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12/28/2009 4:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


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but ya'll know it's out would just like US to look the other way....

So I guess Jude Law can SCREW all the Nannys he one will boycott "Sherlock Holmes"

Posted at 3:05PM on Dec 28th 2009 by Sister Soulja

For all I know, you could be a bored white guy trying to stir up racial tension just for kicks or an unemployed person who should be spending your time looking or a job. Boycott every movie on earth and if you want. Peace out.

1759 days ago

Only marry foreign women    

Domestic Violence is whatever the man does that the woman doesn't like.

1759 days ago

London not England    

#119-Why get all upset about celebrities you don't even know?

Believe me...I AM NEITHER ..........

1759 days ago


Where are their 2 children in all this mess?............

1759 days ago

Just me    

Sooooooo! Is America going to follow his every move, twist every word
he says, try to completely ruin his life and take away his LIVELIHOOD
and income? Are stores going to REMOVE the movies he's in and the 2
1/2 men DVD and make customers feel evil if they want to buy them? I
mean, he's a GROWN AZZ MAN and has been in TROUBLE BEFORE!!

That's what you all did to a kid who messed up at 19yrs old who had
NEVERRRR been in trouble before (Chris Brown) and got into with a girl who has a HISTORY OF VIOLENCE.

If you don't treat Charlie Sheen the same or worse? WHY NOT? Really, why not?????

1759 days ago


What kind of mother is drunk at 8:30 in the morning on Christmas day? SHE should be investigated by the proper authorities regarding the welfare of her children. They deserve better~!

1759 days ago



1759 days ago

Somebody , shoot it! Quick!    

WOW!!! Interesting comments from a lot of guys.Iknow this is the net and anybody can say anything or be anyone.
I 'm a girl and yeah, a lot of American girls want a guy with with big bank. Flipside, a lot of guys want a girl who looks like a Playboy girl.
You get what you pay for and if you have the looks, you get someone topay you for your time.

Denise Richards is a pitiful excuse of trash.
brooke Meuller is a former alcoholic.

Charlie is stupid and trash.Why did he marry this girl or even marry Denise? Remember he married that girl Donna Peele way back when? That is insane.

Charlie is trash.

Denise knew that and Brooke knew that. Why would you want to marryand have children for a piece of crazy trash who is passing on the gene to your children?

Well,Denise aired dirty laundry with glee in public with Charlie and she got $25million in totla.

Brooke wants her 425million.

Charlie should just call his atty. Draw up the divorce papers and write out a check for $25 million.
Why put off the inevitable.
Maybe if he does that NOW,Brooke can be easy on him ,plea to the courts, for Feb 8, 2010.
Once you put in a call for abuse, that ticket is written. Over ,done,signed,sealed. He will get a big fine, jail, 100's of community service hours.

Charlie needs to then declare bankrupcty. HE will be banrupted. See hsi four kids fromm Deisne and Brooke with both mothers present .That avoids custody drama.
Get his acting stride back. Hire call girls. See modles for a short time. USe the open door policy. Sex it up with the door open and bodygurad witness on the other side.

I really feel sorry him.

Crazy,stupid guy he is.

1759 days ago


He has a history of this. He put a knife to her throat and everyone on here is blaming her? Bunch of misogynists. None of you should ever marry.

1759 days ago

Yale Galanter    

That's not a picture of Brooke your misleading the public and should retract it asap. It's a picture of Betsy Russell a fine actress that stared in SAW movies.

1759 days ago


She looks drunk.

Does she spend anytime with her kids, or are they just meal tickets to her?

1759 days ago


thats not brooke mueller!

1759 days ago


She's a drunk, a user (of Charlie to get money, etc.), ignores her kids, lies to the cops and wants sympathy from us. This is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

1759 days ago

u sucker    

7. Ok, assume that you will end up divorced and won't see your kids and lose half of your assets, ând 20 years of your income. How different is that from being married?

Most married guys I know are working their asses off to pay bills, rarely to get to spend time with their families, mediocre or no sex life, and have wives that spend as much of their money as absolutely possible.

My problem with marriage is a fear of divorce and that the whole thing scks divorce or not.

Posted at 9:41AM on Dec 28th 2009 by yo

EVERYTHING YOU SAY IS TRUE! I know my brother is suffering horribly JUST AS YOU DESCRIBE, TO A T. Marriage FN SUCKS, people fake it to make it to the altar, to fulfill their own agenda then bam they reveal who they really are and then it's way too late! The heinous chick my bro married faked it real good, then she laid it on him, he can't get out of it without losing half of everything and maybe getting joint custody of his son. She knows it and puts his nuts in a vice every 2 minutes. Man, I was havin' a beer with my bro when I visited him and she FN called me an alcoholic! One beer! Then she proceeded to chew him a new @ss hole about getting rid of his Labrador Retriever that he's had for 10 years & loves to death! Oh God I hate that PSYCHO BITCH! Men, don't do it to yourselves for any reason. Women, get a hobby, get a cat and F OFF. And really, every other person I know who is married is so unhappy and fooling around, affairs emotional and physical. The whole marriage thing is a trap, it's phony and it's gotta stop because people are suffering.

1759 days ago


She doesn't need his money. She has more money. She did the smart thing by agreeing with him at the time. She should volunteer for a lie detector. Dont ignore this if want to help him. She must love him, because she does not need the money or fame, and children do tend to tie you down, so she left a carefree life in order to be with him. He has a minor chemical imbalance, if these allegations are true. Manipulation control lies crazy talk is a chemical imbalance. He was trying to get rid of her, by scaring her, and it is working, like it worked on various other women. it is crazy to do this tho, because he could end up alone, and that defeats the purpose of love and happiness. He has already lost one person, and access to his children like he should have them. Think of it as dyslexia of emotions. Drinking does not cause it but makes it worse. It is not bipolar, but is sort of like it, and if afflicts billions of people in various ways, and it afflicts men in a more violent way, but dont discount the violent propensities and volatility of women, either. The wife could have some of this, as well. It is a chemical imbalance like anxiety or bipolar or Alzheimers. Research needs to be amped up, and who better than rich socialites. Maybe she was meant to fall in love with him so that she could help him. The worst thing she could do is desert him. I dont mean physically, but emotionally. Gaba has been shown to help alleviate the condition. It is technical. It monitors neurotransmitters. Makes them fearful tho, so benzos could be used. Stem cells, diet, exercise up to four hours a day, stay active the rest of the time, juicing, less sugar, less caffeine, less smoking, less alcohol, more fruits and veggies, sun, less chlorine, less fluoride night help. You can still do stuff in moderation. You can even pig out. If somebody could cap/dampen 'evil' impulses we would have a lovely world, no crime, immorality, threats, no need for police, no need for prisons, no need for speed traps, no need for video cameras, no need for locked doors. etc. No nore volatility, manipulation, gossip, defamation, hunger, war, etc. He is also losing brain cognition, with the alcohol so the bad cognition, that we are all inherently, born with, takes over and suppresses the good. Everybody needs to stop drinking so much. He is a good person. You can see the good intent. It's in there. He needs to be helped quietly. Forget the show, the fame, what people think, the insignificant mess, and I am sure his dad is good enough to do that, in order to help him. K, i gotta run, gotta fight off my own relative's wicked ways.

1759 days ago
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