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Jesse Ventura in Heated Stand-Off with Comic

12/2/2009 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse "The Body" Ventura came thiiiiiiiiis close to beating the living crap out of comedian Jim Norton on a live radio show early this morning -- over a political conversation that went worse than the Gulf of Tonkin.

It all went down on the Opie and Anthony radio show, when Ventura -- a former wrestling champ turned politician -- arrived for an in-studio interview. Ventura was explaining why he doesn't trust the U.S. government -- when Norton, a regular on the radio show, began arguing with him.

After an intense back-and-forth, Ventura decided to leave and as he patted Norton on the shoulder on the way out -- Norton said, "Thanks for touching me with your f*cking stupid riff-raff Rocky Horror hairdo."

Ventura turned and stared Norton down -- until Norton proclaimed, "You're bigger than me and stronger than me ... so what?! You want to beat me up? Go ahead."

Ventura, who served in an elite Navy unit during the Vietnam years, kept his composure and eventually walked away.


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pink floyd    

jesse should have kicked s@@t out of him.

1722 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

If that camera was not on Ventura could have cleaned your clock jimmy-boy

1722 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

get a haircut jim

1722 days ago


Correction to the story:

"Thanks for touching me with your f*cking stupid riff-raff Rocky Horror hairdo."

Its not "riff-raff", its "Riff-Raff", the name of a character in The Rocky Horror Picture Show, who has long hair except for the big bald top of his head.

1722 days ago


OMG, Jesse Ventura all the way. That Norton schmoe is the worst. He's not funny, why does he get any air time. Plus, butt-fugly comedians who make sexist jokes need to be banned. First of all, you're lucky to have any women look your way. Second, no one wants to think about your ugly self in a sexual way whatsoever. Why does Leno have this guy on. He's a channel changer every time.

1722 days ago


I'm continually amazed at Jesse the body actually making sense. Props given.

1722 days ago


Jesse for President. C'on Jesse put your name in, your theonly one who can save this country.
Don't be put by moron's such as Norton who have no talent, no experience, no class, no brains and a big mouth. Most know that 911 was stagged to put us into war, but few will ever come foward to challenge this current government.

1722 days ago


i am proud of Gov Jesse V. Thank you for having class. The MN Gov was on for over 20 minutes. So stating he walked off in a huff is wrong. He had many other radio shows to do that day in that exact building. This other goof tool just wanted to get his shots in for his 15 min of fame on utube. whatever!! MN loves Gov Jesse and we our proud he served in the US Navy as a Navy Seal.

1722 days ago


Norton sucks big hairy balls...

1722 days ago


Jesse has been on the show before and believes some inside job BS on 9-11. Anyone who listens to the show knows that the boys stick up for the troops, cops and fireman always. It looked like Jesse was not used to having his views questioned. His "Thanks for your service" comments blows. You don't get an opinion unless you've served? Hit the bricks kook! as Jimmy should have said.

1722 days ago


Was that McLovin in the background with the Batman hoodie?

1722 days ago


Check out the other three videos at

This guy is a kook. Good for Jimmy to have the balls to stand up to him.

1722 days ago


Love ya Jesse! I personally would have decked him and I am a woman!

1722 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Elin ought to club jim

1722 days ago


big O&A fan and I love Jimmy. He really held his own against that douchebag. Way to go Lil' Jimmy.

1722 days ago
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