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Hawn vs. Hudson

Who'd You Rather?

12/26/2009 2:04 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Goldie Hawn, 64, and birth daughter Kate Hudson, 30, grabbed coffee together while on vacation in Colorado.


Question is...


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Animal Owner    

Nothing, but nothing keeps you warmer in the cold, (i.e. Colorado, Toronto, heck,anywhere it's cold w/or without wind), than a fur coat. That's just the way it is. Some people may be envious that they can't afford the kind of coats that actually keep a person hot and wind proof when it's freezing out. Like someone before me stated in a different way, unless you're a VEGAN or VEGETARIAN, don't freak out about fur coats.
And...Who would you rather? Could that even be a serious question because all that Ms. Kate has made the choice to 'be with' and made it known to the public. I don't think it's wrong at all for anyone to be with however many partners they want, that should be their choice & desire. Unless Ms. Hudson is in the midst of a competition we all don't know about, I wouldn't advise any man I know to touch her with a ten foot pole unless she got tested for everything, was abstinent for 3 months, and tested again, then used two forms of barrier method birth control. Goldie Hawn has been with Kurt Russell for decades, and even if he cheats, it's with far fewer partner's and with protection; with 50% of that statement being true.

1726 days ago


Hello?!??! Earth to TMZ; a NEITHER option is REQUIRED on all future polls. Comprende amigos?!?!??!

1725 days ago


Is that real fur you're wearing Goldie and daughter?
If so, shame on you. I find that disgusting, abominable and you've gone down more than a few notches in my eye.

1725 days ago


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1725 days ago

AM Hood    

Goldie is a bad mother-shut your mouth. She looks good for the age. At least she has stayed with one man, knows how to handle the love in a relationship. Kate has had how many men in the past year? She needs to stop running after these men and spend quality time with her son. When you expose your child to all these different men, it sure teaches them-him-how to be a man and not last long in a relationship. She should wait until she is sure the relationship is going to work out before she drags the child into the mix. Remember you are not the only one involved in these relationships and the child feels the loss as well. Slow down Kate, don't be so needy. It is OKAY to be alone!!!!!. Stay with mom for a while, learn how to keep a man and go from there. You celebs are pitiful. All the beauty and no brains.

1725 days ago

AM Hood    

What's up with the FUR???All you idiots eat meat!!!Go figure

1725 days ago


The question here is why are they wearing fur.

1725 days ago


To all the stupid commenters. Not everyone eats meat and there are coats that keep people warm that does not require fur. Have you guys ever heard of the Underarmour brand?
Animals don't have to die so you can live morons!
No wonder this planet is in such a mess! Ignorance is painful. Get educated or better yet get conscious!

1725 days ago


Animal rights FREAKS go whine somewhere else. people eat meat and wear fur and there is nothing you can do about it. Instead of being worried about an ANIMAL TRY BEING WORRIED ABOUT SOMETHING WORTH WHILE.

1725 days ago


Who'd I rather? BOTH (even at the same time ;)

1725 days ago

TOO BAD SO SAD :-p    

To those who think wearing fur is ok b/c we have 'dominion' over the animals -- um, that doesn't equate to CRUELTY. We're supposed to be stewards, not ABUSERS, of this planet & it's inhabitants.

To those complaining about speaking up for animals, when there are also people suffering -- one doesn't cancel out the other. I'm sure you're one to presume a person must care more about animals than humans, just b/c they express compassion overall. That simply makes no sense, & isn't true. Although that said, it's idiots like you who many of us DO care less about -- due to your sheer arrogance & nasty attitude, that treatment of other species somehow doesn't matter.. What a sickening stance.

People commenting on these 2 despicable women, are simply on point regarding the picture; & showing more heart & decency, than a ridiculous piece of SHlT like YOU could ever have. And I seriously doubt, that deep down u really care about anybody but yourself; & I feel very very sorry, for those who encounter such an obnoxious excuse for a person IRL...

1725 days ago


Whoever "The Truth" I commend you for writing your statement and I agree wholeheartedly. Compassion is not limited to human form, just because you want to stop abuse of animals doesn't mean you want to promote abuse for humans, you can make a stance for both. To "harvest" fur is a cruel process, watch how it is done, there are plenty of videos showing the suffering. Then come back and say "we have dominion over animals" or "we eat meat" so it's okay. You would have to be a monster to not care.

1725 days ago


Is that really Goldie Hawn - doesn't look like her to me. Boy did I enjoy watching her on Laugh In, when we BOTH were young. I could use a few hours of watching re-runs of Laugh In, does anyone know where or how? Oh, both Goldie Hawn and her daughter Kate are beautiful imo.

1725 days ago


Do we even know if the FUR is real, before condemning these women, just curious.

1725 days ago



1725 days ago
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