't see anybody talking bad about the parents of young underwear and runway models. Like Prince she will one day mature. It was part of his gimmick. During that time, it certainly kept people interested and talking. Was on the cover of all kind of mags, on all the music shows, etc. They questioned whether he was black or white and straight or gay. He even wrote a song about it called Controvery. Like Michael, Prince is one of our musical icons who fortunately one of them is still around. This young girl should hope that she reaches the musical status that they have.

1837 days ago


Oops! I mean the name of the Prince song is called Controversy. Those of you who aren't familiar with his work should check it out. He was different but his music evolved into something quite wonderful.

1837 days ago


And what might be your point?

1837 days ago
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