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Salahis -- 'We Were Invited, Not Crashers'

12/1/2009 2:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The White House Party Crashers say they're anything but -- and this morning said they are certain they'll be "completely exonerated" when all the details come out.

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Tareq and Michaele Salahi were on "Today," where they said they were "devastated" and "shocked" by claims they weren't invited to the White House state dinner -- and are currently working with the secret service to clear their name.

They claim they have documentation proving they were guests -- we haven't seen it yet, but we gotta ask ...


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So when are these skanks gonna crash Balloon Boy's birthday party?

1786 days ago


these two chumps are getting exactly what they wanted. to be made famous for absolutely nothing. tmz is good for doing that. like who gives a rat's behind. duh. keep on feeding their fodder. duh.
then go pick on someone who "crashes into a FIRE HYDRANT". YOU loons are hard pressed for "news" eh????????

1786 days ago

Anita Dunnce    

Harvey, would you please jump on this Tareq story and investigate the connection between Tareq and the putative presicent? I smell a rat here, and the rat is sitting in the Oval Office right behind the president's desk. This story is much more important and many times more fascinating than the questions about whether Tiger's wife scratched his face, or whether he swallowed some pills and therefore drove his Escalade under the influence. Please focus on the Tareq-as-Muslim-activist story, and please ferret out Tareq's connection with Barack Obama.

1786 days ago

the seer    

THESE TWO ARE NUTTY AS FRUITCAKES. Did you see the way the wife was getting p.o'd because she didn't get as much time to talk on the Today show as her husband did? They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, especially since crashing parties is a recurring thing for them. If we let this go, the rest of the world's nuts will crawl out of the woodwork even worse than they do now!

1786 days ago

Ga in TX    

So--just where is their invitation?

1786 days ago

to little    

Fame whores, and she acts like she looks good with her fake blond hair. I don't like fake tits but that and food might help that skank.

Only reason she is with dude is because he has money, she is a bimbo digging for gold.

You know they are on here and every news site reading what media and people are saying.

The last month has shown that some people will at any cost do anything for a reality show.

1786 days ago

richard cameron    

The Today interview was a joke. Tom Cruise was right about Matt. He's glib. And worse, incompetent. No questions about the couples' reality TV cameras that followed them to the event. Not one. The couple said their lives have been destroyed, and everything they've been working for too. What are they working for, exactly? Matt, did it not occur to you to ask that? And when they complain that their home has been invaded, what about the camera crew they allow to live in that home and follow them everywhere? Even Matt's own network claimed they were initially asked for cash. Why wasn't Matt prepared to go there? Could it be because the reality TV show is owned by the same network?

1786 days ago


An invite is when someone extends an invitation freely, not when you request to attend an event.

These people spent days trying to arrange an invite to the event and get on the list. No invite was ever promised. A state department employee was exchanging e-mail with this couple and said she'd call them the day of the event "one way or an other" if they were to receive an invite. The couple instructed her to call them on their cell phone. The couple then got dressed up and drove into DC. Went to the White House and insisted to the people at the gate they were on the list. The person who works for the state dept attempted to call and inform them there was no information - but only got voicemail. They claim the battery died on the cell phone.

I've seen the guest list - I recognize all the names with the exception of those who are from India. I don't know what this couple thinks they would add to the party and dinner table conversation.... perhaps they carry a little photo album and spend the evening showing off photos of themselves with famous people?

In any event, how many hours of did the state dept employee spend trying to arrange this? What makes them think they would be interesting or influential guests? What makes them so special or entitled? I mean Bill Gates would have been a more interesting and benefeficial guest given the trips he and Melinda have made and the work of the foundation.

1786 days ago


I agree they are liars they had to have someone on the inside cause they need to be put to justice and be proscuted and I think that she does have a neck like a lying giraffe that is freaking funny what I read at the top of all these comments.

1785 days ago


They should be on a reality show titled JACKASS but that is already taken by MTV. To bad.

1785 days ago


Why doesn't some TV producer extend the ultimate in "invitations" to these calculating deadbeats. "We'll give you a million dollars and your own reality show if you'll show us your invitation to last week's state dinner at the White House." Just a thought.

1784 days ago


"Tareq and Michaela's Most Excellent White House Adventure"

1783 days ago


They tried to cover their butts by indicating they NEVER received the voicemail prior to the event indicating the Pentagon woman could not get them tickets because her phone was not working.

I would suggest that their may very well be records via the cell phone carrier which would indicate all activity including timestamps for message retrievals, etc.

Pull the records.

These people were NOT invited. How ever it was they gained entrance, they knew darned well, they were NOT invited. Prosecute and put them in jail.

So tired of wannabees scamming people, charities, et al. Famous for being famous mentality needs to stop. Put them in jail along with balloon boys mom & dad.

1781 days ago

Associate Editor    

How to Party Crash the White House by Tareq Salahi & Michaele Salahi. Tareq Salahi & Michaele Salahi who “Party Crashed” the White House illegally penetrating layers of security with no invitation for the BRAVO Network, may be adding another lawsuit.
Tareq Salahi & wife - Michaele Salahi known for their possible roles in the forthcoming “The Real Housewives of Washington” aspiring reality-TV stars from Northern Virginia who “Party Crashed” the White House's state dinner Tuesday night, illegally penetrating layers of security with no invitation to mingle with the likes of Barack Obama, Vice President Biden and White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel For the BRAVO Network, may be adding another lawsuit to the several they are already involved in. Dan Burns one of the Creators of 2005 #1 Comedy film “Wedding Crashers” had shopped around a Television Series he created “Party Crashers” to several Television networks and Film studios and still owns the rights to the “Party Crashers” Television Series concept. The Salahi’s and BRAVO Network Infringing on the rights of the premise and concept owned by Dan Burns is crossing a legal line after passing on the Television Series “Party Crashers” Dan Burns created. The Salahi’s and BRAVO had no comment, and Mr. Burns was not reachable for comment on the Pending Lawsuits.

1769 days ago


they r so tacky she is so phonie pretending she LOVES eveyone i beleive she has an eating diorder and her husband has a weight problem do they have a 9to5 job. Bravo made a Big mistake when they hired these 2 nuts

1526 days ago

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