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Jesse Ventura in Heated Stand-Off with Comic

12/2/2009 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse "The Body" Ventura came thiiiiiiiiis close to beating the living crap out of comedian Jim Norton on a live radio show early this morning -- over a political conversation that went worse than the Gulf of Tonkin.

It all went down on the Opie and Anthony radio show, when Ventura -- a former wrestling champ turned politician -- arrived for an in-studio interview. Ventura was explaining why he doesn't trust the U.S. government -- when Norton, a regular on the radio show, began arguing with him.

After an intense back-and-forth, Ventura decided to leave and as he patted Norton on the shoulder on the way out -- Norton said, "Thanks for touching me with your f*cking stupid riff-raff Rocky Horror hairdo."

Ventura turned and stared Norton down -- until Norton proclaimed, "You're bigger than me and stronger than me ... so what?! You want to beat me up? Go ahead."

Ventura, who served in an elite Navy unit during the Vietnam years, kept his composure and eventually walked away.


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First time to see Norton and he is not funny at all which is my first and final impression of him. Talent and funny didn't get him on Leno or any other show. He is just persistently obnoxious and loud. Norton seems to make many enemies and seems intimidated by real men like Ventura.

Ventura still has class and a good veteran of our great nation.

1600 days ago


First off, who really gives a sh*t what the show is called.

Second, Norton is a douche. I have total respect for Ventura for remaining calm and composed. Although the video doesn't show the entire interview, it appears as though Norton's interpretation of Venutra's 'implications' were a bit exaggerated. Bottom line, Norton is a POS and I would love to see everyone stand up, clear the room and leave those two in there. Bet you Norton would have a nice glass of STFU, real quick.

1600 days ago


If posts are going to be negative on Little Jimmy Norton and positive for Jesse Ventura, I have to ask....DID YOU REALLY LISTEN TO THIS ENTIRE INTERVIEW????? Jesse is OUT of his mind. HE talks over and steam rolls over anyone who doesn't agree with HIM. So if Jimmy stands up for himself you then call him a no talent comic???
I listened to Howard Sterns interview before he went on to O & A. What an ass kisser he is. Horrible interview, lovefest bull---t!!Then when Jesse leaves he pokes a couple of barbs here & there. Wow, he's brave. At least Little Jimmy stood up to this hack mentally unstable bully

1600 days ago

Ben Sparks    

AHHHH DUDE.... You forgot about the Thermite Paint Dude....

1600 days ago


Jim Norton looks like he has AIDS.

1600 days ago


ventura very classy way walked out of the dumest dj i ever seen,wow what a moron how can radio station keep to have looser like that on the air....

1600 days ago


I don't really care what the whole story is about, politics and whatnot, but I think Norton took this way too far. When you're in an argument and you're the only one yelling, you've clearly lost... especially when the guy (your radio guest) is walking out the door. And this makes for horrible radio programming-- people want to know what your guest is about, like a human interest story, not hear two people spout off their political opinions. I was so happy when Opie&Anthony left Philly... good riddance.

1600 days ago


Jimmy Norton is a hot sexy beast!

1600 days ago


I think Jim Norton has small man complex. Nobody likes being yelled at Jim regardless of size. Jesse showed more by walking away.

1600 days ago


they are both complete morons

1600 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

that DJ is a jerk. he ought to be fired.

1600 days ago


William Parker you sir are a turd. it said opie and andy earlier, TMZ corrrrrrrrrected it.

1600 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Ventura's a former guv, retired professional wrestler, Navy UDT veteran, actor, and former radio and television talk show host. Though I do not approve of Jesse's political, but Jim's not worthy to tie his shoes.

1600 days ago

Christopher Wallace    

To be honest, I was completely on Ventura's side while listening to the show this morning. I thought Jimmy was doing exactly what he was screaming at Jesse about -- screaming louder and louder over him and not letting him finish sentences. I thought Norton was rude and incapable of carrying on the discussion just from listening.

Now, after watching the video, I find myself more on Norton's side. Ventura was puffing his shoulders up and being physically aggressive and I think it's hilarious that Norton lit into him. He's obviously not used to hearing disagreement and the only way he knows how to cope is by physical aggressiveness.

Glad I saw the video, because I was completely let down with Norton this morning on audio alone.

1600 days ago


A bald guy should never make fun of another man's hairdo, no matter how good or bad.

1600 days ago
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