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Dr. Arnie Klein Reveals The Secret MJ

11/5/2009 7:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein came into the TMZ office today and for an hour and 45 minutes talked about all things Michael Jackson -- including his Propofol addiction, his penchant for peeing in public, MJ's family's futile attempt to intervene just days before Jackson's death and how Prince almost radically changed one of Jackson's biggest songs.


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I enjoy listening to Klein. He's an entertaining showman busy performing CYA. He dazzles, avoids, schmoozes, guarantees another visit, if only he he can gain consensus.

1776 days ago

so wrong    

Yes, this was an interview about Arnie Klein trying to clear his name. you could tell Levin was like, "What are you talking about, staying on track here". Plus, he's already been caught lying! He's got a law suit going against the other plastic surgeon, big time law suit. He kept mentioning that...and that he's a good doctor. No doctor releases confidential information about their patient(s). Michael hung around with some strange folks, I'm just saying! However, they went years w/out even talking or seeing each other.

I doubt they were that good of friends, I don't know one does. Who cares, the guy rocked with his music, was he odd, strange..who cares, who isn't? MJ ROCKS, now and always.

1776 days ago


Lol Harvey would not out the surgeon for nothing he was scared to say the name due to being sued that was the funny part

1776 days ago


Lol. um I love Dr Arnie. He's a total Scheissmeister, but he knows his stuff...

1776 days ago


27. Is Harvey a Pitcher or a Catcher? Anybody know?

Posted at 7:42PM on Nov 5th 2009 by Boomy

Been wondering this exact same thing; seem so damned cutesy together, don't they?

And as far as that lying piece of lard, Klein, IF MJ actually pizzed in cups at his house to entertain his guests; including kids..what the hell does that say about him? Sick bastard! TMZ is slowly making me physically ill with all this garbage and that greasy azztard, Klein sitting there like friggin' Johnny Cash; give it a rest!

1776 days ago


Dr Klein's game plan:
* come across as a friend to TMZ host in hopes of lenient reportage
* bad-mouth other doctors
* mention lawyers getting in the way of his desire to be interviewed
* deflect all blame elsewhere
* come across as a close friend to MJ that had nothing but his best interests at heart

Money, and the desire for it - we're assured - is what other doctors are about, not the honourable Dr Klein.

1776 days ago


I've not been a fan of the Good Doctor Klein; HOWEVER, I find him very CREDIBLE in what I've seen so far. NO T.V. here; PLEASE continue the interviews online!!!
I remain a TMZ fan :]

1776 days ago

so wrong    

yeah, suckin up to levin, who could care less, it's just money to him, everytime he post anything about MJ, his site explodes, look at the 1,000's of comments on the last one.

And, we just had a mass murder in Texas and this is what we'e doing - reading. Sick, we're all obsessed with this man, hum..guess I'm gonna have to put some thought into why, why am i here and what's the psychology behind this. What is the obsession with MJ, good bad, indifferent?

1776 days ago


Posted at 7:23PM on Nov 5th 2009 by asdfg

Read more:
are you kidding ..that is the picture to sneddon was outtung all this in motion over. i knew it was extortion anyway due to other things i have read but this picture is rediculous.seriously .that thing wrecked someones reputation.sad,i have seen other things from that site .i dont know how i missed

1776 days ago

seeking the truth    

That interview was great! Klein is a nutter! A liar trying to cover his own ass.

Harvey you really are quite sexy ;) Intelligent and good looking

1776 days ago


Wow, check out how kling on Klein can't take his eyes off of Harvey.. I think he is trying to make nicey-nice with him to get favorable tabloid.. Also I think that Arnie has a lil crush on Harvey.. Hmmmmm Can we see the whole video please?

1776 days ago



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1776 days ago


So TMZ, how much did you pay this slimeball to spill all of this?? Once again someone who MJ trusted is capitalizing on his death. Real classy.

1776 days ago


The whole Prince was going to be in the Bad video is OLD NEWS I mean really!

This guy is full of ish and I wish you would prove some of the things this guy is saying before you act like it is the truth! NOT!

Lier, lier! Freaking Arnie Klein is no friend of mine and he sure wasn't Micheal's friend either!

God bless you Michael!
Love you forever!

1776 days ago

For Sure    

The Truth;

Geezzzzzzzz OMG How did you think Klein was going to act! Of course he wanted to name drop and remove any suspicions about him..

But stop being blinded by the superficiality of what he said Listen closely to what he said about MJJ.

Listen especially to the part about Las Vegas!

I wonder if Arnie believes in Gay Marriage lmao!

1776 days ago
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