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Captain Sully's First Time ... Again

10/1/2009 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reporters and cameramen crammed themselves into a US Airways flight for Sully's "return to the sky" -- but they were all duped, because it wasn't his first flight back!

Sully: Click to watch
Though passengers cheered like it was Sully's big comeback when he hit the loudspeaker, truth is, he'd already piloted another plane hours earlier -- and one more back in September.

However, this was his first flight with the same route as the Hudson River incident -- only this time, the plane MADE IT to North Carolina ... and without any goose fatalities.



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mrez golucky    

Yikes! Hoo Ha!

1851 days ago


What a sweet and inspirational man Mr. Sully is. He really is a true hero with a nice, kind spirit. The first FAMOUS pilot who made a name for himself by saving a bunch of people...who I may add, instead of being happy to be alive, proceeded to quickly sue the airlines! How dispicible! You know what they say about a little thing called: K A R M grateful for what you have....because it could all be gone in an instant.

1851 days ago

tom in Chicago    

WHO CARES!!! How is this effecting the Thirty Mile Zone?

1851 days ago


The guy did what he was trained to do. Why is he a hero? It's like a fireman that rushes into a burning building and people call him a hero...It's part of the job. You gotta do what you're trained to do in an emergency. If you do it right people live...that's why they trained you in the first place. Get over it people.

1851 days ago


I wish TMZ that you would fix the sound levels on your videos . I have to crank up the volume to hear anything at then at the end the BOM BOM BOM almost blows out my speakers. very unprofessional

1851 days ago


I would never step on a plane with an old fart like that flying it....I bet he needs help getting into his "depends" everyday!!!

1851 days ago


Is it just me or can the media, entertainment business and "journalists"
SUCK ALL the greatness out of a story. What is a GREAT act of courage and skill under INCREDIBLE odds from a VERY likeable and humble man has been turned into them "getting" their stupid story. What a bunch of baffoons. Even when it happened. Yes, we wanted to hear all the details of what happened but AS USUAL they keep going and going and going until it almost has no impact left. It makes me cringe with embaressment for them. And watch how they will do the same to that VERY brave man in NY who saved the child from the fire in that apt building. Yes he deserves his moment to shine but they will have him doing their puppet dance over and over again to make their ratings and bucks. Just look at these idiots on the plane. Ughhhh!!! Again, I totally LOVE to hear about these great people but let their humbleness be part of the story and STOP beating it to the ground! Not everyone wants SO much attention as those in the "biz". GET the story and back OFF.

1851 days ago


WOW Scott #6, were all just SOOOOOOO beside ourselves with your zinger. Jacka#s.

1851 days ago


This guy is just great. Can't say enough good things about him! Welcome back.

1851 days ago


It's so refreshing to see someone admired and treated like a celebrity for doing something GOOD. This man is a true hero. The thing I like the most about him is that it doesn't seem to have gone to his head.

Bravo Captain Sully!!

1851 days ago


LOL LTBK true must hurt huh?

He flew a plane did what he taught nothing more nothing less get over it.........

He is an old man over the hill who should be "retired" not flying planes.

1851 days ago


Some of you people are completely STUPID!! This guy, yeah, did what he was trained to do, but HOW MANY OTHERS have done what he did? He's from Texas and he saved a bunch of ungrateful NEW YORKERS. Bravo, Sully. The haters can suck it!

1850 days ago


The mayor of Charlotte, Pat McCrory, was on that flight from Charlotte to New York. He came on the radio with some local DJ's and said that he was really relaxed about his flight because Sully was the pilot! I thought that was kind of cool...

1850 days ago


12. Some of you people are completely STUPID!! This guy, yeah, did what he was trained to do, but HOW MANY OTHERS have done what he did? He's from Texas and he saved a bunch of ungrateful NEW YORKERS. Bravo, Sully. The haters can suck it

Posted at 7:13PM on Oct 1st 2009 by YourMomma

F@ck the south you redneck sister toucher!!! The war's over and the north won loser.

1850 days ago


Dear EUNICH, oh... I think it might've been Ulic... no, no, I'm sure it was EUNICH. Did you miss your nap today? Don't you LOVE it when people prove you right? Your comment proves YOU'RE an idiot!! I never said I was from the SOUTH, I have a master's in psycology and one in biology. So, redneck, not so much. Sister toucher-RIGHT, cuz THAT only happens in the south! You've really GOT to stop smoking crack. EPIC FAIL!!

1850 days ago

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