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Burglar Bunch Suspect -- The Money Shot

10/25/2009 10:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hollywood Hills Burglar Bunch suspect Courtney Ames was rolling in dough when she took this glamour shot of herself holding a handful of greenbacks -- which probably came in handy when she had to fork over her $50,000 bail on Friday.

  Burglar Bunch Suspect -- The Money Shot

According to Alexis Taylor -- another alleged member of the Bunch -- the only reason Courtney got arrested on Thursday is because she's friends with Roy Lopez ... the 27-year-old who Alexis claims was in charge of selling off the Bunch's stolen goods.

The pic is another one of the gems found on the computer seized from Nick Prugo by the LAPD -- that everyone thought had been wiped clean. Whoops.


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What the Hell?    

Who Cares!
Where's the real news Harv?!

1787 days ago

homie 1 kanobe    

They are a BUNCH alright, A Bunch of SPOILED BRATS.They like tripping, They fixin' to trip in the Big House. It will be wilder than any ACID TRIP they ever been on.and you won't be coming down in 12-18 hours, This trip will last for years. Bummer Huh?

1787 days ago


get a job instead of robbing people. this bitch belongs in jail for long time.
gothic is so gross and disgusting.....

1787 days ago

Vanessa Kaye    

Ok this might look all good and cute but what if one of these young people decide to take it further and start hurting people. This needs to stop and they need to be dealt with accordingly. They are not CELEBS because they've robbed from celebs. This is disgusting!

1787 days ago

Big K    

That dude acts like a girl in that video of him smoking a bowl.He's going to love California prison.

1787 days ago

Professor Obvious    

She's flashing the gang sign for "La Eme". If you're not a member of that gang and you flash that sign, you better hope and pray you never run into a member of La Eme. 'nuff said.

1787 days ago


its no suprise to see roy involved i know him personally and he already had two strikes...

1787 days ago


what a dumb bitch!!!

1787 days ago


Jail her simply for making those ridiculous finger sign thingys. God I hate spoiled rich suburban brats like her!

1787 days ago


hey!!! even tho i had this for hotmail, it sent it to my yahoo address....and i didnt even click on the second link!! i do not want to show up as "me" its annoying!!!

1787 days ago


whoa that is weird, i looked at other names and noticed me and then i read the La Eme, nevermind....ha!

stupid idiots flashing their crimes....its like those people that worked at dominos and FILMED it ....disgusting!!!! what is wrong with people?

1787 days ago


Whoever in this "bunch" was friends with Lindsey has a get out of jail card! Tell the prosecutor you got coke for her and you get probation. Say Sam pushed you to do it to keep her on a string and you get community service.

The guy who could not fence much of Paris things has about the same card, tell the prosecuitor that you could not get much for this stuff cause the buyers thought it was fake.

This could get really interesting.....

This could get really interesting

1787 days ago


These 'children' burglars have a total of .2 brain cells. They'll be murderers by the time they hit puberty.

1787 days ago


This is so sickening that young 20 year old girls are stealing from people's homes. How in the world could they end up thinking this was the right thing to do or something a young woman should be doing?!?!? I just get a pit in my stomach just learning about this and seeing these pictures.

1787 days ago


hahaha i went to school with these guys for a short time, until they got kicked out and sent to continuation school. This is great, I didnt see this coming at all ;-). Growing up in Calabasas, you would think their parents would just buy them the designer clothes. lol I hope they get many years

1786 days ago
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