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Jackson Wobbles During 'This Is It' Rehearsal

9/21/2009 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

New rehearsal footage from Michael Jackson's "This Is It" concert-turned-movie has been released, showing the King of Pop going over his moves for the the song "Human Nature."

But check out the footage, there's something about his performance that's a little off...


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justice is mine says the lord    

This is no wobble. It is the exact steps he takes in this song, has on many many performances of this song. He just exaggerates the steps at this point, because it is a REHEARSAL...ever heard of it TMZ. You dont go full out in rehearsal, unless you are in full non stop, straight through rehearsal and this was nothing of the sort. I personally think Dr. Murray robbed the world of the greatest comeback of the greatest performer the world has ever known. Thanks alot you DR DEATH. you CREEP ME OUT. I hope you never see the lite of day again. We wont see Michael ever again do anything like he was working on and its all been ruled a HOMICICDE. AND we know WHO DID IT. SO WHY ISNT HE IN JAIL. WHY HASNT HE AND A FEW OTHERS I COULD MENTION BEHIND BARS? I hope they have all the players in this drama under survelience because if they dont...they are gonna fly the coupe. Then HEADS WILL ROLL. for sure in the LA County govt. ARREST THEM ALREADY. Especially dr.Murray...if he is even a Doctor. He has alot of things to answer for.

1824 days ago

Joyce E Jones    

I saw nothing whatsoever unusual or wobbly about Michael's performance on Human Nature. I see that he is thin, but that's it.


1818 days ago

Joyce E Jones    

Your DID NOT wobble, and he was NOT doing "The Penguin." Michael made no new moves on that video. I am an obsessed fan and know his every move. All of these moves were ones from DECADES AGO.,,,He did have an eating disorder along with his other problems. On this video he was super skinny; and that didn't look good, but other than that, he was the same gifted and talented Michael Jackson.....TMZ I'M DISAPPOINTED IN YOU. YOU'RE LOOKING FOR FLAWS IN MICHAEL. The man had legitimate medical issues that none of us could have done as well as he did with them. He was ill. NO WOBBLE!!!

1818 days ago


and why that gruly hair?Micheals hair is straight.I know for a fact the guy saying this is it was not Micheal,his hands gave him away.I dont know what their trying to pull on us but i see through it and it sucks and makes me sick.RIP MICHAEL I LOVE YOU

1808 days ago


"this-is-not-it" is a conartist using MJ fans to get money from them. There is no billboard come to find out. The names used to get said money are non-existant. I'm alerting paypal, a lawyer, AEGs lawyers, The LA Times, Larry King, Geraldo Riveraa..etc.
To fans who don't know anybetter. The jig is up. These jobless freaks want you to do all the work. Make copies of flyers and hand them out. There is no billboard, there never was to be. Don't do it. It will cost you big time. Don't become part of the giant lawsuit that lies ahead for this CON ARTIST who chased MJ down to get photos She never spent any time with him. He didn't bring fans to witness his rehearsals.
I will be repeating this all over the net. For those who gave money. Complain to paypal because if you ask the person (unknown) who you gave money to, you get banned from the site.

1801 days ago


What are U talking about. He looked just fine,danced just fine, sung great!

1799 days ago


oh please! i knew some form of media would try and criticise his rehearsals...tmz theres no was called REHEARSING...just because he was trying to explain what way he wanted the music..their tryin 2 twist it sayin he was 'wobbly' wise up and leave the man my opinion the movie just showed that he was still the greatest entertainer off all in peace mj love you

1798 days ago

Jackie M    

tmz are idiots

1797 days ago


absolute nonsense! i saw the movie and he is stil the greatest performer of all time! He was full of energy, full of passion and even if those were just rehearsals, it was better than many concerts I've attended.

1794 days ago


He did that on purpose! It wasn't because he was off balance. I watched the whole movie and he was incredible even though it was "just a rehearsal". Imagine what it might have looked like if he had been able to actually have performed a concert. He was saving his voice and his energy for the actual performance. All I know is... he was "gone too soon" :( RIP MJ

1793 days ago


Seems like there is something "off" in your caption. Where is the wobble? His swinging his arms is for the music? Huh?

1792 days ago


He was 50 years old! But still the BEST! He kept up with all the younger ones didn't he! Leave him alone...he's gone...he can't fight back anymore! I seen the movie and I LOVED watching him show the world he was still the BEST ENTERTAINER IN THE WORLD!

1790 days ago


This is insanity. There was no wobbling whatsoever. And to the person who said he is 'breathless' really must not know this song. This song captures 'breathless anticipation' as a sort of thrill.

TMZ, do your homework. I can't believe you are part of the CNN family.

1789 days ago


OK. This one crosses over into "vulture" territory. Pick at live people--you know there are plenty of easy targets out there for you.

1830 days ago


I couldn't see anything off? Jeezz leave him alone! You guys don't need to invent lies to make people watch your post. We fans would see it and there are millions of us, so need to keep intriguing about MJ, he is dead, LET HIM REST IN PEACE

1830 days ago
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