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Rev. Jesse to MSNBC: It's Jackson If You're Nasty

10/21/2009 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

During an important discussion on income inequality, an anchor for MSNBC got her Reverends mixed up -- introducing Rev. Jesse Jackson as Rev. Al Sharpton.

Contessa Brewer ended up blaming the identity crisis on the teleprompter -- but by the look on Rev. Jackson's face ... the damage was done.


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It would have been better if after he said that he was Revered Jesse Jackson she would have said: "you're not answering my question Mr. Sharpton".

1827 days ago


LOL... another tele-promtor mix up.... he should've went on Fox at least they can tell people apart....

1827 days ago


Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson. Same thing.

1827 days ago

Mike Rowave    


1827 days ago


There interchangeable. Both say they are working for civil rights, but really it is there own pocket. What fascinates me is they stir up racial hatred, to secure their own purpose, then walk away. Prime example was the Duke University fiasco. They never apologize, but require others to. I still can't understand the appeal of Jackson or Sharpton. I think they have done more to hurt than help. Read bio's on them, not good!

1827 days ago


38. I guess this is why Fox News is beating MSNBC and CNN in combined views.. heck, even the 3am show beats all of MSNBC...

Posted at 7:23PM on Oct 21st 2009 by Wolftech

Ain't that the truth!!!

1827 days ago

Janet Rodriguez    

if alex witt was doing the news in the morning, she would of known who she was talking to

1827 days ago


First of all, Contessa Brewer is a Nasty, Nasty person on air. Funny, how the MSNBC female anchors are brunettes, and for the most part mean natured, and the FOX female anchors are very smart, quick witted, attractive blondes...Anyway, Rev. Jackson should be annoyed, but, I agree, both REV's are white haters. (Rev. Al, wants to be in Michael's will, Funy, how Randy Jackson, who by the way does not work, lives at home with Katherine, surely, now lives off of Michael's estate allowance to Katherine,..That guy needs to get a job. No wonder Michael kept far away, and his kids further away. They all need to take a right exit out of Hayvenhurst, since Michael is the owner, and now the Kids really own it, ~ they need to all get their own homes and support themselves. I read when Michael was married to Lisa, they wanted a reunion show, and Michael told Lisa he wold rather write them a check for 20 million to just go away...Michael was the family star, the hardest working, the most giving and loving. They are just moochers...I am sure LaToya, since she was the first in Michael's house stole every bit of cash she could find, including jewelry...She does not work, She just lost a home in Las Vegas to foreclosure. Now, we see her in expensive gowns, and jewelry on every red carpet she can manage. Ugh!!

1827 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Hey ! ! !

Sharpton sues Rush.

Jackson sues NBC.

Every MO-FO poverty pimp shares the wealth.

1827 days ago


u raysist modas. jasst bkaus e bee blk u tink e b sam ass oll bkass. sit stpid whty.

1827 days ago

Drama Drama...Baby Mama....    

Wow...she must be dumb and really stupid or a totally bad liar. How on earth can you know someone's real name, but yet go ahead and call them by someone elses name, and admitting in the same breath that you all know who he is? What the hell is the apology for then? Are you really sorry? This is whacked!

1827 days ago

A Person    


"I'm Jesse Jackson."

1827 days ago


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That was the funniest thing I have heard since Bill Cosby AND Jesse Jackson fathered a child out of wedlock!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA!~ I want that mask for Halloween!!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

1827 days ago


Can't fix stupid, but the two men are very different. How very embarrassing for her and the network.

The two men look nothing alike.

I'm not playing the race card btw; I'm a blue eyed, blond white girl. I do however, respect Rev. Jackson. Al Sharpton - no so much.

1827 days ago


Seriously, I can't tell them apart. They both sound the same to me. But if she was looking right at him then she's an idiot.

1827 days ago
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