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Good Genes or Good Docs?

1/3/2010 9:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sade is a smooth operator!

Here's the 25-year-old soul singer back in 1984 (left) -- and 25 years later, the 50 year-old version at some event in NYC this week (right).

The sweetest taboo, indeed.


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Who cares about this bs? People should age gracefully, and learn what matters in life. For a good blog, go to:

1733 days ago


Wow ! She's alive ! Finally some news about her. She's one of the sexiest women in the world. Can't wait to hear the new music and hope for a tour. Been a long time since "Lover's Rock". But I'm sure the new CD will be worth the wait. Best concert I ever saw was her "Lover's Rock" tour with India Arie at the Arts Center in NJ.

1733 days ago

Jomica Man    

My wife and I became big fans of hers back in 1984 while first dating and always look forward to her new releases and eventual concert tours. The last Lovers Rock concert in 2001, in Irvine under the stars was very special and memorable to us. I hope she schedules for the same venue around the same time in the summer. Sade is one of the classiest woman singers that is blessed with a unique sultry voice. Her dance moves match her personality and singing style that look oh so real and natural. Her looks match the inside of this special talented person, and will hold for many decades.

1733 days ago


Obviously the sista has taken care of herself over the years,It hasnothing to do with being black and for the person who says it'sbecause she is single and has no children, Not true,I don't know ifshe is single but she does have a daughter about 12 or 13 years old.Can't wait for the new album!!!!! It has been 10 years (New album Feb.8,2010 Soldier of Love)

1733 days ago


She is beautiful, if Queen Nefertiti was alive, that's what she would look like.

1733 days ago


Don't hate. "Colored people" age very well.

1733 days ago


Everyone knows black don't crack! It's called aging gracefully, and she's doing it well, thanks to her good genes!

1733 days ago

Carol O'Connor    

T, sade has a 13 year old daughter. Credit to her for holding it down, she hasn't had any plastic surgery. It is a true fact black dosen't crack. I'm black and 47, no one believe's me, everyone thinks i'm 30, i have 2 children 19 and 13 and have kept my size 4 figure, and u don't have to be a celebrity to maintain.

1733 days ago


You can't touch Sade....

1733 days ago


Darker skin is protected from sun damage. Light-skinned people who aren't sun-worshippers or who routinely have used protection (sunscreen), especially since childhood, probably age just as gracefully... and are at much less risk for skin cancer. But definitely having more of the protective skin pigment melanin from a lucky choice of ancestors is quite helpful (we all have it except albinos, it's just a matter of quantity).

1733 days ago


Everyone knows black don't crack! YA RIGHT, then what happened to:Al Sharpton,Jesse Jackson,Aretha Franklin,Whitney Houston,Quincy Jones,Smokey Robinson,Michael Jackson,Stevie Wonder,Bill Cosby,Morgan Freeman,Whoopi Goldberg:Should I keep going, Whats there Excuse.....Black don't age that well.

1733 days ago


Black doesn't crack. I know some of jealous of this fact. When you take great care of yourself, you don't need a freaking doctor.

1733 days ago

ah....there is my babies mamma....I was wonder where she went off too.....I'll be home later sweetie pie ;)

1733 days ago


She probably gets botox'd but I doubt she's had anything else done. By the way, it's not so unusual for a 50 year old woman to be relatively free of wrinkles. It's even possible for white women, all you need to do is stay out of the sun.

1733 days ago

Tina aka Beanie    

I was lucky enough to see her up close in person and truly photos don't do her justice. She is amazingly beautiful and other-worldly looking.
You can tell if someone has work done by looking at their necks typically (think Susan Lucci). The neck and hands are areas where it is extremely difficult to hide age. Her neck looks pretty much the same as the 25 year old photo.

1733 days ago
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