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TMZ Live -- Just Bust a Move

9/21/2009 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

From the Hoff's hospitalization to Lamar Odom's plan for a rushed wedding with Khloe K -- MIke and Harvey had all the answers ... and some serious dance moves to boot.


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mrez golucky    

Yikes! Mike, like your moves!

1796 days ago


thanks for posting this! i missed it earlier. although i think the wobble is being called the penguin. not sure though? either way tmz mike looked funny doing his version of the wobble.

love you michael!!

1796 days ago


It was Jackson's insurance that paid. It's a matter of public record and was submitted as evidence in his 2005 trial.

1796 days ago

Jack the dog Fred the goat and ? the horse    

What's wrong with that guy Mike? He was so jumpy and all over the place - couldn't sit still. He was making me nervous!! Is he always like that?

1796 days ago


really??? harvey and mike did you see that? where did mike see the check that he said he saw i wonder?

1796 days ago


MIke, stop pulling on your t-shirt!! Seems like your worried about how your gut looks on camera...?

1796 days ago


Please, please,please do this everyday! I work at the time you do the live stream q.and a. and I really enjoyed being able to watch the video when I got home this evening. Thanks TMZ!

1796 days ago


Mike, When you did that dance, You looked like an injured Bull Walrus in a great deal of pain. Please spare us from it again.As far as getting your haircut, the sylist get a small salary thats the potatoes,and the tips are the gravy.I had to put it that way so you would understand. Just pay what you owe then some, for scewing your stylist over and over thru the years

1796 days ago


I could look at Harvey's hairy, muscular arms all day. He looks so hot, hot, hot! He looks best in dark shirts. He looks REALLY good tonight.

1796 days ago


Mike's moves are adorable. Keep up the good work.

1796 days ago


mike and harv i heard that MJ wanted to fight the chandlers back in '93! and he paid them(more or less)agaist his will! And harv stop calling MJ a "drug addict" he was taking prescription meds given to him my doctors just like millions of people do everyday! and harv guess what if you say that is a "drug addict" then i guess you are calling millions of other people drug addicts as well!!

Yes MJ may have had a problem with the meds but how can you forget he was burned badly,had lupus,vitiligo he was having trouble sleeping he was under alot of pressure!!
But the so called doctors should have helped him and they didn't they just kept enabling him!! One took it to far and killed him!!
My personal opinion i believe that this goes alot higher than conrad murray!

TMZ...why don't you have cameras on murray and klein?
have you guys been talking with the lapd?

and mike i have no idea what the hell you were trying to do but it sure as hell wasn't the dance move MJ did!!!

1796 days ago

just me    

ty for this video i missed most of earlier because of work

1796 days ago

just me    

why would mike leave with less than 3 minutes left.. so unprofessional

1796 days ago

grape soda    


1796 days ago


Did Mike actually SEE "the penguin" move before he busted out this weak imitation?? Funny watching him do it though. The look on Harvey's face here in this pic is even FUNNIER!

1795 days ago
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