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Jesse Ventura in Heated Stand-Off with Comic

12/2/2009 5:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jesse "The Body" Ventura came thiiiiiiiiis close to beating the living crap out of comedian Jim Norton on a live radio show early this morning -- over a political conversation that went worse than the Gulf of Tonkin.

It all went down on the Opie and Anthony radio show, when Ventura -- a former wrestling champ turned politician -- arrived for an in-studio interview. Ventura was explaining why he doesn't trust the U.S. government -- when Norton, a regular on the radio show, began arguing with him.

After an intense back-and-forth, Ventura decided to leave and as he patted Norton on the shoulder on the way out -- Norton said, "Thanks for touching me with your f*cking stupid riff-raff Rocky Horror hairdo."

Ventura turned and stared Norton down -- until Norton proclaimed, "You're bigger than me and stronger than me ... so what?! You want to beat me up? Go ahead."

Ventura, who served in an elite Navy unit during the Vietnam years, kept his composure and eventually walked away.


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scott is yummy.    

I have a feeling that tiny little boy from the radio show is on here using the only thing that's big on him--his stupid mouth.

What a childish and petty little freak he is. He's supposed to be a comedian? He sounded like an obnoxious 5 year old.

Pull up your big boy pants and simmer down little jimmy. Mommy is going to put you in the corner without dinner next time you throw a fit.

1755 days ago


Jim Norton...LOOSER!!!

1755 days ago

Coast to Coast    

I would have kicked his ass. That little punk is so f'ing retarded and if that little guy is reading this - go suck on your mother some more little boy.

The U.S. Government does not give a F*CK about you, me or any other citizen that can't bring something to their political power process. That is a fact.

1755 days ago


Personally, I'm no fan of Ventura. BUT, I hate Norton with a passion. He is nothing more than a mouthy little troll who seems to think that he can say anything he wants to insult any one and figures there will never be recourse. At least Don Rickles insults with class! Well, how's this? Jim Norton, I am a retired Army Ranger. 56 years old and now dealing with Degenerative Disk Disease. I have 3 inoperable, ruptured disks and 2 vertebrae with arthritis. STILL, I challenge Jim Norton to just a 10 minute bout in a ring. I guarantee it will barely make it 2 minutes. So Norton, are you man enough to take a real stand, or will you go down in history knowing that you really are the trollish little bitch that every sees you as? TMZ knows how to reach me if you ever grow a pair...

1755 days ago


Wow, I make a living as a consultant on Body Language , mostly within the legal system.
I may not agree with both parties on various points, they were beautiful to watch. Jesse showed ENORMOUS restraint in not killing the other guy, someone has an AMAZING Anger Mgt. coach.
The little guy was trying to be big and bad, but was leaning as far back as he could get,lol..amazing. I love how Jesse handed it, well done!

1755 days ago


If you heard the whole interview you would have heard how annoying Ventura was. This guy deserves to be shot. First off he was never in the SEALS, when he joined the navy it was in 1972, and there was no SEALS yet, and he never saw combat in Vietnam.

Anybody defending this guy is a complete moron. I'm guessing you area pro wrestling fan, and you probably believe that also

1755 days ago


Those two Howard stern wanabees, OPee and HairPlugs, were handed the keys to almost one third of Howard Sterns empire after he went to Sirius Satellite Radio. FAIL.. THEY BOMBED. They Lost all 26 stations in large metro cities due to poor ratings and a poor radio show. Jesse V. should have beat the gayness out of all three of them..


1755 days ago


With out the mic's, camera, and assorted people in the room, mr. whatzit would have probably been much quieter. I give Jesse respect for maintaining his calm and anger. The other guy is just a wannabe funny man who in the end is exactly the opposite. He never had any intention of engaging ventura in honest debate or conversation, he was pinning his morning on getting beat up to enhance his standing, instead, he came off looking like an unpatriotic, ill informed, loud mouth.

1755 days ago


Via that sniveling little runt's rational the US should have invaded Saudi Arabia considering the majority of the hijackers came from there. But he wouldn't have the brain cells to work that out. Jesse is a national treasure!

1755 days ago


Jessie Ventura has always been and continues to be a class guy. The little toad with the big mouth, however needs to accomplish something in his life before he continues to make a fool of himself like he did in that clip. Good going, Jessie!

1755 days ago


"First off he was never in the SEALS, when he joined the navy it was in 1972, and there was no SEALS yet, and he never saw combat in Vietnam."

I don't know about Jesse, but I know there were Seals as I was in the Navy from 1963 until 1972. I know there were Seals then because I volunteered and was turned downa because I was too little. Ya gotta have some experience before you spout.

1755 days ago


listen to the whole interview before you comment. This is so misleading. Ventura was talking over everyone the whole interview.

By the way O and A are nothing like stern, other than their vulgarity. Also they moved to satelite around the same time as stern moved to satelite so i dont know wtf u are talking about

1755 days ago


First of all OPIE & ANTHONY are a great show ! I can't believe all of you idiots that think Jesse is some sort of God ? Are you that Liberal and used to seeing people like Charlie Gibson and Katie Couric pandering and sucking up to all of these retard celebs ? It was rather nice to see the best comic EVER Jimmy NORTON smash this fool and put him back under his rock where he belongs. I guess I really should not expect much from people that watch and read TMZ for their news ! I also bet all of you voted for Obama huh ???? Like that change you moron Liberals ?

1755 days ago


To Two_Retarded_DJ's-1_Hack_comic:

It's not hair plugs, it's individual follicles selected from the harvest area artistically placed in the needed areas.

1755 days ago


Most of these commenters don't know what in the hell they're saying. The video doesn't tell the entire Ventura is arguing that the government brought down the towers with thermite paint, and that some of the hijackers are alive in Saudi Arabia. He's a whackjob conspiracy theorist trying to promote a show. He wasn't expecting someone to stand up to him because everyone (like Stern) kisses his balls.

Jim Norton is a brilliant comic and a fabulous debater. Anyone who listens to the O&A show or knows anything about comedy can attest to this.

1755 days ago
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