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Liz Taylor -- You Gotta Have Heart

10/6/2009 4:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Elizabeth TaylorElizabeth Taylor is going in for heart surgery.

Liz says she's getting a leaky valve repaired, using some sort of clip device. It's not open heart surgery.

The 77-year-old didn't say when the procedure is taking place.

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I have to totally agree with Wanda. Elizabeth Taylor was mearly a woman who made her living in front of a camera. If she wasn't considered a movie star...she'd just be a woman who has been married and divorced 7 or 8 times. Theres no honor in that! She used her beauty to break up marriages, tear up families and I have no admiration for her at all. I find her creepy

1841 days ago

Miss U MJ    

Dear Dame Elizabeth,

You are in my prayers. Please have a speedy recovery and know that Michael will be watching over you. It was clearly evident that he loved you with all of his heart, and we the fans would like to thank you for all of your love, friendship and loyalty to Michael. It looked like you and he had so much fun together! We love and miss him so much! Please know that all of his fans are your fans also, so you will have millions of people praying for you at this time. Love and respect, Janet

1841 days ago


Here's the next celebrity to drop dead this year.

1841 days ago

Miss U MJ    

#36 - What the h@#% is the matter with you, that was really a despicable thing to say. Seriously, some people are just so miserable with their own lives that all they can do is try to elevate themselves by lowering others! It just amazes me that some people were just not raised properly to have value for another human being! UGGHHH!!!

1841 days ago


I wish all the best for Ms Taylor. I have the utmost respect for her - she has been through so many heartbreaks (the latest and hopefully last being the death of Michael Jackson) and so much physical trauma, she has been close to dying herself many times, but she has always managed and come back with head held high, class and flying colors. What a lady!

1840 days ago


About Dame Elizabeth and MJ trial - strange, because I remember she was interviewed and she did indeed stand by MJ, saying she believed he was totally innocent. I remember that, because she was pretty alone in saying anything at all and I wondered how she could be so certain, when others were not.

As for the feuds between them - even dear friends can fall out from time to time, and no one but the two of them knows exactly what was said and done between them at various points. Maybe the necklace was not payment for "services rendered" (horrible phrasing) but to make up for something Michael Jackson did or said? Who knows?

Bottom line: I do think they loved each other deeply. None of them was flawless, but their friendship survived the blows and they did love each other.

1840 days ago


Wanda & No-Class-Liz,

You REALLY need to get your facts straight on Dame Liz.

She broke up a marriage that was already (as admitted by both Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher) at an end.

She married her first three husbands for love (including drunk-ass Nicky Hilton who hit her in the stomach so hard that she had a miscarriage)

She married Richard Burton twice (and would have done so a third time) because she was deeply and passionately in love with him.

She married John Warner because she was on the rebound from Richard Burton.

And, she married Larry Fortensky because he was great in bed.

Oh, and she TURNED DOWN Mr. Megabucks, Howard Hughes, several times times when he proposed even after he literally showered her with diamonds one day.

Yeah, what a money-grubber and jewelry miser!

Dame Liz also went to EXTRAORDINARY lengths to defend MJ after the original 1993 accusations when NO ONE ELSE (including his own dear loving family) would.

As for the 2005 trial, Liz DID issue public statements in defense of MJ DESPITE poor health and objections from her family.

LOL: Check out the video for the 2006 interview that Dame Liz did with Larry King - she looked like she was going to jump out of her seat and THROTTLe Larry when she thought he was dissing MJ.

That lady can be MY BFF any day.

1840 days ago

Wanda W.    

For "Jessica"........... I stand by everything I said.Taylor BROKE UP MARRIAGES,HERS AND OTHER PEOPLES, BECAUSE SHES BASICALLY A SELFISH,money grubbing,diamond hoarding,SELF CENTERED SLUT.The Fisher/Reynolds marriage,while surely not perfect like all marriages,had young children involved,was not helped by her using her sexuality to lure a besotted,befuddled Fisher away.Her next marriage to Fisher was also broke up by her lust for A MARRIED BURTON.Married/Divorced Burton twice,then onto the world of politics with Warner,only to get fat and become bored with her aging face and career, and not being in the Hollywood spot light.Then, that last disaster of a union,Fortensky, the blue collar drug addict she met in rehab(It didnt last,my, I wonder why?)She was really aging now and needed a young stud,and probably because she realized she had gone through all the semi decent men her own age.The only reason she has slowed down and had no more marriages is because she ran out of men.Love had next to nothing to do with it honey.The truth,dear "Jessica" is often a very,very hard pill to swallow.

1840 days ago


LOL: Wanda, sheath those claws, sweetie!!

Unbridled jealousy and rampant hate obviously do not become you.

Instead of wasting valuable time and energy venting against Dame Liz, perhaps you should shut off the computer and, rack up a life (even a non-glamorous one) of your own.

1839 days ago



1830 days ago


Dear Elizebeth our thoughts and prayers are with you God Bless

1617 days ago
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