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Rihanna -- Sorry Guys, Size Matters

12/4/2009 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For Rihanna, it ain't the motion of the ocean -- it's the size of the wave.

Rihanna: Click to listen

RiRi was on BLI in the Morning the other day where she confirmed every diminutive dude's worst fear: For her, bigger is better.


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i guess we won't be seeing any white boys in rihanna's future. ha!

1751 days ago


This is why I have no sympathy for her being knocked around. She goes around looking like a slut, and talking like one. She is just asking for it. And yes, I AM female. Never have given her one ounce of sympathy and probably never will. She's trash.

1751 days ago


Simone real, Simone fake, you are just ridiculous.

1751 days ago


She needs to go away.

1750 days ago


How can you call her shallow? Since she likes big d*ck she definitely can't be shallow...

1750 days ago

Cheryl Fox    

bigger is only better for women with huge vags.... otherwise, too big hurts... so you women claiming bigger is better, you got big ones yourself!

1750 days ago

doc murry    

yeah size matters when the woman weighs 300 lbs and wonders why hubby donst want to have sex anymore..geeez its not the size it how u use it..but then again she is ummmm ..well nuff said..and all they think about is sex and collecting unemployment and child support and after you have been hosed 5 million times you need long dong silver to feel it

1750 days ago


Even a Mac Truck looks small traveling in the Grand Canyon....

1750 days ago


she'll probably regret saying that.. that's a bit much information.

plus, i know for a fact that size doesn't matter (unless you're less than 4 inches.. lol).

the G-spot is usually only about 3-4 inches in.. after that, it's all about how you hit it.

DOH, I just owned that bitch.

1750 days ago


Probably just takes alot to fill up that big hole form all that whoring she has done.

1750 days ago


She's not very classy, is she?

1750 days ago


Oh my, she stepped on a lot of toes with that one didn't she? All women don't think like that boys! LOL

1750 days ago


Does she mean the size of her forehead, she does have some pretty big forehead. She could have used that to beat Chris Brown with. Anyway, people really care about this broad, a Lady Gaga impersonator!

1750 days ago


There is something seriously wrong with this girl. She does not want to be with a guy with a small *** and she feels sorry for guys if there girlfriends do not send them naughty photos which if anything this girl is a walking lesson on not to send naughty photos to your boyfriend because hers ended up all over the net.

I am really tired of her, she is using this whole thing with Chris Brown to get publicity and it is pathetic and I have been in a relationship where a guy has hit me and controlled me and I can tell you this girl is faking this whole victim crap and just using it as an opportunity to boost her career and it is sick. What is even more sick is that she beat up on Chris Brown so she is not totally innocent in all of it. If you are going to throw punches then the person is going to throw punches back at you. They both need to go see a freaking therapist or something together because neither of them are right in the head

1750 days ago


She's a no-go in my book because her saggy boobies @ her age. YES saggy boobies DO matter to guys (most of us) ;).

1750 days ago
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