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11/27/2009 7:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The 38-year-old resurfaced at a concert in Toronto the other day, looking thankful.

In 2006, Dolores was named the richest woman in Ireland.

Today, O'Riordan and her family live in a log cabin in Canada.


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Matthew Simpson    

Zombie my a**. She brings more to the table than any of the bubble headed Britney and Britney clones running around today - Lady Gag is that her name?...Go on with your bad self Delores - you're hot! Zombie...ha...sounds like the lowest person on the totem pole at TMZ got pissy in their cubicle because they had to work today while anyone that mattered did not.

1762 days ago


She looks great, she really doesn't seem to age... keep going strong Delores!

1762 days ago


"...a log cabin in Canada," huh?

Well, that certainly narrows it down.

1762 days ago


Matthew S.,

I don't think they are calling her a Zombie. It was just a natural title to use since it was their most popular song (or second most maybe behind linger).

1762 days ago

Never was a fan of Maya    

Michael S. -

Carl's right, TMZ is referring to the song. I think 'Linger' got more air play, but 'Zombie' was the better song by far.

1762 days ago

Christopher Shookla    

Do you have to let it "Linger", She's a babe :)

1762 days ago


She spends time in Canada because she married a Canadian man and they have a child together. And people outside of Canada are clearly still ignorant about Canada assuming that she now lives in a "log cabin". Figures TMZ would write something like that. Hey, visit Canada sometime and guarenteed you won't see a log cabin unless you, uh, go up north into the countryside! Even up there they're probably quite scarce.

1762 days ago


Log cabins exist in Canada, they're just rare. Like an intelligent American.

1762 days ago


You're right Norm, Americans still seems to have this “Bob and Doug Mackenzie” impression of Canada.

1762 days ago


It's funny to me how Americans think us Canadians live right next door to each other! LOL. A log Cabin in Canada... yup I know right where that is! Think I will jump on my dog sled and lock up my igloo and make my way over... should take me "aboot" 10 minutes to get there!

1762 days ago


Man I love her. She has real talent a damn good vocalist great artist. Screw Beyonce, lady GAG-a and all those other pop sensations. They have no talent, and besides gag-a who still sucks, can't write their own music and are only in for the hits and money. I wish there was more real music artist like Dolores. Those fakes on radio and MTV make their crap on computers and ALWAYS have their voices worked. Are you kidding me? not even that damn beyonce can hold a note compare to this great woman. All the singles ladies? sounds more like trying to make a hit instead of writing about real stuff. That's real? oh okay, screw all that fake music.

1762 days ago


Zombie was hard and heavy for The Cranberries. And actually had a real meaning. Pop will eat itself one day it's only money making business.

1762 days ago


She ia actually an amazing singer with an artistry and range that is incredible. She can sing a lot of different styles of music including opera. She does an incredible redition of Ave Maria . You can check it out on youtube.

1762 days ago


LOVE LOVE LOVE your comment Snowconan..

9. Log cabins exist in Canada, they're just rare. Like an intelligent American.

1762 days ago


Erm, I'm pretty sure she's back in Limerick not living in Canada anymore. Great singer but I never liked her, she is a total cow and always was.

1762 days ago
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