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Shiloh: Like Father, Like Daughter

10/5/2009 2:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt has his very own mini me -- adorable Shiloh Nouvel.


With big sis Zahara and Momgelina at her side this weekend in France, the toothy three-year-old got decked out in a tie and a kid's size version of her dad's hat.

Being one of Brad's little girls is such a drag.


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Why does Angelina dress Shiloh up like a boy? I don't get it.

1806 days ago

David M.    

Angelina, Please go away and don't come back another day. You are one weird bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!

1806 days ago


Wonder why they dress her like a boy? Also why is she missing a tooth? 3 is WAAAAAAY too young to already start loosing teeth.

1806 days ago


Why is a 3 year old missing her front tooth? She shouldn't be losing her teeth yet and the front ones should have grown in when she was less than a year old.

1806 days ago


Yeah Shiloh is dressed like a boy..its fine to give her a little tomboy look once in a while but she needs something in the outfit that's girly and she doesn't have it. Zahara looks really happy though....I wish Angelina would either learn to do her hair or take her to a black salon cuz her hair is a mess.

1806 days ago


Since when does a 3 yr old lose teeth? Or has it just not grown in yet? If that's the case why is the one next to it grown in? I'm confused. As for the tie, sometimes kids just want to wear what the want to wear. Like me when I was little always wanting to wear those dang ruby red glitter shoe things..... my mom couldn't talk me out of it.

1806 days ago


TMZ is full of SHI#!

Why do they always show the little WHITE child up close and personal? They always do! I think the little nappy headed girl is so cute! However, why do white people adopt these little black kids, and then won't hire a black hair dresser? Duh! Got those little black kids running around looking like little YIE YIEs! And another thing! Why does that little three year old have a tooth out? Who knocked it out? You don't lose teeth until you're 5-7 years of age!

1806 days ago


and for the record........ i'm 27, and when i was 7 i got a horse. HIS name was shiloh. i had it FIRST brangalina!!!!!

1806 days ago


My daughter started losing her teeth when she was 4 years old. The bottom ones she lost first, and by the time she was in kindergarten she had lost a total of 8 teeth.
My second daughter didn't lose any of her teeth until she was well past 6 years of age.

1806 days ago


Remember Shiloh the beagle movies?

1806 days ago


Oh that poor lil girl. Can I go to hell for saying a kid is ugly?

1806 days ago



1806 days ago


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1806 days ago


YES! i read that "shiloh" book when i was little. about the beagle dog. didn't know they had a movie though. i'll have to look that up for my nephews.

1806 days ago

so tired of them    

remind me Shiloh is a girl or boy??? Besides the point that the child looks dirty. Can ya'll please do better for this kid?
And by the way...Brad you talked about how you love the way Carols products work on Z's hair.....when is the last time it was combed. Note: black children's hair need a different type of grooming than white kids...Please take a class or get some assistance!

1806 days ago
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