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Heigl Adopts a New Habit ... Motherhood

9/17/2009 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

While on the set of a movie in L.A., Katherine Heigl showed off her newly adopted daughter Naleigh Kelley.


Heigl and husband Josh Kelley adopted the adorable bundle of joy from South Korea.

The 30-year-old makes for a smoking hot mom.


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Wow. You are truly a douche-nozzle. Where are you from that is so superior to the US?

1805 days ago


So #36, childbirth is gross and people who adopt are stupid.

Too bad your mother didn't feel the same way.

1805 days ago



1805 days ago

Occupational Therapist in USA    

I think people are also neglecting the fact that Heigl told Ellen Degeneres she was doing this in honor of her sister (Nayleigh is a combination name of Nancy and Leigh after her mother and sister). In the same interview she informed the audience that the new baby is a special needs child. Special needs children are often frowned upon, killed, or neglected in cultures outside of the US, like in N and S Korea. Collectivist cultures very much emphasize an individual's contribution to society, and special needs children may in many people's eyes be unable to contribute. Special needs kids in this country are better taken care of (not necessarily WELL taken care of, but better) than in most countries. So before we claim she's ignoring American kids, or jumping on the Angelina bandwagon (where's her special needs child?), maybe we should be happy that American or not, another child in this world has been given a home filled with love and care.

1805 days ago

F*CK Mayweather!!    

Ok So I am not completely Bashing all these stars that are adopting babies from other countries because it is nice. BUT what about all the babies here in America who don't have homes. Why cant you adopt here. Come on.

1805 days ago


Congratulations Kelley family! What I love is the three people it's taking to set up the stroller frame in the background...classic!

1805 days ago


Congrats to Katherine and Josh! I saw you on Ellen Kath. I am so happy for you two and what a beautiful little baby! Even more so, what a wonderful thing~adopting a baby with special needs! Enjoy every second of her!!!

1805 days ago


Smoking Hot Mom???? of course she didn't have a baby, duh. Congrats to both her and her husband. Baby is adorable.

1805 days ago


Those who point their fingers at any overseas adoption shouldn't comment unless they've looked into our process here in America. It's not an easy one to navigate or can easily afford plus you NEVER can fully cut-off a birth parents rights if they're American. Very difficult to fight that issue. So, if your Ok with an extra parent or two telling you how to raise your child then great for you. Also, what an ignorant comment regarding "import model". Very prejudice and sad, please get educated.
We adopted one child abroad and it's been the best experience. Our birth son was with us and had an amazing time (the kids bonded immediately). Our son (a teen now) is old enough to understand the need to adopt is GLOBAL and understands that his sister was saved from a life of work slavery or worse.
So again, for those of you who condemn, please then adopt locally. It's all good.
More importantly, Congrats to Heigl & Kelley, she's adorable and our best to you!

1805 days ago


Mia Farrow adopted from Korea too and look what happened to her. Woody is thankful, that's for sure.

Hollywood would run over an American kid just to adopt from any country besides our own. South Korea is not a poor country, so why go all the way to Korea to get a baby?

1805 days ago

Tn Nurse    

There are several people on here who posted that American children should be adopted first and I can see where they are coming from but I can also see why people choose to adopt internationally because at least every couple of months you see on the news how a child was adopted here in America and now the birth parents want the child back because they changed their mind or they are finally off drugs, or whatever the case may be! Of course usually by the time they want the child back, a lot of the hard work is done, i.e. getting up in the middle of the night, etc. so then the birth parents start the interviews on Oprah and so on, how they have changed their life, blah, blah, blah. If we could get everyone to stick to the old saying, "If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em" we would probably not have as many children in foster homes! BTW, your local health department will provide free birth control, but you gotta get out of the street and go get it! Don't hate on Katherine Heigl! This is America the last time I checked and you can do whatever you dang well please! Congrats to Katherine and her husband!

1805 days ago



1805 days ago


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1805 days ago

blues fan    

I think it's lovely that they have adopted a Korean baby, but I wish more people would consider adopting an older child or two from our American foster-care system. My husband and I just adopted 7-year-old twin boys who are the joy of our lives and we are looking for two more school-age children to add to our family....there are thousands of children languishing in the foster-care system through no fault of their own, and they would love to have a "forever family" but they are overlooked because they are no longer sad.

1805 days ago


I have 5 children of my own and would love to offer our home to adoptive kids. However, I researched the available children in the US and unfortunately, MOST of them are SEVERELY physically disabled or have severe mental/behavorial disorders. I cannot expose my kids to behavorial outbursts, aggression, and even sexual abuse. Maybe when they are grown and moved away...I would love to help raise children from anywhere!! Get over the racism people, you are only hurting yourselves to hate...Yes, I am white...

1805 days ago
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