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Mickey Rourke Uses Football to Defend Gay Slur

10/9/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rourke tried using a football situation to defend his constant use of the incredibly offensive, homophobic f-word -- but this rant definitely isn't doing him any favors.

WARNING: This video contains extremely explicit language.

Mickey randomly went on an expletive filled diatribe the other night in NYC, saying his much criticized use of the word last November had "nothing to do with gay" and explained, "punkass ... f**got .... it's the same thing, understand?"

Somehow we don't think GLAAD will.


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Bobo Frog    

I detect a lisp.

1837 days ago


Lay off him. Seriously...that is so gay to pick on him for that.

1837 days ago

whats up Doctors    

Another P.I.(public intoxication) gets away walking down the street, I'm sure there was a cop nearby.Nah

1837 days ago

Rocky Louis    

1837 days ago

Al Jazeera    

Wrong question. The right question: Is Mickey a homo? Answer: of course he is.

1837 days ago


who cares? he can say what he wants to until he's vaporized by Big Brother for thoughtcrime

1837 days ago


TMZ are the new McCarthyites.

1837 days ago


I think you can use the word the way Mickey uses it and totally not mean anything having to do with a person being gay, or to be insulting to gays. Here's why.

Back in the day, to say that someone was gay was an insult. No one wanted to be gay because that was supposed to be the worst thing ever. It's nothing like that now. If someone thinks that you're gay or calls you gay that shouldn't be something you'd get offended by. Because everyone (with a brain) knows there's nothing wrong with it.

So when I hear a person call another person a f@gg0t I take it the way Mickey just explained it. Like it's just another insult word that you could interchange with idiot, moron, @ssh0le, douchebag, etc.

I understand why anti-defamation people think the way they do. But going around telling people what words they can and can't use only makes it worse.

Besides where would we all be if Charlie Sheen never called his ex-wife a n*gg3r. That was my favorite.

1837 days ago


What an ignorant moron!

1837 days ago

Mickey Rourke had 1000 plastic surgeories and he calls other people f*g.
What an idiot.

1837 days ago

Just sayin'    

Say what you want Micky. I'm sick of this damn politically correct world.
It's ok for people to make fun of Christians but NEVER;


1837 days ago


If he doesn't like gays that's his business. Who says you have to like the homos ?

1837 days ago


I was thinking along the same lines as post #8, I personally don't like Mickey Rourke, I think he's just nasty, but I also understand what he's trying to say, back in the my younger days, I'm 42, you could say those kind of words without every politically correct s.o.b. jumping down your throat, now it's just assanine with every watchdog group trying to censor what we say

1837 days ago


No, he's just a greasy, nasty, washed-up, foul-mouthed piece of sh*t. Absolutely foul in every way imaginable. Mofo is beyond redemption.

1837 days ago


During the civil rights movement when the black community was fighting for rights and social equality, do you think you could justify saying ni@@er? You STILL CANT! So what makes you think this is any different? The LGBT community is fighting for social and lawful respect right now, so sorry you can't use your favorite derogatory words. But honestly in the 21st Century we ought to be smarter, stronger and better people by now.

Mickey, put down the needles and pick up a civil rights book. Expand your mind today.

#13 -What derogatory words are used for christians anyways?

1837 days ago
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