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Whitney Houston --

Bobby Spit In My Face

9/14/2009 6:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's no secret Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown had a volatile relationship -- but today on "Oprah," Houston described one particularly vicious instance where he allegedly spit on her, she made him bleed ... and their daughter watched the whole thing.

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Glass House Dweller    

Throw stones much?

I don't excuse any of her actions, nor do I justify subpar parental behavior for any reason. But here's a woman, who is owning up to years of deplorable mistakes, pulling herself back together from a trainwreck of a hole and trying to get her life back. Who cares if her voice is gone, that's her consequence and something she'll have to live with. But, hopefully she'll be able to hold her head high one day knowing that she stopped the spiralling and took back control.

Love her or hate her, what is so wrong with supporting anyone who's screwed up royally, but willing to scrape herself back to a healthier life?

I don't understand people. If you don't care, STFU and go on with your perfect lives.

1865 days ago


So glad that she is back in the light, but she is a true example of the disasterous effects of drugs. Her angelic voice is no more and she looks so old and worn. Oprah, who is older, looks better than her. Happy, but sad at the same time.

1865 days ago


Why so critical? She did the right thing by getting cleaned up and sober and leaving a volatile relationship. Before ending up dead like so many other celebrities who have more money than sense. I agree she didn't need to go on Oprah and blab about it, but c'mon. At least she's trying.

1865 days ago


i've grown to like reading post on this website because of the links of info and such, but it just blews me away sometimes how many negative ppl there are. all i can say is she is one hell of a singer. i don't know what her personal demons are, but i do know we all have our crosses to bear especially the haters. sometimes i wonder what they are hiding-what makes them so down that their only hope is to crack on everyone else.

1865 days ago


She was talking about what finally drove her to finally leave him.

1865 days ago


Go away Whitney...No one cares

1865 days ago


From Bottom-Turn

1865 days ago


I'm with you Glass House Dweller. One just hopes that she doesn't backslide after what could be a triumphant return. Cheers to one of the best female voices if not the best in the business.

1865 days ago

Sue Wong    

I'm really glad Whitney finally got it together. The beautiful songs, Greatest love of all and One moment in time have been an inspiration in my life. Whitney can now be a good role model for her daughter. Good luck to her.

1865 days ago


you had it all and just blew it on a crack head who now thinks you are an old washed up loser.He is dating a girl in her 20's and you look like you are in your 60's.

1865 days ago



1865 days ago


OH! PLEZZZZZZZZZZ! Whitney IS just as bad as Bobby!! Cry me a river, Coker!! You ARE an ole ugly lookin' has been!!!! Go work at WalMart, no that's too good of a job for you, go clean up the streets & wash off ALL the crap that's been written on the walls!!!!!!!!!!!!

1865 days ago


Just another lower life form!

1865 days ago


AND Oprah got all teary eyed over it. RIDICULOUS!!! She dished it out to him.

1865 days ago


How quick we are to judge one another, aren't we? Nobody can choose who they fall in love with - we're figuring she actually loved Babby at some stage to have married him etc. Sometimes it's not easy walking away from a partner who's doing you more harm than good, remember the old saying love is blind? Maybe she didn't have the strength to walk earlier before the drugs got hold of her.
Anyways, she's been to rehab and whatnot, is now clean and seems to be determined to focus on herself, her child and her career.
I think we should wish her good luck, and hope she stays strong to remain focused and become the person she once was.

1865 days ago
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