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Mariah Carey -- Drunk or Just Tightly Bound?

1/7/2010 9:17 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mariah Carey appeared to have some trouble walking to the stage at last night's People's Choice Awards -- but this time, should she blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol ... or that extremely tight dress?

Mariah Carey: Click to watch
Just one night before, Mariah was admittedly hammered on stage at an awards show in Palm Springs -- where she slurred and stumbled through her speech.

Last night, she had no problem talking -- just walking.

So the question ...


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She was not drunk, she was clearly HIGH...probably did a line of coke in the bathroom before going on stage. What a lack of professionalism, but I guess these award shows don't really have anything to do with

1720 days ago


Ewww, fat rolls under her armpits wearing that dress.

1720 days ago



Mariah is not a diva, she is a wannabe diva. Why are you so upset? You must be some pathetic fan who idolizes her nasty ass. She is a fat washed up slut who can't even walk on her own! She seriously needs to hang it up. I can't believe there are so many people on here who think she is hot...gross! Have some standards people!!

1720 days ago

dr cyclops    

i think mariah is my mom so you all quit talking crap about her,,she is beautiful and loving more ways than you can imagine,,and yes they are real and they are fabulas.....she taught me all i iknow about sex in a way only a loving mother truely can,,lets say it was hands on experiance,,heh heh

1720 days ago


Every time I see Mariah she seems like she has trouble walking. Is it the shoes or is something wrong with her? I loved her voice back in the day, but not so much anymore. But she does seem like a very kind person & she's very beautiful.

1720 days ago


No problem speaking? What show were you watching? She couldn't walk or talk!

1720 days ago


Drunk or not drunk she can't seem to finish a sentence or complete a thought, so either way there's a problem.

1720 days ago


Nick and her make a perfect couple. He is so down to earth and so is she. Also, her dress was too tight and heels too high that's why he helped her.

1720 days ago


Good thing Mariah can sing, she wouldn't exactly be bowling the world over with her brains.

1720 days ago


she is a strange one!...she might have been drinking chrome soda and vodka!

1720 days ago


Mariah did not seem drunk, she was trying to be funny and cute, obviously she was very nervous, if she had a glass of champagne and did not eat all day that would have caused the silliness.
It was not that big of a deal.
Love that Nick is always by her side.
More importantly, Mariah and other female celebrities should wear shorter dresses ( more comfortable to walk in) and lower heels.
Nothing worst than a woman taking baby steps in an ankle lenght tight dress or wobbling in 5 inch stilettos.

1720 days ago


If it wasn't for the speech I would've thought it was the dress.

The dress does seem uncomfortable and awkward to walk in. But the speech is what gave away her drunkness ( if that's even a word ).

It was a combination of both.

1720 days ago


I don't like her, never have. But in all fairness, she doesn't appear to be drunk. I would say she is tipsy and her being helped on stage because she is "drunk" is nonsense. Her dress is tight and she's got break-neck heels on. Give the women a break!

1720 days ago


This woman lost her relevance years ago after her first 3rd octave note. What is there to admire here?? Big boobs?? A dime a dozen. Diva qualities?? As if. Are we supposed to chuckle and laugh at her tittering around acting a fool, her demands, her, her, her.

Personally, I am sick of her and hearing about her. She offers nothing, absolutely nothing constructive to those that seem to worship her. Add her to the list of the Madonnas of the world.

1720 days ago

Rosh Hunan    

My goodness people...she is celebrating. She isn't making an acceptance award at the AA ceremonies. Get over it. For the ones that have slammed her for "not being a good role Model"...prettyyy pleez...I ask you...what music video compares to her action last night at the awards? I guess you don't mind your kids having free reign to MTV and VH1? Oh my, there they can have their little brains embedded with chimes of murder, incest, drugs, alcohol, beastiality and pretty much else that you don't want your little wee ones being exposed to. Oh yeah, I'm sure at home it is all roses and Grammy doesn't hit the bottle. Why do you think they love to go to Grammy's house anyway? She is fun loving and not as tightly wound like you perhaps? She is a wonderful artist that appreciates her fans and isn't a mean spirited person. Cut her some slack and go have a "splash" yourself.

1720 days ago
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