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Tiger Woods -- We Were Just Wondering ...

12/14/2009 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With all that's been going on with Tiger Woods these past few weeks -- we thought it was a good time to step back, assess all that's going on, and ask ...


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One of these needs a qualifier. The qualifying question should be "Do you know what the Masters is?" In addition, shouldn't it be turkey day 2009?

1738 days ago


Umm..Turkey Day 2010 hasn't happened yet.

1738 days ago


The crowd will never adore him like before. Now he'll know what its like to be booed and hated, he'll fold.

1738 days ago


In the end Tiger will want his freedom. His wife has the leash on him now but he will gnaw on it until he frees himself and gets himself back to what he truly enjoy - white woman with tight bodies

1738 days ago


Wow! Mediatake out has a video clip by Jungers she was with Tiger in his California home when his father passed! Unbelievable. He visited his pops for a few hours at the hospice that day and left that slut in his house!! WTF then came back home had sex with her and his mom called around 2 or 3 am to say his father passed! I'm so disgusted with cheating men.

1738 days ago


No matter what a sports person does, he gets off, same with rappers. As long as it men, and it involves their private parts and what they do with them, and great deal of money involved, they are forgiven. Look at the records: murders, woman beathers, affairs left and right. And who was the basketball player that wrote a book on him extra ourside the marriage activities like 1000 0r more. Main people watching sports of any sort are men, and they see no problem with this type of activity.

1738 days ago

Joe Jackson is illiterate    

THE only reason there is so much focus on this is because he is half black! Another thing for sure...only white people are focusing on this because of the same reason...I guess they have to bring this uppity half black man down a peg or two by continuing to focus on his sex habits.
Men love to f*ck!!So what if he did it with 200 women! Why do you all care?? Why?? Leave this sh*t alone! Go take care of your own relationships! DAMN!

1738 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Tiger hasn't figured it out yet, but sooner or later he will realize that you only have this miniscule fly-speck of an existence on this planet and he is better off not being chained to anything.

Yeah yeah nice kids whatever... take good care of those kids but GET THE HELL OUT OF THAT MARRIAGE AND ENJOY WHAT IS LEFT OF THAT TEENY-TINY EXISTENCE ON THIS PLANET.

All those broads of his are crazy and they are only capable of behaving like civilized human beings for just so long.

Have fun and ditch them when they get stupid... no need to commit.

I be one white average boy who wishes he were a funny-lookin black dude who could golf...

1738 days ago


1. Tiger is not in love with this woman (wife) He should pay her off as per the Pre Nup and send her on her way. This is a loveless marriage.
2. All you white folks focusing on this day in and day out need to get a life. Your main concern is that this uppity half black man needs to be brought down a few pegs, and that's it!
3. Men love to f*ck. So what if he did it with 200 women! WHY THE HELL DO YOU ALL CARE SO MUCH!! GET A DAMN LIFE, YOU'ALL!

1738 days ago


Tiger is going to be just fine, as long as he stays away from that stinking "VIAGRA"!!!

Talk to anyone who honestly knows what Tiger was doing, and they can verify that Tiger was getting his Viagra from some of those old ass golfers. What he didn't get from them he got at clubs.

If you know anyone who has ever used Viagra then you should know the craziness that goes along with it. Mix it with pain medication and alcohol and you got "Tiger Woods behavior".

1738 days ago


Tiger's career in golf is over. I have seen in play in person once and since I like golf the pga etc...
Tiger has lost my respect & I am disgusted with him.
There might not be another golfer like him & the yrs of watching him on the pga was great (except his ego), but it is over !!!!
He will probably end up designing golf courses or be a pga comentator.

1738 days ago


Who is this "Tiger" and what has he done to warrant all this notoriety?

1738 days ago


I'm just wondering when will everyone just shut up about this?

1738 days ago

# 1 (dumbass) what part of 'DISTANT MEMORY" don't you understand?

Tiger will recover, people will forgive, including Elin, however, nobody will forget, including Elin. Tiger will be back golfing, still No. 1, sponsors will back him because he's a money maker. End of story.

1738 days ago


#6, you are an idiot.

1738 days ago
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