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Twilights Out for Seacrest -- Pattinson Walks Off

11/17/2009 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ryan Seacrest's radio show came to a screeching halt last night after he asked "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson the most controversial, hard-nosed question in the history of questions ... what's the deal with you and Kristen Stewart?

As soon as Ryan asked the question -- apparently forbidden by the Twilight powers that be -- Pattinson's cold-blooded handler flipped out and pulled Robert right outta the chair.

Robert remained charming as he got up and left ... but the bottom line -- he still left.


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Brittany E.    

That chick is a total bitch! They could have nicely said that they couldn't talk about it, and changed the subject. I believe that they think the mystery makes them more popular, and if people think that Robert and Kristen are actually dating it will make the movie seem more real and people will be more into it.

1613 days ago

Brittany E.    

Revising my last comment.. Now that I've closely reviewed the video. I keep everything I said before. But, at the beginning, she strictly tells them that they ONLY have 2 minutes. Time was almost up and they didn't have time to go onto another subject. She was gesturing to end it, before Ryan even asked the question. And at the end, she was laughing with them. So, I don't think they left because of that question being asked.

1613 days ago


let's back off the handler for a moment. It is likely that this interview was set up to promote the movie and it was said from the first conversation that questions should be about the movie. Asking if he's dating Kristen is not a question about the movie.

Also it does seem like there was a time issue. Had it been a legit question she might have let it alone and let Robert answer and then pulled him. but if an understanding had been made prior and Ryan violated that, why stick around.

1612 days ago


In the "golden age of cinema" interviewers didn't ask stupid questions about the actors personal lives nor did they have paparazzi following them around. Why do you think so many of our actors from the "golden age" were gay and we didn't know about it until after they were dead? Now we hear every pathetic detail of a celebrity's life whether we want to--or they want us to--or not. If I were Robert, I wouldn't waste my time answering lame questions that are no one's business either.

1586 days ago

Nancy Duplechain    

As soon as they walked in, the woman in charge of Robert motioned to the producer that they only had two minutes for the interview. When it was getting close to that time, you can see her in the background, signaling Ryan to wrap up the interview before Ryan even asked the last question. They weren't leaving because of the question; it was just the end of the interview. They just both rolled their eyes at the question and Robert's handler was even laughing a little at it. I think you're making a mountain out of a mole hill, TMZ.

1619 days ago


LOL "Whats Bing?!"

1619 days ago


No, Ryan said "I can't ask the question? It's about his co-star", so the issue is obviously about the question, not time constraints.

We'll probably hear all about this tonight on E! News.

1619 days ago


Kristen is way out of his league,the guy cant act and he looks like a troll!

1619 days ago


Good for you dont want to be ask about your sexuality but you want to pry into someone els's...stay in your closet and stay out of other peoples business!!

1619 days ago



1619 days ago


These handlers always seem to worry about their own schedule than the celebs. Afterall, most aren't even paid. Just lackey intern PA's

This is just Seacrest and TMZ trying to make something out of nothing. It's a no-brainer. He was pulled because the PA thought he had somewhere more important to be, which with Seacrest is just about anybody.

1619 days ago


Whatever, I thought they both handled it really well. Hey, HQ, learn grammar before commenting again, kthx.

1619 days ago

KimL.A.~West (kimasabe)    

Ryan is a really great, sensitive interviewer. He had to be shocked. He probably will have some more comments about this. Since Ryan could well be controlling our future World (lol!), Twilight promo Powers That Be, really blew it. 2 mins only they permitted Ryan? Arrogant folks, without a clue, alienating media community NOT a good day's work.

1619 days ago


I love twilight...such a fan! but starting to realize i'm a fan of edward and bella because robert and kristen are ASSES in real life. kristen couldn't smile if you paid her. she dresses in black because her life is sooooo dreadful. screw you kristen! a million girls would kill to be in your spot, be thankful!!!! and rob, be more appreciative of your fans you jerk.

1619 days ago


Doesnt matter... his publicist just burnt an important bridge. She is acting like Ryan asked about a private matter that would come from White House security. What a stupid woman... I hope he wises up and gets rid of her, or his days as an actor will be short lived.

1619 days ago
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