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Tiger Woods -- We Were Just Wondering ...

12/14/2009 7:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With all that's been going on with Tiger Woods these past few weeks -- we thought it was a good time to step back, assess all that's going on, and ask ...


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If this wife is smart, she will divorce Tiger!!

1774 days ago


TMZ is full of BS. They too are trying to "cash in" on this whole Tiger circus.

I mean how many ways can these SKANK, yes I said it, S K A N K mistresses spin their lies and stories. I mean, ALL these women are starting to sound like a broken record. It seems every time one speak the others do nothing but try to "top" the other's story.

These women are nothing but back-stabbing, petty, miserable-gold diggin hussies. Any intelligent woman who decides to become a mistress KNOWS you don't RUN OFF AT THE MOUTH when you are dating anyone famous. It's the QUICKEST way to destroy YOUR credibility because YOU chose to become a MISTRESS!

These women just don't get it. They are irrelevant to Tiger and Elin's world. They are nothing but a CHEAP piece of A__!! That's all. They will NEVER be Mrs. Tiger Woods and they will NEVER be perceived as legit. They will FOREVER be known as a CHEAP SKANK MISTRESS with a BIG, BIG MOUTH!!! No one will ever touch these hussies, they are all marked as "BACK STABBING" whores who can't keep a secret and all having BIG MOUTHS!!!

In the END, it's Elin who will have the last LAUGH. She's the true Mrs. Tiger Woods and all these hussies running off at the mouth are looking mighty STUPID about now.

Tiger made a mistake, he's human. Cheating is NOTHING new, nor is it anything that anyone should be surprised about. WHY everyone is surprised that Tiger cheated is beyond me. AND the mere fact that everyone is QUICK to believe the so-called "mistresses" is beyond me.

If you take a look at the NUMBERS....... out of ALL the women claiming to be Tiger's mistress only 1 at the most 2 of the women are telling the truth. The others are spinning their claims for media spotlight. Bottom line.

I personally, would rather BET on Tiger Woods than any of the mistresses. WHAT do these women bring to the table? WHAT? NONE of them have accomplished anything, they are ALL KNOWN for messing around with a variety of athletes, etc. Tiger is NOT the only one these women are messing around with. These women are NO different than a hooker on the street, they are sleazy groupies. They plan, plot and scheme there way into sleeping with rich men. Most of them even plot to get pregnant so they can get PAID. Bottom line. Let's call a spade a spade shall we?

WHAT exactly do these mistresses BRING to the table besides a cheap piece of tail? WHAT?

Now... WHAT does Tiger bring to the TABLE? Yeah, exactly......all these mistresses were plotting and scheming on becoming the next Mrs. Tiger Woods. NOT one of them is TRULY sorry for being a mistress, for getting involved with Tiger. NONE of these women were FORCED into messing with Tiger Woods, they KNEW the deal.

I have NO SYMPATHY for these women. If you chose to become a mistress, then you CAN NOT whine and complain when you are perceived as a common hooker!!

As far as Tiger Woods, this is a WAKE-UP call from God. Sometimes we take things in our lives for granted, we NEVER know a good thing until you loose it. Tiger may or may not be able to save his marriage, but it takes TWO to make a marriage work. Marriage is HARD WORK, it takes 24/7 of constant commitment and dedication. NO ONE tells you how HARD marriage is, there is NO written manual. NOT everyone is marriage material, NOT everyone should get married. Marriage is NOT for everyone. AND marriage is over-rated.

Young couples these days have NO CLUE what it takes to make a marriage work. They focus on all the wedding dress, the cake, the party and all the BS trimmings of getting married. BUT they never think about what happens after the "I DOs". They NEVER think about the LONG-TERM commitment when it comes to working at the marriage, raising a family and creating a lifetime together as husband and wife.

So did Tiger mess up? Yes, he did. But it's NOT the end of the world. This too shall pass. What's MORE IMPORTANT is how Tiger handles his mistake. Did he LEARN his lesson? Did he realize what a big mistake it has cost his marriage and family? What would his FATHER think or say if he were alive? I'm sure Tiger is stepping BACK and re-focusing, re-evaluation and focusing on what's IMPORTANT FOR HIM and HIS FAMILY. That's the ONLY think that matters.

ALL the media circus and assumptions and rumors being spin, twisted and distorted to boost TV ratings is irrelevant, because when it's ALL said and done. It's Elin and Tiger who will decide where they go from here and whether their family survives or not.


1774 days ago


Although Tiger denies that he is black, his situation is commonly known to African American men who marry outside their race and lose everything they have worked for to that persuasion. Good for Tiger! I guess he'll come back to his people when he is financially broke, and perhaps his mother will encourage him.

Tiger, on your way up you saw green and when you arrived you saw white. Now on your way down a dark path, you'll see blacks who don't have your back! Best wishes to Elin!

1774 days ago

Carl B    

It appears you can now help Tiger with his birthday card shortcomings:

After this mornings Today Show mistress, maybe this guy will come up with Mothers Day cards.

1774 days ago


What the hell why is everybody on Tiger's back? When Magic Jonhson, Micheal Jordan were having affairs no one was saying anytyhing cause it was kept a secert dont everyone know that WHAT YOU DO IN THE DARK COMES TO LIGHT! Go Tiger dont kill yourself man up and face it YOU BUSTED!! for all the alliged mistresses get a life all you weoman want your fifteen minutes of fame not you got push on before all 13teen of you freaks be trail because yall made him commit suicide over of you all !!!(LOL)

1773 days ago


i did vote, and i had a good result! majority wins! lol! anyway can you please watch this video, i am sure that you will like it!

1725 days ago
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