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Rush Limbaugh -- Bad Wishes

1/1/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush LimbaughOur poll on whether Rush Limbaugh should get better soon surprised even us.

After he was admitted to the a Honolulu hospital two days ago for chest pains, we wanted to take your temperature.

Unfortunately for Rush, turns out it was a rectal thermometer.


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,ichael horowitz    

first i want to wish Rush a speedy recovery. Second what a bunch of pigs these liberals are on these posts. If this was Pres Obama or any other democrat, would Republicans be voting and posting the same... when will the double standard from the left end?????????????????

1754 days ago

Getover Yerself    

Oh boo hoo!
Poor Rush, the hate-spewing ignoroid responsible for so many deceptions, myths and lies that right-wingers take as gospel. He is the modern embodiment of the Ugly American that the rest of the world is so sick of. As the American Empire declines into irrelevance, you can thank losers like Rush for taking you there. An anti-intellectual, anti-science, corporate puppet and racist stooge. Good riddance and goodbye. Let's start off the decade with a clean slate - without fools like FOX and Rush.

1754 days ago


God, I wish Congress would make homosexuality a capital offense. There is not 1 single gay person on the planet who has ever done a single thing to make this a better world in which to live. Die!gaywads!Die!

1754 days ago


358. first i want to wish Rush a speedy recovery. Second what a bunch of pigs these liberals are on these posts. If this was Pres Obama or any other democrat, would Republicans be voting and posting the same... when will the double standard from the left end?????????????????Posted at 2:32PM on Jan 2nd 2010 by ,ichael horowitz

To answer your question: No, conservatives would not be voting or posting the same evil death wishes on anyone. They are raised better & believe in God which separates them from the savages out there. That's why we will prevail. Good will overcome evil every time.

1754 days ago

Getover Yerself    

Paleo-Conservatives/Right-wingers/Reactionaries/NeoCons/Birthers/Tea-Baggers/Creationists can dish it out but they can't take it.

1754 days ago


Rush "haters" are simply the DUMBEST fools on earth, PERIOD!

They're THE definition of "INCOMPETENT", and they're a complete waste of a perfectly good human existance.

Furthermore, it's a complete waste of time to argue with them because they aren't capable of seeing, comprehending, nor understanding the "TRUTH".

Simply put, they are of NO good use whatever. But it's against the law to kill them or dispose of them in any way, so we must tolerate their existance the best we can.

1754 days ago


332. I guess this is a barometer on the viewers of sad that TMZ peddles such hate, and that most of it's viewers are so low classed.Posted at 9:03PM on Jan 1st 2010 by JD

It is sad, isn't it? But what goes around comes around.

1754 days ago


349. Rush believes that medical care should be a privilege for some Americans, himself included, but not all. He feels that if an uninsured person gets sick they should have to choose between not seeking medical care or facing financial ruin.Why should I feel empathy for him when he gets sick?Posted at 2:48AM on Jan 2nd 2010 by Felix

You have every right not to "feel empathy" for Rush. However, noone has the right to wish anyone dies.

1754 days ago


355. Wishing ill of others is extremely poorly taste. Shame on TMZ for this gutter licking poll. A new low.Posted at 12:28PM on Jan 2nd 2010 by David

Your "gutter-licking" description suits TMZ perfectly.

1754 days ago


What I don't understand is why people who might not like or disrespect others wish them illwell or even death? I may not like or respect our current President and his administration, but I don't wish any harm or illness to them. People just need to grow up and become human. Then the world might become a better place.

1754 days ago


335. TMZ and most of the people that follow Harvey Levin should be ashamed of yourselves. Where was the poll when Kennedy died asking if you were "Happy" or "Sad" that he was gone????? You people are just like the rest of the Lame Stream Media....Conservative haters.
Posted at 4:08AM on Jan 2nd 2010 by GerriDavid

Right! If anyone deserved a "poll" it was Kennedy - a blotted, drunken, murdering slob. But he was one of THEM. I have never watched the TMZ show on tv & I am urging all my large extended family not to expand their ratings by doing so. These people would sell their own mothers for a buck.

1754 days ago


Rush hope you stay away from pain pills they are a killer in every way. We have watched alot celibritys die this year and the past. Once there is a problem its never safe to play with fire. They are hard on your heart and health. Good luck best wishes for the new year

1754 days ago


Oh please
What about, what Rush Limbaugh said about Ted Kennedy

Bunch of BS from the right wing...

1754 days ago

Rip It Up    

So all of you peace-loving thug-huggin' libs want Rush to die? And you wonder why this country has gone to hell. Here's a newsflash foy you a-holes, we (conservatives) aren't going away and we're gonna "F" you up FOREVER...HA! HA! HA! Screw all of you and happy new year!

1754 days ago


Rush believes in the United States of America and the Constitution and so do I . I may not think everything he says is right or agree all the time with him but he wants this country to be free and for legal people of this country to have less government in their lives. So what is so bad about that?? I can think for myself thank you and I do not need Obama Pelosi Reed or Al Gore telling me what I should be doing. Everyone needs help at one time or another but constant government intervention is not for me and alot of other free thinking capable people.

1754 days ago
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