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Mickey Rourke Uses Football to Defend Gay Slur

10/9/2009 12:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mickey Rourke tried using a football situation to defend his constant use of the incredibly offensive, homophobic f-word -- but this rant definitely isn't doing him any favors.

WARNING: This video contains extremely explicit language.

Mickey randomly went on an expletive filled diatribe the other night in NYC, saying his much criticized use of the word last November had "nothing to do with gay" and explained, "punkass ... f**got .... it's the same thing, understand?"

Somehow we don't think GLAAD will.


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Fairly Clear    

Regardless of his use or his intended use of the word this clip should be used by DARE and anti drug groups as a teaching tool to what the extensive use of drugs and alcohol will do to the human body over a long period of time. Just another major d-bag loser, but I guess as long as he's still sucking air you guys have a job right?

1819 days ago


he is not homophobic, he is a california homosapiens

1819 days ago


This reminds me of the new GLADD commercials about not using the phrase "That's Gay"... Those commercials might be the gayest thing I have ever seen lmao.... Literally the first words out of my mouth after I saw those was "That's So Gay"... I wasnt trying to be funny or anything... That phrase naturally came out of my mouth when I saw those commercials!

1819 days ago


Yeah, I said it,

Who makes fun of Christians? Are there jokes or groups out there I don't know about? Maybe people who claim to be Christian (Spencer Pratt omes to mind)are made fun of but being persecuted in this country for being a Christian is news to me. Please eleborate...and what was your point anyway?

1819 days ago

shawn spector    

Everyone should know by now that Mickey is totally Bi and therefore loves gay people. He uses the F word cause he is dumb, not a homophoeb!

1819 days ago

A. Minnitman    

"Homophobic" The politically correct folk have concocted a faux disease for us. Prior to the 1970's homosexuality was considered a disease by ALL of the leading psychiatric professionals and medical schools! Yes homosexuality was the disease and classified as a MENTAL ILLNESS! Now apparently if you have any kind of personal feeling that does not encompass, support and nurture the WHOLE gay lifesyle with it's myriad of permutations, well I hate to say it,... You are now the "diseased"!! That was a pretty slick trick and they did all right in front of our eyes!

The mainstream has tried to teach me that there is no such thing as heterophobes, black racists or anti-gentiles, ad infinitum.

Thanks liberal 'politically correct" mainstream media, thanks for ALL YOU'VE done.

I return the favor by avoiding you, your sponsors and pet cause of the moment. I avoid you whenever possible and will only access you when I need to USE YOU to get my point out and across.

1819 days ago


Hey Hockey Girl,

Did you used to go by the moniker "Woot"? You sound just like her. Your favorite word is "nasty". I don't know why you come on this website, everything's so nasty.

1819 days ago


Who cares if he is or isn't. I understand what he's saying. I played sports all through college and people definitely say what Mickey's trying to explain.

1819 days ago

Casey Ray    

The word F_____ was used in a different context, as he tried to explain, many years ago. As one who used it like many others, we understand where he's coming from. The word evolved and now, the older generation must remember not to use the now BAD word. It's a work in progress as you can see. Try to be patient, we old!!!

1819 days ago


He is right. Slurs are often used out of context. It can mean "we are buddies so we can say stuff like that" or "Hi I would like to request a fight".

1819 days ago


sounds like Mickey played football with Harvey??Levin seems to always drop the ball right??

1819 days ago

Sue Wong    

This mother of two understand what Mickey's trying to say but I also think he's got homophobic tendencies because we know what that word means in today's society. I hate the word and scolded my son the one time he said it. Mickey may be a good actor but he's off the wall.

1819 days ago


I don't think he's homophobic-- stupid and drug-addled, yes.

1819 days ago


Where is the homophobia? The world is way to PC for its own good. I agree with what he is saying, but it could have been said with less spit. The only thing that is of interest is that very talented, grown man has obviously not concurred his drinking problems. And he forgot to buy shampoo (again).

1819 days ago

Knock It Off    

In the movie The Animal Factory he played a prison Queen Bee. The man is not a homhphobic. He is just running his mouth.

1819 days ago
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