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FBI Involved in Michael Jackson Molestation Trial

12/22/2009 2:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: In our document search, we just found out why the FBI was involved in the Michael Jackson molestation case. According to one of the docs, the LAPD Sexually Exploited Child Unit contacted the FBI in 1993, asking the agency if it would be "interested in working a possible federal violation against Jackson concerning the transportation of a minor across state lines for immoral purposes."

The FBI was secretly involved in the child molestation case against Michael Jackson, according to documents just released by the agency.

In July, 2004, a memo was drafted stating that the Santa Barbara County District Attorney's investigation produced "collateral investigative issues, some of which potentially rise to the level of Federal Violations, in the New York and Miami Divisions as well as the Los Angeles Division." The memo does not elaborate on the nature of the alleged offenses.

According to the docs, FBI special agents from L.A., New York and Miami were assigned to assist Santa Barbara county prosecutors in their case against Jackson -- a case in which Jackson was found not guilty.

The memo says the special agents and prosecutors spent time discussing various strategies in the case.

There are also documents showing the FBI was involved in the 1993 molestation investigation. In one doc, there are notes which state Jackson was riding in a train with a boy whom Jackson identified as his cousin. The notes say, "He was very possessive of boy," and at night on the train a witness "heard questionable noises through wall."


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The couple who reported to the FBI that Michael Jackson was molesting a boy on a train ride in Neverland are Mark Quindoy (a former Neverland cook) and his wife Faye (a former Neverland housekeeper.They have been fired by Michael Jackson for stealing his stuff and selling them for huge amount of money on the street.Two detectives Fred Sicard and Deborah Linden interviewed the couple and later concluded that Mark and his wife were lying because they had already sold their salacious story to the tabloid The News of the World FOR $900,000.Mark Quindoy even wrote a book about Michael Jacklson called Malice in Neverland but nobody wanted to buy his crappy book.GREED KILLS Y'ALL!!!!!

1767 days ago


conspiracy, accountants stealing money from michael for years. michael begin to wake up, he took a lawsuit aganist bernstein, fox, goldman, sloan nash and haber for stealing millions of dollars and not paying his bills in a timely manner. the lawsuit was dropped i guess they feared loosing there reputation. one of the presidents richard bernstein was head strategegist for merrill lynch investment (wall street). people need to be aware of this. Michael was very powerful internationally. watch the jacksons dynasty on sundays, micahel is steal working internationally. he cant't be stopped dead or alive. do your self a favor if you love michael research this information and you will see why the economy is bad and why people are dying.

1767 days ago


Michael is resting in PEACE no matter what is said.Its the people on earth that need to get a life. It really doesnt matter anymore if he was guilty or innocent. The only ONE he has to answer to is GOD.

1767 days ago


Michael Jackson is innocent and Jordan Chandler knows it and has admitted this to be the case. He and his father were totally wicked in what they did to Michael. May Evan Chandler never rest in peace and may Jordan end up the same way. They got what they wanted... MONEY MONEY MONEY but at what cost???

1767 days ago


Proof if proof were needed..... Michael Jackson was totally innocent of all the vile and false allegations against him. Despite years of trying to pin something, anything, on him, the FBI failed and the reason for that is simple. There was NOTHING to charge him with.... EVER..... Sadly, it's all too late for poor Michael. Always a victim of other people's evil minds, greed and lies. Shame on them all. You made his life hell and totally destroyed a genuinely good and loving person. Again I say, shame on you ALL.

1766 days ago


We all know that Michael lived large, traveled on private planes, lived in mansions, had private chef, had a sequit of bodyguards, etc, etc, ect. so what the hell was he doing in a public train in the middle of nowhere, with no entourage, specially if he was going to perform a despicable act to a minor and had the risk of getting caught?????? This is so random and so fabricated!

1765 days ago


Michael Jackson IS INNOCENT. Now we have proof, not that it was ever really needed as we already knew he was INNOCENT of all the stupid and vile charges and allegations made by greedy lying extorionists.

1765 days ago


The guy who said he heard strange noise in the train was Victor Guttierez a fake reporter from Chile that alleged that Michael Jackson had sex with his own nephew Jermajesty (Jermaine's son).Victor called the National Enquirer to report this disgusting story even saying he had a tape to prove it.The national enquirer refused to publish that Michael had sex with his own nephew.But the idiot woman Diane Dimond went on her show Hard Copy and reported that in fact she had a tape where you can clearly see that Michael was having sex with Jermajesty.Michael sued her and sued Victor Guttierez.Victor could not give the tape to the FBI because the tape did not exist.Michael won the suit and Victor and Diane went bankrupt.So people before you believe that Michael raped Jordan and Arvizo please please read the background of all the accusers they are all creepy and greedy.

1765 days ago


I laugh when people say that Jordan Chandler was raped by Michael Jackson. His uncle Raymond Chandler even said that Jordan was suffering from Stockholm syndrome.LIE!LIE!LIE!To suffer from Stockholm syndrome you have to have been kidnapped at some point in your life.Michael never kidnapped Jordan.
Jaycee Duguard was captured,raped,brutalized by real pedophile Garrido and she suffered from Stockholm syndrome because she had two kids with her kidnapper and yet she was very brave when she went to court recently and testified against Garrido the father of her children.Jordan on the other hand is living the good life with Michael's money buying expensive condos and when the police called him so he would testify in court against Michael in 2005,the coward ran away to a swiss chalet.Is that the attitude of someone who was raped?
People stop being stupid and read the facts.Jordan Chandler and his late monster of a father who was a wonderful writer invented a lurid story and the press bought it and poor Michael was a victim of all of this.

1765 days ago


About Terry Georges and his false claims that Michael Jackson had phone sex with him.Let me inform everyone that Terry Georges is now the proud owner of a gay phone sex chatline. What the hell?
Is he trying to say that the experience he had with Michael Jackson over the phone in 1979 traumatized him so much that he became gay and started his own phone sex business for gay men?
Bull!!!! Sounds like Terry Georges was obsessed with Michael Jackson all these years and he was the one who called Michael and said he was thinking about making love to him. Michael was petrified when he heard the boy talk dirty to him over the phone so Michael stopped calling him and the friendship ended immediately.
The FBI secretely contacted Terry Georges about the alleged phone call. Terry denied to the FBI that Michael had phone sex with him.
That is why Michael never went to prison and the FBI closed the case. At least Terry Georges was honest and he did not lie to the police unlike Gavin Arvizo.

1764 days ago



1764 days ago

England in the house    

and what about the mudering bastard conrad murray? why is he still out and able to go back to work like he did nothing wrong. lets see, he waits for michael to die before he calls 911 when the paras arrive he does not tell them all the drugs he adminstered , oh and the diprivan that stops your breathing. why is this f***ing monster still out and about?

1764 days ago


O Michael sofreu durante boa parte de sua vida por causa dessas acusações, agora acho que chega, deixe que Deus tome as providencias. Eu acredito no Michael para sempre.

1764 days ago


In the FBI files a couple claims they heard noises coming out of MJ's train compartment. How do they know he wasn't with a woman? Were they in the compartment? This is laughable. Based on what I've read MJ would hide his girlfriends in plainsight. Most of his girlfriends were non-celebrities. Either they worked in the music industry or he introduced them as his secretary (boy he had some very beautiful secretaries), perhaps he might introduce them as a stylist or a nanny. Mike was slick about his personal life and he had every right to. His life was his own. He was a player not a child molester. The public and I guess the FBI/police believed the gay/asexual hype from the media. Seriously the FBI was researching TABLOID stories to find a case against MJ. shakes head THE FREAKIN' FBI reviewing tabloid stories. Despite the fact that Michael himself said over and over again I am not gay. I like women.

The thing that pisses me off is that they did nothing to try and clear his name. Oh that's right they are too busy ignoring Roman Polanski.

1764 days ago


There was a man from Canada named Rodney Allen who accused Michael Jackson of raping his cousin.The police interviewed the boy.The boy said that indeed Michael raped him one week-end.The police found semen in the boys's rectum.They sent the semen to the lab and the DNA result proved that the semen belonged to Rodney Allen.Later on the boy confessed that Michael never touched him and that Rodney told him to lie because he wanted revenge because he had a beef with Jermaine Jackson. Of course Rodney was arrested for slander against Michael Jackson and also for raping his own cousin.What an horror story!!!
So I believe that Michael Jackson never molested nobody.

1763 days ago
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