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Chris Brown -- Peace, Baby

9/28/2009 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taking a break from his court-ordered hard labor, Chris Brown showed up to an event in Hollywood this weekend flashing a peace sign.

Chris Brown

Because when you think of peace, you think of Chris Brown.


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i don't care what you haters continue to say. Chris is getting Finer.and finer everytime i see him. yeah! he made a mistake but so have many of you. Hurry Chris with the come back CD. i still love you and your music.

1810 days ago

helen jackson    

its about time to leave chris brown alone. he is paying his dues for what he did so why hate him forever. a lot of you forgave amy whinehouse for her drug use caught on tape and our olympic golden boy michael phleps for his drug use and all the heavy metal people for their screw ups, show lets give chris a second chance and he is not the only entertainer thats beat his woman but i guess since it was another entertainer i guess you cant for give and let it go. how many chances has brittney, lindsay, and arnold had.

1796 days ago


Mimi, thats "evil" hun, and the only evil that's in the picture is Brown's disrespect for women, or Rihanna in particular. Yes, I care about Rihanna, because I like her as an artist and I (and you should, but clearly don't) respect her as a fellow female.
You're eyes are so full of your OWN racism you can't see what a moron you sound like. Chew. Digest. Respond, darling.

1818 days ago


As for you thinking racism is an issue? BULL.
I don't recall seeing your dumb ass in the Plaxico Burress comments.
You just have a massive crush on brown and think that justifies calling whites Pigs. You are a disgusting person.

1818 days ago


31. Your getting the hang of it, take 2 fingers'(too-start) and insert them in your rectum, then make the PEACE SIGN with fingers, and let it strecth,hold it as long as you can,It will help get ready for Prison Life....rotflmao.....

Posted at 9:38AM on Sep 28th 2009 by street justice

I think you hit the nail on the head, he'll need it,any man that beats a woman and is CONVICTED FELON OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE needs to go behind bars, he's a punk azz anyway, he'll like it

1818 days ago


I absolutely LOVE the haters on here. I just want to know how it feels to judge and ridicule a young man who, yes, made a HORRIBLE decision to beat Rihanna, but at the same time is staying positive and holding his head up high in the air. I respect him for the fact that he is not letting his current situation hold him back from his career and being able to move on with his life. Whoever posted that youtube video of Chris at the game is right. Listen to the crowd when Chris' name is announced. SURE DOESN'T SOUND LIKE HIS CAREER IS OVER TO ME. FOR ALL OF THE HATERS ON HERE, JUST REMEMBER ALL OF THIS JUDGING AND RIDICULING YOU ARE DOING TO CHRIS WHEN YOU ARE IN A SITUATION WHERE YOU WANT OTHERS TO FORGIVE YOU AND THEY WON'T. WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND. WHAT GOES UP, MUST COME DOWN. THAT'S KARMA. REMEMBER THIS DAY...

1818 days ago


62.That works for Chris Brown also,,What goes around,comes around uh huh. Jail time for the punk azz,

1818 days ago


I am glad to hear the hormonal comments are back.

Please keep 'em coming, ladies.

Anyone who thinks Chris Brown's career is dead is clueless when it comes to market (hormonal) realities.


1818 days ago


Yeah # 62, its always important to keep positive after you get busted for bashing your woman's face in. You speak of karma?...

1817 days ago



1819 days ago


Hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahaha. TMZ and its irony...

1819 days ago


He's a punk bytch! :/...luks gay in that V neck girly shirt too :)

1819 days ago


Those shades are hiding cold angry eyes :(

1819 days ago


LOL! TMZ fails. While you guys are running posts trying to hold Chris Brown down, you continuously blow this dude's status up. Dude received a HERO'S WELCOME this weekend in LA at LeBron's basketball tournament...

LMAO!!! Keep the hits coming, TMZ!!!

1819 days ago


The cooler he tries to look, the more ridiculous he looks. Doesn't have an original bone in his body.

1819 days ago
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