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Arnold's Solution -- A Driver for Shriver!

10/15/2009 5:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's the ultimate hands-free solution -- Maria Shriver didn't just get a Bluetooth ... the habitual cell phone violator also got herself a driver!!!

Maria Shriver: Click to watch
Today, the woman who got in trouble with her husband for having a cell phone conversation while she was driving -- ironically had lunch at a place called La Conversation in West Hollywood.

After the meal, Arnold Schwarzenegger's wife sat shotgun in her waiting ride -- where she was legally free to yap her ear off as much as she'd like.


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great, more tax payer money...

1841 days ago


She was busted cold driving and talking on the cell phone. She should get a ticket and pay for it. We don't have the luxury of getting drivers. Give me a break. She's not special.

1841 days ago

John McAllister    

Everyone is so busy trying to find out the color of stars(?) pubic hair, they totally missed the fact that Maria Shriver drives a Suburban --- equipped with ONSTAR and built in telephone. She doesn't need a cell phone (mebbe she doesn't know it) or a driver

1841 days ago

David M.    

I voted for Arnold but I didn't vote for that Kennedy woman to go around and act like she is above the rest of us by breaking the law over and over again and getting away with it. You're old enough to act as an example for the younger generation. What the hell is wrong with you. Your family has focused on trying to make this America a better place to live. It doesn't become a better place when bitches like you are on the cell phone causing accidents and hurting people. Act your age not your Kennedy mentality. Remember your family got rich by breaking the law and selling booze. Don't follow their example!!!!!! Redirect and become a good responsible citizen. I know that crime is in your blood, but you can change.

1841 days ago



1841 days ago


@bad recall
I'm sorry your experience was a bad one but did you stop to think that maybe Maria's reaction to you was not as you think? Maybe she felt a little embarrassed because SHE thought YOU were someone SHE should know or at least recognize and didn't so she avoided you, that happens in media covered political situations a lot and it is quite a complement to you for remaining classy with your head held just as high.

To others posting ridiculous things like who is paying the driver? You do realize that Maria has her own money and it's a great deal more than Arnold has? She's is from the Kennedy family but aside from that, it was the cameras of tmz, not LA County that "caught" the pic, if you more tmz picture fines paid then employ tmz photogs to do the job.

1841 days ago


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1841 days ago


"Do as I say, not as I do, right?" Spoiled bitch.

1841 days ago


Get real people, Arnold made a comment yesterday to the fact of if he gets onto her then he gets no nookie. So he has to keep her happy. The state is paying for that SUV. It is 1 of 5 that the govenor has access to.

1841 days ago


I just hope that California Tax payers aren't paying for her driver because she can't follow the laws of the state.

1841 days ago


The arrogance, lack of basic PR skills and elitism evident from this person over the last few days has been made more than evident.

It appears these people live in their own bubble, lovingly paid-for by American Tax-Payers.

1841 days ago

Ice Water    

Ugly hatchet faced bitch.

1841 days ago


are you going to get a bluberry for your Iphone? CLASSIC

1841 days ago


unreal that this family has no regard for the laws.. she is a f'ugly beoch, and she should be fined for her conduct.. and i think the idea of a driver is ridiculous.. id like to shove that cell phone up her hoity touity ass!! e1 in cali should vote his ass right out of office, why do you keep re-electing him?

1841 days ago


Interesting way of getting punished for being a scofflaw.

1841 days ago
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