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Broadback Mountain

Biel to Mount Kilimanjaro

9/24/2009 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mount Kilimanjaro is in for the best week of its life -- it's about to get scaled up by 2 of the hottest chicks on the planet ... at the same time.

Jessica Biel
and "Transformers" hottie Isabel Lucas have just committed to go to Tanzania to conquer Africa's highest peak in early January ... and of course, it's all for a good cause.

The two are part of a program called Summit on the Summit -- an effort to raise awareness for clean water. There's a rumor that Biel's BF, Justin Tiimberlake will also join in on the climb ... but really, that would seriously screw up the ratio.


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Firstly TMZ, Jessica Biel and Isabel Lucas are no where near being the two hottest woman in the world. No where near.

Secondly, this is a very pathetic attempt of the "celebrities" to try and keep them relevant in the tabloids and to appear as good samaritans to try and revive their struggling careers somewhat.

Thirdly, Kilimanjo is not K2 or Everest for goodness sake. Yes, it is the biggest in Africa but it is not hard even for a inexperienced climber. But in saying that, it can cost alot of money. We're talking thousands of dollars per person. What a waste... why not donate the money to charity instead of climbing a non-challenging mountain?

Fourthly, how exactly will this "raise awareness" for the need for cleaner water around the world? Why not just donate money anonymously to help people in need..?! I'll tell you why.... because they are trying to stay relevant.

Lastly, pretty funny from Jessica feeling to need to go with Justin because other chicks will be there, hahaha. Insecurity at its finest.

1836 days ago

john smifth    

WORD.. Mad Propsicles to Jessica Biehl for attempting to climb such a big rock. Is she planning to snowboard down or tumble like a stundt double? Personally, never catching me on any broke, sprained, or even twisted back country mountain. I have enough trouble walking up my driveway lacking a daily massage. Cool tho- it'd probably look cool.

1848 days ago


Nice photo. Makes me quib.

1855 days ago

doc murry    

road kill racoon
Two pounds, reasonably road kill fresh raccoon,
cut into one-inch cubes;
one-half cup homemade French dressing; two green peppers, cut into squares; one large onion,
cut into one-inch pieces;
one-third pound mushroom caps.

Place raccoon cubes in a ceramic bowl and pour dressing over cubes.
Let marinate two or more hours.
Remove cubes, reserving marinade.
Alternate raccoon cubes with pepper squares,
onion pieces and mushroom caps on skewers.
Brush all with reserved marinade and broil over hot coals until done to desired degree.
Turn frequently and baste with marinade as needed.

Serves six.

1855 days ago

mrez golucky    

Yikes! What a coincidence- I mentioned Broke Back Mountain on another post!

1855 days ago


I think these two are no where near the most beautiful in the world. Venezuela and the Asian countries have the most beautiful women. LA has the most trashy.

1855 days ago


whats wrong with you TMZ, they are not the hottest in the planet, Diana Dimond is number one.

1855 days ago

Todd Lee    

you people at TMZ actually think jessica biel is the most beautiful women on the planet? are you people blind? she is nowhere near the most beautiful, and the Transformer chick is not hot whatsever. Jessica Biel is a HORRIBLE actress.

1855 days ago


Jessica Biel the hottest chick on the planet?? STFU TMZ!!

1855 days ago


If Biel is one of the hottest women on the planet, then I'm a young Brad Pitt. I mean c'mon, she aint all that.

1855 days ago


If she doesn't make it to the top she can just put the rest in her ginormous mouth.

1855 days ago


she's not all that

1855 days ago


She's going up there with Justin Randall Timberlake has booked there too :-)

1855 days ago


Ha ha. Justin Timberlake has been booked for this for almost a year!
B actress Jessica Biel is only going because another woman is and she wants to make sure her claim to fame doesn't spend too much time alone with another woman on the mountain.

1855 days ago


it's not set in stone that Justin will do the climb
he just said that he wanted to
you have to work out all most six days a week and climb some to get in shape
and she is doing this to keep her name in the spot light and of course it's because of Justin that any blogs are mentioning it if Justin wasn't considering climbing no would really be interesting in her climbing

1855 days ago
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