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Barack Obama Speaks Hebrew

9/18/2009 1:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

... well, some Hebrew.

To commemorate the Jewish new year, President Obama released a special Rosh Hashanah message today ... and flexed his Jew-lingual skills in the process.

How do you say "jackass" in Hebrew?


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GOOD NIGHT! i am sooooo D@#% sick and tired of seeing obama on t.v., online, etc.!!! he's a rockstar... (eye roll). for all you supporters out there, you "effed" up electing him in office. socialism here we come!

1799 days ago


Obama is a credit to America. He's trying to make good the damage done by Bush over the years. It'll take a while, and he'll need another term, but he can do it. Have faith everyone. Obama is a genuinely good man.

1799 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

One Term President

HR 1503 will see to it.

1799 days ago


Obama is a liar and can't be trusted since he is black.

1799 days ago

Dr. Demento    

After reading through most of these comments on Obama's Rosh Hashanah message, it makes me grateful that I recently moved out of the United States. America has become populated with too many dumb, racist, hate-filled nitwits. The country -finally- has a President that is literate and intelligent, but now the vast wasteland of idiots are really coming out of the American woodwork. It's pitiful and annoying at the same time.

For you ignorant ones, Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the Jewish high holidays, which includes Yom Kippur -- the day of atonement. I think that most of the commenters here on TMZ need to sit back, reflect on today's real world, and do a bit of atonement of their own.

Thank you to Barack for showing more class in his nine months in office than the Bushes ever did in their collective twelve years in power.

And, I'm so very happy to be across the Atlantic from the vast majority of American ditto-heads...the comments I'm reading here are perfect examples of why most of the world hates Americans. It's embarrassing -- I tell people that I'm Canadian when asked.

1799 days ago

Dr. Demento    

@ #113/missdrd23: Why is it so hard for people to accept? According to the spewing of commenter #111, Barack Obama "can't be trusted since he is black."

The level of melanin in a person's skin pigmentation, using that line of reasoning, is negatively correlated with the degree of that individual's trustworthiness.

Many people really believe that sort of nonsense, even if they can't decipher what I just wrote. Dummies. The world's full of 'em, and America has way more than its fair share.

1799 days ago


I think it's very nice that he did this. However, can we remember back a few months when he nixed the annual Prayer Day Breakfast stating that it was a religious thing and religion and politics should not mix? That everyone should practice their on faith privately? Didn't stop him from hosting a Ramadan dinner and a Passover Feast. Hmmmm. I guess he feels it's only OK to insult Christians.

1798 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

#121 I'm so glad you moved out of our Country. We don't need dumb bells like you. Make sure you don't come back.

1798 days ago


The best leader the US has ever had !! You go Obama :) We love you around the world, nobody is a prophet in their own country... But keep on doing what you think is good cuz you will make a change!! For all the others who can't respect other religions or other believes "take a look in the mirror" ..... peace :) mj rockz

1798 days ago

He's just another Idiot    

It's obvious that Obama doesn't like our Country. He surrounds himself with radical hoodlums who would like to destroy our Country. He is a Puppet for Botox Bug-eyed Pelosi, Dimwitted Reid and all the Radicals who are pulling his strings. They hand him a Script and he reads their craziness from his teleprompter. For the first time in my very long life, I feel afraid for me, my family, my friends, and my country. I don't want to live under Socialism with Dictator Obama.

1798 days ago

Bring on the 2nd runner-up TAMI    

Obama's doing a good job, considering the mess that he inherited from the last administration.
Thanks for the special Rosh Hashanah message, President Obama!

1798 days ago


I think this is WONDERFUL!
I am INSULTED by TMZ's comment under the video saying "How do you say "Jackass in hebrew?"
What was wrong with what he said or did?
NOTHING! The two words of Hebrew he said was a nice gesture to those of Jewish faith and not embarrassing at all.
I have been a fan of TMZ...but find the comment about "jackass" offensive and not respectful to those Jewish people. Pres. Obama was doing a nice thing...why is he a jackass for wishing Jewish people a Happy New Year!. Obama has produced similar videos for people of all faith. I am also disgusted by some of the comments listed here about how he is an Idiot..or stupid, etc. for doing this. It just reminds me how many ignorant, uneducated people there still our in this country.
We are all americans. We all work to make this country a better place. Jews have added much to our society and if your don't like the mix of nationalities in this country then YOU should leave our great country and go somewhere where you feel your one way of thinking is correct and I imagine when you get there you wouldn't be very happy. This is a wonderful country. We have plus's and minus's like anywhere but we can do without ignorant people. You have the right to freedom of speech so I would never ban you from speaking your thoughts...then also don't ban me or our President from speaking ours.

1798 days ago

Dr. Demento    

To "Proud to be an American": It's ad hominem logic (look it up!) like yours that makes me so happy to be as far away from the U.S. as humanly possible. Don't worry; I won't be coming back to "your" country anytime soon.

So, is a "dumb bell" a ringing device that's missing its clapper? If so, I can assure you that I am not any kind of bell, dumb or otherwise. There is, however, a big giant crack running through the Liberty Bell that's inside your brains, ding-a-ling.

1798 days ago


Obama Care..side effects include....

Severe headache,delayed treatment,zero choice,sky rocketing taxes,and premature death!There's your change AMERICA!

1797 days ago


Of course its the same people that elected Bush to only a first, but a second term that would have a problem with Obama wishing the Jewish community a Happy New Year. I can't even take you seriously. You are the same people who said he is Muslim & he doesnt have a birth certificate. The same people who have a problem fixing our broken health care system but have no logical input on how to fix it yourselves. Everybody has an opinion but no one has any solutions. Just get him out, right? Why? Maybe so another one of you rich Republican leeches can suck another several trillion dollars out of our country? And you call THAT progress? These tax & spend liberals (like Clinton) have a way of getting us back in the black, but what can those fiscal conservatives say? Regan & Bush I&II ring any bells? They straight up had us in the red by the end of their terms, or quickly put us there. You dont like Obama's policies but its people like him that have helped our country the most. But you will say anything to justify why you think he is just a scary terrorist appeaser.

1797 days ago
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