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Barack Obama Speaks Hebrew

9/18/2009 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... well, some Hebrew.

To commemorate the Jewish new year, President Obama released a special Rosh Hashanah message today ... and flexed his Jew-lingual skills in the process.

How do you say "jackass" in Hebrew?


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Interracial facial    

Puppet #44 forgot to thank the Rothschilds for the election. LOL!

1868 days ago


jackass in hebrew=chamor

1868 days ago

Wake Up    

It's sad that people's hatred of Bush clouds them to the evil and ego that is Barack Obama. Obama believes he's above the law, and it's quite obvious in this video that he's just paying lipservice to Jews and Israel. Look at him on the video-- he's not sincere in the least.

Fine if you hate Bush and Cheney. But just because Obama ISN'T Bush or Cheny doesn't make him just as evil or dangerous. Use your brains America. . .Obama wants to turn us into a Socialist country as he spits on all the morals, values and hard work (CAPITALISM) that the US was built upon.

1868 days ago


He is simply wishing our American citizens a Happy New Year and spreading a message of peace and tolerance for all. Stop the ignorance and ill-will. We are so divided due to the negativity. There is no hidden message here. Oey! From a Gentile!

1868 days ago


I am a Republican and I am shocked and disappointed by the disrespect shown to our President- is it racism or just stupidity and hate? That is NOT what who we are and what we want people to think of us.
I am pleased that the President honored the Jewish holidays. Very nicely done. Thank you, Mr. President.

1868 days ago


I love this man more and more every day. "Stand up strong.... "Extending compassion..." I LOVE IT!

1868 days ago


ROFL - Who was Obama trying to impress? Hope it wasn't me as he didn't impress me one bit. As a Jew, why would I want a greeting from a man who knows nothing whatsoever about my faith? Guess he did some fast reading about it now he thinks he's a Jew. He and his preacher Wright make a good pair; preach, preach, preach and preach some more. On top of which, if he's going to speak in Hebrew he needs to learn to pronounce the words propertly. Quite frankly, I'm tired of all the speeches he continues to give and he's getting rather boring. He should give it up already. Poor man, he'll do anything for attention.
He's a joke.

1868 days ago


Would you people grow up? He's a Christian, being respectful to another religion. What's your problem with that?

1868 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Certainly not the full 12 trillion, kentard. He merely TRIPLED the debt to that amount on his time by borrowing from enemy Communist China blowing it all on porkulus bills and raising taxes on people who are still losing their jobs. Add to that a healthcare plan that we'll never be able to afford and I see we're off to a roaring start.

Oh and I hated Bush too, but I've yet to see any improvement with Barry.

1868 days ago


"7. disgusting. This is why I wouldn't let my kid watch his back to school or any other speachees. He isn't even giving that much attention to America and it's Christian faith what OUR countryis made of.

Posted at 12:24PM on Sep 18th 2009 by GEEZ"

Apparently our country is also made of illiteracy and intolerance.

1868 days ago


Does he ever stop talking?

Will he ever stop appearing in front of a camera?

When is his next vacation?

1868 days ago


does this dude ever sleep?

1868 days ago


OUR President is truly a brilliant, class act who cant be rattled by hate mongers and morons. He will go down in history as one of the greatest Presidents of all time..Cares about all and has core values on family and education and on respect for others no matter what their race or religion is..He is the American Dream!

1868 days ago


Great Obama can speak Hebrew it will do him well on sept 26th from 4am - 7pm since he invited all muslims to the whitehouse for prayer. They all will be praying on the whitehouse lawn. Obama can lead them in prayer. Hmmm i wonder if he will be as generous to the millions of christain Americans that own the whitehouse and built this country come Christmas when Jesus was born.

1868 days ago


ummm no jewlishious comments? just a peace on earth blah blah blah comment. pick a holiday and heck it will be pimped.. Aren't we all are looking for a reason to hate.. Why pick the jewish new year? Don't the arabs have one? or the chinese? hell don't we hate everyone???
silly people.. we are all dumbasses, especially you.. you the one who is pissed by this.. yes, yes you.

1868 days ago
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