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Rush Limbaugh -- Bad Wishes

1/1/2010 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rush LimbaughOur poll on whether Rush Limbaugh should get better soon surprised even us.

After he was admitted to the a Honolulu hospital two days ago for chest pains, we wanted to take your temperature.

Unfortunately for Rush, turns out it was a rectal thermometer.


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by the way "rick" you're going to hell. Calling on Jesus to wish someone who did you no harm dead just because you don't believe with their political views... sacreligious. So if you really believe in Christ, I'd ask for forgiveness and stop being an a$$

1720 days ago


Not sure why you are surprised TMZ. What comes around goes around. Rush is a fountain of hate and he's earned every bit of ill will he is getting.

1720 days ago


I find it interesting that I could vote over and over. What kind of thing is this.

1720 days ago


Mayu, liberals demand that we be tolerant of THEM, but have no intention of respecting anyone else. They are hypocrite and vile, hate spewing, facists. They are the true threat to liberty, not somebody like Rush.

1720 days ago


I do not wish death for comedian Rush Limbaugh. I hope his caregivers in the hospital are all members of groups he has disparaged and maligned, so he has to kiss lots of minority non-hetero ASS to get his pain meds.

1720 days ago


I think it is ignorant to wish ill on anyone. Only those not intelligent enough to argue his politics would do such a thing. There are many people I do not like: Katie Couric, Keith Oberman, but I would never wish anything bad to happen to them. Maybe people should remember, if you can't say anything NICE then DON'T say anything at all.

1720 days ago

Boo Hoo    

I hope got health insurance you bum.

1720 days ago


I find Rush Limbaugh's views reprehensible. He is, after all, one of God's children. I pray that God softens his heart. He's already soft in the head. It's not my place to wish him harm.

1720 days ago

Joe Sissler    

IF it were Obama in the hospital I KNOW what the hateful, un-patriotic, shallow-thinking, bigoted Rush would say. Give him a fist-ful of Oxy's and call him in the morning...just don't call him late for breakfast.

1720 days ago


RUSH LIMBAUGH rules the airwaves because of over 20.000.000 ditto heads.We are educated,informed and family loving ,hard working AMERICANS that loved this country and what the USA stands for.We are thankful to God for what we have and what we can achieve in this great country of ours.Rush gives us a Voice to express our concern about what's going on with the liberal(socialist-commie)agenda.We need him and he will continue his mission until EVERYBODY AGREES WITH HIM.LONG LIVE RUSH!!!!!

1720 days ago


The poll didn't mention death so why all the whining. Just let his getting well take time so the country's temperature can moderate before he resumes his rants.

1720 days ago


I would not take any survey by TMZ readers as a "pulse" for what people think or feel. If Rush were so hated, then why does he has the #1 talk show, why does he make millions and why does he have more followers than any radio or television host. I would say the survey says more about the type of people who read TMZ, a gossip web site. Ignorance!

1720 days ago


What a sick, pathetic bunch of #@*+$#*, that would wish bad things for a fellow American. This is a perfect example of what Rush says about the Libs.

1720 days ago

Boo Hoo    

Our farts go out to you.

1720 days ago


" I find it DISGUSTING that the lunatic left truly wishes DEATH to Rush. "

"liberals disgusting as ever"

Lets see... recent quotes from the right.

"Bury Obamacare with Kennedy"

"Death panels" using photographs of bodies from the holocaust to claim that the government trying to extend healthcare insurance to all is going to result in mass murder and genocide.

Whatever... you righties are just getting back the kind of hate that Limbaugh, Beck, and Coulter give back everyday and your here whining like the little crybaby pantywaist draft dodgers you really are.

1720 days ago
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