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Octomom -- Bird Lady

11/23/2009 1:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Nadya Suleman rounded up some of her hungry kids and went grocery shopping for Thanksgiving turkeys this weekend.


The 33-year-old wannabe reality star knows a thing or fourteen about turkey basters.


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Gayle Octo is not running off every week to a different t.v. show because she is neither wanted nor invited. She would be on several shows per day if it meant cha-ching, cha-ching, and her pitifully reconstructed face on display. I do not like Kate, but she is a real mother. Octo is a vessal that carries eggs to fruition.

1757 days ago


"She cost the state of California two million and is out shopping for turkey..."

No, she didn't cost anybody two million. The hospital wants to bill somebody, anybody two million - but that's our crazy for-profit private healthcare system at work. Hospitals grossly inflate the actual costs for an individual patient in order to recover their operating expenses, which they have to pay anyway, patient or no patient. I had a bad UTI, unfortunately got dragged to the hospital in the midst of a fever spike, and ended up with a $15,000 hospital bill when all I needed was an antibiotic. The insurance company only paid part of it and jacked up my premiums, their profits depend on denying claims and gouging people.

As for buying turkeys - this is a bad thing how? Honestly, I wonder if some of you won't be satisfied until the kids are all dying of hunger and they're living in a big cardboard box. Heaven forbid that they manage to live comfortably.

Believe me, every penny of public money spent keeping families afloat and helping people with or without children get an education is money well spent. It's called investing in the future. By now, this particular family might not even be needing any public programs - the mom might be bringing in enough with interviews and such (if the Gosselins could do it, why shouldn't she?).

Even if they still need government help - so what? Remember that she's raising 14 future taxpayers.... They'll be paying for your retirement some day. If the mom hadn't been derailed by the unexpected 8 bundles of joy all at once instead of 1 little bundle and had finished her master's degree as planned - she could have supported 7 kids well enough.

There is no shame in using public assistance. Food stamps and medicaid and welfare programs represent a tiny portion of our tax money compared with the really huge expenses of war, war, and more war. Better that kids and their parents get the money than fraudulent military contractors like the ones sucking us dry now. Our military budget is obscene - higher than everybody else's military budget in the entire world combined, far beyond what we could possibly need for true defense. We would have plenty of money to provide medicare to everybody of every age and put everybody to work if we just got over the war habit.

1757 days ago


i'll be her turkey baster and when i get done she wont be able to walk right for a week

1738 days ago

Lady Z    

To No.56:

Are you stupid??? She HAS cost the State of California TWO MILLION DOLLARS plus. I work in healthcare. Yes, the hospital has to pad the bill to make up for leeches like this slob who refuse to grow up and work for a living. People who work in hospitals have to be PAID...they don't work for free. If you think this woman is the only person who rips off the system you are crazy. I have seen welfare queens come in to the ER because they have DANDRUFF!!! Why not, they are not paying the bill. Oh, these same people who rely Medi-Cal to pay their medical bills can somehow afford acrylic nails. This leech has cost the California taxpayer MUCH more than two million dollars with Medical, food stamps and everything else she leeches off the system. Nice that she can afford UGG boots, expensive cosmetics and an effing TUMMY TUCK, but she cannot afford to pay her hospital bills.

Oh..and this food shopping trip? It's being paid for by the Calif. taxpayer.

1735 days ago
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