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Tiger Woods Wife -- Swede Revenge

12/12/2009 10:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Elin NordegrenTiger Woods' wife-for now, Elin Nordegren, bought a six-bedroom house in Sweden on December 1. The burning question -- does Tiger Woods get a bedroom?

Elin sealed the deal and plunked down a reported $2.2 million. It's on a little island near Stockholm that is only accessible by boat.

A representative of the Residential Association says negotiations on the home probably started when the house went on the market back in August -- months before Tiger's "infidelity" came to light.


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Tiger didnt want to move to the island. Apparently the pharmacy on the island is only restocked once a week with Ambien and Vicodin. Swedish authorities assured him he could fill an Escalade's worth. Elin chimed in and told Tiger Amsterdam was only an hour away by jet if he needed to get high. Plus it has a cute little redlight district that would be right up his ally.

1746 days ago


To "keep it real" You suffer from napoleon complex, it is a colloquial term describing an alleged type of inferiority complex which is said to affect some people, especially men, who are short in stature. The term is also used more generally to describe people who are driven by a perceived handicap to overcompensate in other aspects of their lives.

Okay now go get your dictionary because I'm sure there were too many "BIG" words for you.

1746 days ago

barry Gordy is genius    

You bloggers are lame.

She sure gotta pretty mouth.

1746 days ago


Sorry to break this to you, Taj, but you're an idiot. That goes either you are serious or joking in a very unfunny way. What you're saying is pure nonsense.

Seems Elin's house is in the Stockholm archipelago, which is wonderful in the summertime but very dark in the winter (sun sets at 3 PM). Property there does not come cheap.

Staying wiht Tiger doesn't sound like a good idea, since he has recklessly not only hurt her feelings, but jeopardized her and their childrens' health (STD). That to me is unforgiveable. He won't change.

Then, if she really has implants, that doesn't talk much for her intelligence either, unless she got them because of illness. Still, slightly dumb is better than ruthless and selfish.

1746 days ago


Elin, I am sorry for your sense of loss and betrayal. You deserve much better than Tiger. Cheaters never win.

1746 days ago


#31 I think the point is Tiger isn't marriage material.

1746 days ago

Why Not    

It sounds like a good place to try to recover their marriage, without people sticking a camera or a microphone in their face. I hope they don't listen to the trash talk out there by all those 'professional' women, one of whom is now starring in a porn flick about doing a golfer! Go figure how to get free publicity.
When did he have time to play golf?

1746 days ago


That pic you are using is not Elin, it's Kim Hiott

1746 days ago

Why Not    

Tiger's problem is no one ever said 'no' to him. Since he was a young teenager, everyone screamed 'yes' whenever he sunk his balls into new cups. I think for him the women were a competitive challenge same as his tournaments. Every new woman had to be shown he was the best, because that was how he was trained. So his endurance and performance are related to his performance anxiety of making sure he is their best. When they've had as many as they had, he was up against a large group of competitors and he came out on top... pardon that. Other than golf, what is he good at? Well, apparently...

1746 days ago


I'm tired of this ,the media and TV are making money from this incident. I dont have cable but I've been watching Wood's latest news via internet TV ( ) The whole planet is commenting on Wood's incident.

1746 days ago


He is only sorry he got caught and I would be very leery if I was Elin about taking him back. He will promise her the earth, moon and stars to keep the marriage together and save his cash but the fact he was phoning one of the hookers AFTER he was caught shows he really hates to have to give up that lifestyle and even maybe held out a bit of hope for at least something on the side. I don't think the negative comments about Elin are the least big justified. She was a good wife to Tiger and I think really loves this cheating douche. BTW those are not really naked pictures of Elin. Her head was photoshopped onto someone else's body.

1746 days ago

What if    

Do you really think that Tiger and Elin are together? Remember, 1 or 2 days ago, Rachel packed up and went somewhere... perhaps to the boat in Flordia... Don't be so sure that Tiger isn't going to pursue what he really wants, Rachel (he has a 1 - 2 year attention span). I would like someone to verify where Rachel is.. if that can't be done.. I would give it a 50/50 chance, Rachel is headed to Tiger Town and Elin is headed back to Sweden..

Read more:

1746 days ago


This story is gettting old now. He is not good looking and really neither is his wife.

1746 days ago


so much money , young age, name and fame, how many men can resist the temptation tiger had to undergo. he is fault but don't think any of us in his place would have acted like Jesus.
If man sleep somewhere else, lots of time answer could be within his home, missing attention or love at home.

1746 days ago


Would love to see her take revenge, she should pose for Playboy and Penthouse. She is HOT and having the whole world see what he dumped for the skanks. That would make him a fool in the eyes of the whole world.

Then sue for divorce and take him to the cleaners. I think his blatant infidelity could break the pre-nup and she could take him out for a ride.

1746 days ago
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