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Ultra D-Bag Kanye Hijacks Taylor Swift

9/14/2009 7:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West needs to stop. Seriously.

After Taylor Swift -- who is just 19 years old, mind you -- won the award for Best Female Video at the VMAs, Kanye rushed the stage, took the mic from her and proclaimed Beyonce had "one of the best videos of all-time."

For her part, Beyonce looked completely mortified by Kanye's childish actions.


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Anyone else notice taylor swift is taller than kanye? what is he like 5 foot 4? i guess such a little man would have to pick on whoever he can. for kanye its 19 yr old girls who has more talent than him : *Sigh* wasnt kanye's cd name graduated? so why is he still acting like hes in 3rd grade.

1833 days ago

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1833 days ago


I really don't understand why this guy is a celebrity!!!!

1833 days ago


Yeah come on the guy did the wrong thing and he knows it stop rubbing his nose in it the guy is human ...LOVE not HATE

1833 days ago


Kanye said on Leno that he needs to take some time off......well YEA, he better because his career just went into the crapper!!! He was a lousy singer anyway!

1833 days ago


im no one to say who is a better entertainer or artist. But one thing for sure is that kanye degraded his charcter. any body with manners should have just have applauded and congradulated taylor. We all got the right to our personal opinion but Kanye .... like obama said " UR a jackass"!!!! i would feel like a freaking d-bag for being called a jackass by the president of the united states. I really hope he feels guilty and has an epiphany

1833 days ago

eddie rivera    

Fu*k Kanye West. What he did to Taylor Swift was the stupidest shi+ I ever seen on tv. Someone needs to duct tape this fools mouth shut already!

1833 days ago


She deserves that award, MTV is focused on more a youthful audience, hence, "The Hills" and "My Super Sweet 16". She is a very positive figure for any young adolescent girl. She proves that you dont have to exploit yourself sexually, or grow up too fast in order to be viewed as a artist in this BS entertainment world. Honestly, Kanye is everything that is wrong with Hollywood and the media. I mean, look at the half naked woman he has dragging he a long everywhere. It says a lot about you, Kanye. Im not gonna knock you completely because you are good at you work but as a person, you wouldnt even be classed as decent, classy, or civil. Beyonce, great singer and performer, she has no fault. She is an admirable woman. This is, however, a new era and Taylor Swift is someone to look up to as a positive and influencial influence. Im 22, years old and I can honestly say, I admire Taylor Swift. Love you girl. The next award is a WELL DESERVED GRAMMY. You go girl!

1833 days ago



1833 days ago


Seriously, Kanye,
Get some help man! Leno was right. What would your mama think?
Not acceptable buddy! Not acceptable!

1832 days ago


I liked kanyes first album and it was good but now i think he is a sell out and is just plain bitter that he didnt get that award.Im not a country fan but damn let the girl have her glory.Kanye is a fake ass wannabe studio singer not a rapper real rappers came from the 80's and 90's PUNK!!!!! what he sings is HIP POP NOT HIP HOP GET IT REAL FOOL.

1832 days ago



is such a doucehebag we need to get his address to send him the Daily DoucheBag award. If any knows where to send it go to this website.

Kanye get over yourself someone just needs to kick his smug ass.

1832 days ago


Now I know why people are calling him a D-Bag on Youtube, Myspace & Twitter. That was just messed up!! Did you see the look on Taylor's face? She felt humiliated, she deserved it.

1832 days ago

Simply Bohemian    

She is a much better person than I. I think If I saw him again I would spit in his face.
He needs to be evaluated and medicated. There is just something not right going on in his head.
Time after time, he has shown he is self-centered and arrogant. He whines like a baby. I am sure if hi mother was alive, she would be ashamed!

1832 days ago

Max Legrand    

To Kanye n' this supporters shame on you for making us (you know who i mind with us) a lot more stupid as we are in fact,I do not want to count the amount of ..'you see what I mind' around the world.I Apolozige for this fool. Congratulations, Taylor

1832 days ago
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