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Sex Tape Unravels Former Beauty Queen

11/5/2009 2:44 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carrie Prejean -- the dethroned Miss California USA -- is in meltdown mode because of a solo sex tape.

Prejean -- who made headlines for her stand against gay marriage and her strong ties to fundamentalist religion -- is supposed to appear on "Today" next week to push her new book.. "Today" producers have called TMZ, making it clear the interview has changed and they want details on the sex tape.

TMZ has also received calls from CNN, FOX and various other outlets asking for info.

The reason they're all calling TMZ -- we obtained the tape several months ago but decided not to run it because it was too racy.

As we first reported, Prejean and Miss California USA officials had sued each other and were in settlement talks last week. Sources tell us Prejean was demanding more than $1 million but when Pageant officials showed her they had a copy of the tape, it took less than a minute for Prejean to fold and walk away with nothing in her pocket.

Prejean had sued the Pageant for allegedly firing her because of her beliefs and disclosing confidential information about her -- including her breast implants. The Pageant countersued, claiming Prejean had repeatedly violated the terms of being Miss Cali USA.

The reason the tape became such a smoking gun -- under Pageant rules, all contestants signed forms that gave assurance they had no nude videos or pictures in their past.

Carrie Prejean Pics

Chris Jericho Slurs Speech

WWE star Chris Jericho is wrestling with a pretty serious controversy -- after he made a slew of offensive slurs against Middle Easterners and gays.

Jericho was at the Sacramento Horror Film Festival two weeks ago ... for a screening of a movie in which he appears. During a Q&A session, Jericho referred to the moderator several times as "Hadji" -- a term sometimes used as a racial slur against Middle Easterners.

After the first wave of slurs -- and a random shot at Paris Hilton -- the host jokingly takes Jericho's drink to sniff it for booze, when Chris chimes back, "it's apple juice ... fag."

Jericho tells TMZ, "After seeing the video I realize some inappropriate comments were made and I apologize if I offended anybody." Jericho continues, "Just know that everyone on stage was having a blast and we all shared a drink and a laugh after! The good news is I got my wish of being posted on TMZ."

Yes you did, Chris.


Samantha Burke says Jude Law has yet to meet his six-week-old baby girl ... but if he happens to look through Burke's photos on Facebook, at least he'll know what little Sophia Lee looks like if he ever runs into her down the road.

Jude Law's Baby

Celebrity Park People

Public parks are a great place for stars to have a picnic, soak up some rays ... and dodge the occasional stranger danger.

Launch Photos

You Belong in the Circus!

Step right up ... and check out the oddities of Hollywood -- we've got bearded ladies, tight rope walkers, jugglers and a half-woman/ half-fish!

Launch Photos

And the best part ... no animals were harmed in the making of our circus!

Who's Your Daddy?

Can you guess whose famous genes spawned these cute kids?

Launch Photos

Stretched Out

Celebrity faces aren't the only thing getting a good stretch in Hollywood. Yoga has become the new "IN" thing!

Yoga: Launch Photos


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1813 days ago


Carrie Prejean's sex tape is here:

1813 days ago

ron gamb    

you know what? carrie prejean has the Lord on her side. if she has made a mistake she is forgiven. anyone want to discredit her go ahead and the Lord will deal with you on an individual basis ever so harshly. she is a child of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and if you battle her you are battling Him and the Lord will be victorious every time and you will lose. so go ahead and try..expect the consequences for your action..she answers to Jesus who can save your soul. who do you answer to? one that will send you into eternal damnation?

1813 days ago


Let me get this right. They were suing each other. Pageant officials produce a sex tape of Carrie Prejean. She walks away with nothing. If that isn't blackmail, I don't know what is. She needs to get a good lawyer. If she is smart, she can use this to her advantage. Nothing wrong with having the tape, but if they used it to coerce her into an agreement.......they are wrong and need to be made an example of.

1813 days ago


Oh, that's so perfect!!! How dare that dumb, self-righteous c*nt think that she can go around judging others on a moral basis while she's no saint. Justice! Justice! Hey, maybe there is a God afterall...nah.

1813 days ago


I knew it (and who did not) - Carrie Prejean is a nutty psycho - slutty ding dong! Sinking like the Titanic.

1813 days ago


greedy slut

1813 days ago


And the sex tape is with her and her two lesbian roomates. She is engaged to one of them and they plan to marry in Ohio next month.

1813 days ago


wow is everyone making sex tapes now

1813 days ago


Just another fake KKKristian hypocrite with "family values". Also called a RepubLIE-KKK-CON! I'm glad the phoney skank did not get any money from the lawsuit.

1813 days ago


She was wrong. I don't know how anyone can defend her and I felt that way BEFORE her sex tape surfaced. She violated her contract by not making the required appearances AND because she signed a contract swearing to her wholesomeness as per pageant conditions. Then, pictures of her without her top and others without a bra surfaced. She said it blew off.... TWICE?? And while wearing different outfits??? She was a liar before she won the pageant and in violation of her contract by not making the required appearances. Her opinion on gay marriage, while unfortunate that she's another hate-filled Christian, had nothing to do with her dismissal. And her disgusting sex tape just goes to further prove the pageant's point and her hypocrisy. She may claim Jesus, but I wonder if he claims her?

1813 days ago


Fake boobs, fake teeth, fake beliefs, fake personality, fake blonde hair, liposuction, FAKE Christian.

1813 days ago


Just another lying white trash whore using the name of God when it's convenient, and naturally all the rest of the white trash Christian Right lines up behind her. The Lord is on her side? Not likely, not unless he's begun taking up the cause of lying, self-serving hypocrites.

1813 days ago


Just like Sarah STupid, she will blame EVERYONE but herself for her failures. A sex tape! What a stupid woman. Was it with Donald Trump or a woman.

1813 days ago


Steve, it isn't blackmail. The tape is a violation of the rules.

1813 days ago
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