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10/31/2009 1:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Wine is the biggest scam ripoff in existence

1629 days ago

dallas boy    

52. 46. Who DROVE after 7 bottles of wine for 6 people??

Posted at 8:28PM on Oct 30th 2009 by dallasguy
-------------------------------------------------------------------His chauffeur, IN HIS LIMO LOL
Posted at 8:35PM on Oct 30th 2009 by Homie1Kanobe

Prolly so, but look at the dumb ass Hollywood 'stars' who 'have to be seen' in their special vehicles....ain't nothin' special 'bout a limo imo........

Still, not jealous, hey I would love to be wined and dined like that. Just wrote the comment that WHEN ANYTHING IS EXCESS, PEOPLE SHOULD BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE (if they cross boundaries or laws.)

1629 days ago


And, there are people dying of hunger.

1629 days ago


OMG!! its $12 for a large water??? I hope its not tap!

1629 days ago

Jay Abstract

Intelligent topics for intelligent people

1629 days ago


I would love to have that kind of money right now. My student loans are around the $58,000 mark, and in December, I'll be paying upwards of $400+ a month. Not good when you only make minimum wage from a part time job. So if Mr. Abramovich would love to send a check my way, I'd be eternally grateful! It would take care of a slew of problems!

1629 days ago


Money is never wasted unless it's burned up or used to hurt people. Otherwise, all the wild spending of the rich just ultimately goes to pay somebody's rent, for somebody's groceries, etc. Just follow the trail.

1629 days ago


Pfft, Hell yes I;m green with envy at the guy for having that much at the waiter/ess who got the tip! Damn, wish I had that kind of money.

1629 days ago


WOW! Anyone who tips like that, I'd date in a heartbeat (if I wasn’t already taken); even though he resemble a cartoon character, he's kinda cute and hot in his own way : )

1629 days ago

The Seer    

45 "Its really to bad that the wholesale on petrus wine is 800.00 right now and the wholesale on the cristal is 425.00. nice resturant mark up!"

Posted at 8:10PM on Oct 30th 2009 by Kim

Kim, love, pretty sure those bottles were very vintage hence the pricetags.

I've lived in NY, eaten in its fine restaurants, and am not surprised by this tab. Then again, I never was the one paying the tab.

I'd like to know just how buzzed that group was when they left the restaurant! That sho was a whole lotta Ripple.

I agree with the posters citing the trickle down effect of the monied spending money which supports an economy.

I do hope this fellow is philanthropic, though. I'm a nice, available Jewish girl, babe. Call me!

1629 days ago


Damn! Now you know we have got to be bored, if we are on here discussing a Russian billionaire's lunch!
Do we really care????? NO!!!!

We want Michael Jackson news!!!!

1629 days ago


If this guy made his money honestly, I can't really complain about what he chooses to spend it on. However, I've heard that there is widespread corruption in Russian business- I think I heard that 70% is controlled at least partially by organized crime.

1629 days ago


Wish I could get such a lunch invite ... love to taste some uber-fine wine!

1629 days ago


"if the guy is worth $1B, this lunch would be equal in percentage terms of someone making $52K per year"
How the hell do make up that number? If he is worth $1B this would be like spending $52 for somebody who is worth $1M.

If you are worth $100k It is like spending $5.60. Not bad for a lunch with 6 friends, is it?

1629 days ago


Not gonna lie I would if I could

1629 days ago
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