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Rihanna -- Sorry Guys, Size Matters

12/4/2009 2:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

For Rihanna, it ain't the motion of the ocean -- it's the size of the wave.

Rihanna: Click to listen

RiRi was on BLI in the Morning the other day where she confirmed every diminutive dude's worst fear: For her, bigger is better.


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A woman will stay with a guy with a small peen, only if he has money
or there is a sense of security. But at the same time she will be dreaming of that big, tall d!ck. I sure love it big and tall. Every time is like the first time. I never get tired it it.

1749 days ago


RiRi, it seems that CBrezzy was hitting that punany right. If I were you I would still let him hit it. I would still love u.

1749 days ago


of course it is for her, all the better to beat her with

whores always want it bigger, but if you don't sleep with whores, who cares

evolution/science have taught you it doesn't matter

1749 days ago


Bigger for RiRi is better only because her opening is as big as the grand canyon!

1749 days ago


Who cares what she thinks. First, see exposed herself as a slut, only 21 years old talking about size matters .... please, she just learned how to wipe her @ss good just a few years ago. Of course a 21 year old thinks size matters, that's all they know about sex, they don't know about the emotional part. She thinks like a pornstar, "show me the big meat". I wonder does size matter when another fist will soon hit her in the face. Please, this little girl needs to live life first before she starts commenting on what's in men's pants. Please, 21 and talking about size matters, she must have seen a world of d1cks to talk about them. I guess Chris had a big d1ck but he also had a big fist, she learned the hard way just like all stupid girls do. Quote an older woman, "Women don't grow up until they are hurt, hit, or killed".

1749 days ago


Spoken like a true butt slut

1749 days ago


It was shrinkage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1749 days ago


typo - tails

1749 days ago


Ok people, if you listen to the tape RiRi was asked if she was to have a one night stand what she would look for in a guy. As a woman I would differently pick the guy with the big d!ck.

All the guys on here calling her a slut and all must have small d!cks and are just bitter.

If a woman has to choose between two guys one with a small peen and one with a monster d!ck; so strings attached; I would pick the MONSTER like most women would.

1749 days ago


She's right, size matters

Tell her we like women who actually have breasts...

1749 days ago

Mrs MJ    

Any woman in their right mind knows that size matters.

1749 days ago


Rhianna really pushed a lot of buttons but she answered the question honestly. Just because a man has a small penis doesn't mean he can't keep a woman. It's like when a woman wants a famous and wealthy man but doesn't have a chance in hell of getting him but still finds comfort in the man she does have; its the same thing with penises.

However, if the woman is unmarried with no children in the relationship and somehow gets laid by a man with a big penis…the first relationship is over, I don‘t care what she says; it‘s just a matter of time.

Of course, miracles do happen. She may really love her little guy and even for big penis she won’t leave him. That’s rare but it does happen.

P.S. it helps if the “little guy” has a lot of money.

1749 days ago


why is everybody dissin Riri? So, she likes em big! Why is that so bad? Men say they want big breasts, tiny waists, thick thighs, big asses, pouty lips, etc etc etc and no one thinks anything of it. A sista mentions a guy's ding dong and all hell breaks loose. Women have preferences too people! Deal with it. If you fall short (pun-intended) then keep it movin. No big deal. Don't call the girl a whore b/c you don't measure up. That just screams "Hey, I have a teenie weenie" and for the ladies doin it that screams "Hey, my man has a teenie weenie!" Hahahaa. Guys shouldn't get down on themselves for packin bite-sized schwangs. As you can see on here, there are plenty of women that will gladly keep your self-esteem high and make you think you're not lacking in any way and will EVEN take up for all the small d*cks out there! How many men take up for women that don't look like the girls in Playboy? Be real. Don't knock the girls who prefer more. They have every right in the world to be vocal on what turns them on, just like men do.

1748 days ago

vile comments    

@ funny #66

Better to be single than in a relationship with a man with a small d*** and a small brain which just has space for the stereotype of the bitter one.

Even the attempt of a one night stand with a small d*** makes me bitterly run... -- We don't need you to save our lives; we save them from men like you.

1748 days ago

vile comments    

I check it before I, for example, leave a club. Kissing + size tell you: go with the man or stay without him.

1748 days ago
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