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Washington Redskins -- The Supreme Challenge

9/15/2009 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Washington Redskins -- The Supreme ChallengeThe war over the Washington Redskins -- the most offensive team name in professional sports -- might finally go to the U.S. Supreme Court.

A group of American Indians is asking the highest court in the land to cancel the trademarks on the Redskins team name and logos -- due to the fact that they're extremely defamatory toward Native Americans.

The American Indian group has been fighting this battle since 1992. They won a ruling in 1999 ... but the decision was defeated soon after by judges who decided they waited too long to bring their case to the courts.

The Redskins -- worth a reported $1.5 billion -- have been using the name since 1933.

Now, the Native American group wants SCOTUS to review the lower court decision -- and finally force Washington to understand why naming an NFL team after the color of someone's skin could be offensive.

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i like redskin potatoes.................i think washington should claim the same thing, they are pretty good. specially if you scrub um nice and put em in a stew for cold sunday afternoons watching football:) never had a single complaint on my redskin potatoes for football stew.

1834 days ago


The U.S. govt. has written and broken over 11oo treaties with Native American tribes over the last 200 years and still continue to dishonor thier agreements concerning logging, mining, and water rights. The govt. owes these tribes billions of $ and refuse to pay. This proves that the govt. is corrupt and needs to be....?

1834 days ago


Dino-typical Pittsburgh fan, thanks for adding such an intelligent spin to the conversation.. hope Ovie knocks Crosby on his ass a few more times this year to shut people like you up..
i grew up in DC, my parents had season tickets my whole life, to take that tradition away from our city and from the NFL would really be a total shame...

1834 days ago


Why don't they just change the name to Washington Pale Skins and call it a day? That way no one can complain about it.

1834 days ago


I do not find the team name offensive and I am Native American (I do not collect a free check, I enjoy working for a living and I'm not a drunk, so no one attack me).
The fact that you have to write that, says a lot. Just think about it...

I am Canadian, and we have many of the same problems here. Yes, of all the nationalities out there, Native Americans, or "Natives" as they're called here, are most often whining about some 'insult' or other. There are so many things Natives, as individuals and collectively, COULD be doing to enhance their image and status, and increase public acceptance. This is not one of them.

It is time we stop being so bloody politically correct, and stand up for ourselves!

AND, a case could be made in defense that the The Redskins name is intended to honor the bravery and dignity of Native Americans and that, regardless of past usage, the word "redskins" today refers to the football team.

1834 days ago


i thought indians came from india & didnt have feathers in there hair ? why are these folk called indian if they are native to the americas prior to its colonisation, was amercia india as well ?

1834 days ago


Katie, shut up, *itch. If you're a woman, mind you place. Oh, I'm so sorry....I wasn't being politically correct. Ha!

1834 days ago


The solution is easy! Keep the name Redskins but change the mascot to a potato!

1834 days ago


I wonder what would happen if nfl starting a new team called the Texas Rednecks or the Houston Hillbillys.

1834 days ago


Maybe they should rename them the Washington Thinskins.

1834 days ago


Ovechkin has a great shot but he's a one note player. Just a cherry picker. Crosby and Malkin are complete players and are superior.

1834 days ago

Terry Joe    

" All of this 'stink' over a simple logo (in of which I find that is somewhat artistic, and basically the logo itself, is of nice colors, and it just reminds me of an Indian Chief,er....sorry, Native American chief ) ? . I suppose just about ANY 'race' is gonna' try and come up with anything they can to make a point/arguement. I'm a white male, and was born and raised in the deep south; so many times I hear others making refernce to most southerners as REDNECKS. Does it offend me to the point I want to immediately hire an attorney and take it to the court system? " No ". In older days, if an african american were reffered to as 'black', they took offense to the simple word/fact of their skin color. Our ' Christmas season ' was ALWAYS called that; now most have to abstain from saying Christmas...instead, Holiday. Correct me IF I'm wrong, but take for instance U.S. post offices no longer can display any signs stating " IN GOD WE TRUST ".So...Native Americans, African Americans...whatever your heritage is, " Be PROUD of who you are, and STAND with pride...if you're going to act like a complete fool and are constantly trying to find something that you can say ' offends you ', well; " Get over yourself "!. We're ALL in this world together and I would hope as ONE 'family'. If more people would show everyone else more love and compassion on this earth, I think it would be such a better place

1834 days ago


So the injuns are admitting their skin is really red?

1834 days ago

wade crowe    

we are not mascots, automobiles or young stars named dakota. i am hunkpati dakota sioux from crow creek south dakota. get rid of the mascot.

1834 days ago


Funny thing is...this group protesting the name is an extremely small fringe group. A VAST majority of Native Americans either don't care or aren't offended by it.

Alas...in our politically correct world we have to bow down to the smallest of numbers in order to prevent any feelings from being hurt.

And to make up for our white guilt.

1834 days ago
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