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TMZ Live -- Dr. Arnie Klein ... Take Two

11/5/2009 2:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnold Klein has shown up at the TMZ offices to appear on TMZ live at 1:30 PM PT, 4:30 PM ET today.

Dr. Klein -- who bailed before his scheduled appearance on Tuesday -- promises to tell all about his most famous patient, Michael Jackson.

Dr. Klein will talk with Harvey Levin -- no restrictions.

Come back at 1:30 PM PT, 4:30 PM ET.


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Your Opinion Of Dr. Klein

His Criminal Lawyer's Advice - His Guilty Conscious "I'm not a Monster"

Do You Think he is a part of the Criminal Monster Money Machine that Killed M.J?

1820 days ago



Forbes estimated MJ's Estate made $90 Million so far
Could the estate go broke with all the Creditor's Claims and Legal Fees ?

1820 days ago


Dr. Klein, does this violate Doctor-Patient confidentiality? Or does that mandate extinguish upon death? OR can you disclose this information since you were also a friend?

1820 days ago


What are the implications of Dr. Kleins statements to you? Can he make things better for Dr. Murray or worse?
Who did Klein think was to blame for MJ`s death?
It sounded like he is very frustrated with MJ`s family. Does he blame them in some way for MJ`s drug problems or death ?
Have you spoke to Klein since he bailed on Tuesday?
What do you wish you had asked Klein or talked about that you didn`t during your meeting?
Did you get the impression Klein had a ton more to say? Is he going to be quiet for a while now?

1820 days ago


Hey Klein...why don't you go crawl back under that rock you came from. You're obviously no friend to Michael Jackson.

1820 days ago


Michael Jackson is unbreakable ...

I mean if you have friends like "Dr." Klein you have to be unbreakable if you want to leave the medical practice alive.

1820 days ago



What was the JAW DROPPING revelation that DR. Klein told you ?

1820 days ago


Didn't you think a grown man peeing in front of children was wrong? Why did you encourage it?

1820 days ago


QUESTION: Did you ever think there's a possibility someone within that investigation in 93, may have tip this boy off and told him what Michael's genitals look like? I mean anythings possible you guys obviously believe the pee-pee cup story.

1820 days ago


Klein and Harvey how could either one of you spread lies about MJ! The crap that was said about the urination...LIE! MJ was far to shy to do something like that! Why does TMZ hate MJ and the Jackson family so much? Why does you people get interviews with MJs TRUE friends such as Liz Taylor,Miko Brando,Mac Culkin?

1820 days ago


Oh my dear Lord....he's really going to do it??? I really don't know what to think of this guy. He seems genuinely hurt...but with everyone who was associated with Michael it's so hard to tell those who TRULY loved HIM from those who TRULY loved to USE him. I just hope he doesn't give too much crazy stuff away. Things that Michael would NEVER want out there...

1820 days ago



Does DR. Klein feel he contributed in any way to MJ's death ?

1820 days ago


HARVEY and Dr. Klein, why bring up the 1993 case of Michael Jackson? He was not convicted, so why bring this up? Now instead of people remembering MJ's legacy, you are going around to different media outlets with this RIDICULOUS story about how MJ liked to pee.

Dr. Klein, you should be ashamed of yourself!! You too Harvey for widely promoting a story that you are not even sure if it's true.

1820 days ago

just an observation    

On Tues, Harvey you mentioned that one of the phone calls Dr. Murray made on 6/25 was to Frank Dileo. Was this
told to you by Dr. Klein or another source? Was this call a part of
the three calls Murray made during Michaels emergency situation?

1820 days ago


What type of lawyer are you Harvey and do you still practice?

1820 days ago
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