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Levi Johnston Doesn't Like to Take It Slow

12/30/2009 6:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Finally, someone other than Bristol Palin is blaming Levi Johnston for pulling a quickie ... and this time it's cops in Alaska.

We're told an Alaska State Trooper nailed Johnston for driving 63 in a 45 back in October -- and fined the accidental Palin extended family member $155.

The good news: Levi has finally learned to use protection ... he was wearing his seat belt when he was pulled over.

Baby steps.


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Behind the HardRock    

Dear Levi,
You're not really worth reading about. No one would have ever heard of you if the cougar libs hadn't tried to make a sex symbol out of you before the election (sickies!). Quit riding the Palin wave and do something worthwhile with your life.

Grow up little boy.
Palin Fans.

1719 days ago


Actually, Sarah Palin made Levi "famous" by allowing her under-age daughter and Levi to spend hours in Bristol's bedroom, behind closed doors, in the Palin manse, with a Palin, um, "parental unit" (dubious about that, but okay) present. I guess that the elder Palins thought that Bristol and Levi were prayin' or playin' chess, and they needed the door closed to promote concentration. Then, darlin' Sarah dragged her bulging daughter and her "fiance" all over the country, as part of her "campaign platform" (though how proving that A) failing to educate your child with regard to birth control will result in pregnancy, B) abstinence only education doesn't work, and C) Sarah Palin can't keep control of her own family, much less a nation...helped her campaign I'm at a loss to explain), making Levi known to our entire viewing public.

So Sarah made Levi a "celebrity", and if he's cashing in on that, good for him. She also has tried to keep him from seeing HIS child (not HERS at all, more of her under-handed machinations). As for a speeding ticket, o, freaking come on. Every "Z" rated celebu-spawn that gets a ticket seems to get a spot on TMZ. At least he wasn't wasted, or drunk...and, hey, a plus, he doesn't seem to have run from or assaulted the police or killed anyone.

1718 days ago

Cappy Lills Kid    

the only thing this @sshole is famous for is impregnating an underage girl who's mother happened to be the gov of alaska.
he is a wasteoid

1717 days ago
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