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TSA Takes Big Gulp Over Britney

11/3/2009 1:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: TMZ spoke with a TSA rep who was on scene, who tells us, "There were ice chips in the cup, and that is permitted."

Britney Spears
did what no one else we know has ever done at LAX -- she took a Big Gulp-esque drink through security and drank with aplomb as she walked to her plane.

Britney Spears: Click to watch
We contacted a security specialist from the TSA who told us screeners have "discretion" when it comes to letting liquids through security.

But we've never met anyone who's ever been able to get anything close to a Big Gulp size of liquid through security.



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Pray For the Beaten Up!    

Jealous Much?

Have been arrested from plane by marshalls due to unfair worker and put in jail. Sometimes you win sometimes you lose, I don't hate Britney for it, in fact she was just wrongly sued by big fat lazy tmz employee who stuck his foot out in front of her car.

Good for her not to suffer because of the evil douches.

1814 days ago

Open your Eyes    

seriously though, who cares what britney brings when the new world order is coming into effect and people are being forced to get swine flu vaccinations at work that 1) don't really work and worst of all 2) either kill them or harm them ? Just wait till the worst of this new world order comes into play more! In two years you won't be able to leave your house without getting a vaccine and you just better hope the military is ready to stand up and fight! Check out alex jones on you tube, and yes, obama, bush, etc is against you and wants to wipe out 75% of the population and live on the earth with the elite! True story! been planned for years! Wake up America!

1814 days ago

Sue Wong    

Oh for heaven's sake. Britney is well known, the average Joe isn't and that's just the way it works. She's drinking from the cup so they can see it's nothing harmful.
Half the rules are understandable but stupid. If a terrorist wanted to get something on they probably would and in the meantime the little guy gets harassed. My teen son went through 2 domestic and 2 international airports wearing a necklace with a spiky end. It was just like wearing a cross on a chain but at Pearson airport in Toronto he had to throw it away as we didn't have time to mail it. Very stupid.

1814 days ago


people keep commenting "well she wouldn't drink from a bomb would she?" I could say the same about my children's sippy cups, but I had to leave them behind...

1814 days ago

larry bud melman    

Kooky yea. Missed you little buddy.

1814 days ago


Does ice count? What if you only had ice in a cup, would that be allowed?

1814 days ago


I had to give up 2 unopened yogurts I had just purchased! Not a big loss, but no discretion was shown to me! You never know what anyone will do especially if they're allowed to keep getting away with things. BUT, some of the rules are a little too much!

1814 days ago


The 11% of those folks who don't think this is unfair to the rest of us must be those folks who think Britney shi*s ice cream. What morons.

1814 days ago


I'm sick to death of celebrities getting to be "above the law." I was stuck in an airport one night when my plane was delayed, and I needed to run my guide dog outside. I had a partial bottle of water that I bought at the airport. An employee needed to help me get to a place to take the dog out (since I didn't know squat about that airport), which meant I needed to go through security again. So, I naturally had to throw out the bottle of water and buy another stinkin' $3 bottle of water at the store. If Joe Public can't keep water they buy at the airport, then Ms. Spoiled Brat whouldn't be allowed to keep her "Big Gulp."

1814 days ago


I travel all the time and I've never seen them use discretion to let someone take anything in a cup or bottle through security. In fact, I've seen a lot of people cry when they made them ditch expensive wine and face products in their original packaging.

1814 days ago


I work for an Airline at the MSP Int'l Airport.....I cant even bring a can of pop through security. TSA sucks!

1814 days ago


If TMZ wants to meet someone who has gotten through security with a drink, then here I am. I was allowed to bring my drink through, only after I took a sip in front of the security guy showing him that the contents in the bottle was not dangerous.

1814 days ago


I should try this and record it when they take mine away then sue the hell out of them

1814 days ago


I love Briteny. Briteny loves Taco Bell.She is drinking from Taco bell cup large.

1814 days ago


I couldn't even get a sealed jar of babyfood through without TSA having to open it and I was traveling with a baby!

1814 days ago
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