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TMZ Poll Apparently Hacked - Conan the Bad Guy

1/18/2010 9:27 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Conan O'Brien, Jay Leno, Jeff Zucker poll we put up -- Who's the Bad Guy? -- has been hacked ... according to some people who work over at NBC.

There has indeed been a seismic shift over the last few hours. Here are the facts:

AM ET today -- Only 5% of users voted for Conan. Zucker was in the lead. Jay was second.

7:20 PM ET. A huge turnaround. Conan is the bad guy, with 40%. And, the number of people who have voted exploded in the last two hours -- it went from just over 200,000 to 547,000.

A cynical NBC source scoffs at the tampering allegation, telling TMZ, "NBC couldn't get it together fast enough to know how to do that."

We're checking to see if the poll has been hacked.

UPDATE: 8:42 PM ET THE POLL IS GOING CRAZY!!! With nearly a million votes, Zucker now leads with 49%. Jay is second with 26%. Conan has 25%.

UPDATE 11:42 PM ET More than 2 million votes.


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TMZ you are a bunch of freaking idiots. Your poll results change all the time. People vote over and over when they don't like the poll results. It happened ALL THE TIME when you were bashing Howard K Stern. They will announce on other sites to vote and change the vote.

You vote and hit refresh, one person can vote 100 times in a minute. Did you even watch the counter WAYYYY back when you had a poll up about Perez Hilton? People stayed up all night voting on that poll over and over to make the poll turn out they way they wanted.

There has been a turn and people are sick of Conan and think it's time he shuts up and goes away.

1747 days ago


Conan is the bad guy folks. He has embarrassed himself, the network and his friend Jay. Oh and he is putting his staff out of work.

1747 days ago


loveanimecels, do the world a favor and drown yourself.

1747 days ago


Wow the count jumped like 40k in less than 60 secs
in Conan's favor...


The battle of the C script re's

1747 days ago


It sucks that Conan is getting kicked out of NBC for wanting to keep the tonight show where you can actually consider it tonight. (instead of the early morning show. It sucks that Jay is going to take back tonight show, when they should just keep it as the Jay Leno Show. And it sucks NBC is letting there affiliates call the shots.

The real person to blame beside Zucker? It's the frigging NEWS. Who wants to see the weather update every 5 minutes with horrible reporting then a brief glimpse of sports which happens for 35 minutes. Its not Conan or Leno it the NEWS. Plus it doesn't hurt to have a sex scandal. If the NEWS is loosing viewers say one of the producers slept with the news cast during the switch to the weather, that why they need to go check it.

1747 days ago


So their excuse is that they're too incompetent to do this kind of thing? LOL

1747 days ago


arrgh. Posting issues.

I don't think hacked is the right word. Manipulated, perhaps, by people hitting their refresh button and spam voting over and over. A single person can vote multiple times, right? NBC brass or anti Conan NBCers? Once any Team CoCo websites get wind of this I imagine we will see it sway back to where it was. Political message forums encourage their members to do the same to media website online polls around election days (don't ask how I know that). The guilty culprits may simply be Team Leno website members.

1747 days ago


my boss here at NBC (im a temp) just told me and a small group to vote conan all day. ive never even been on this site before. very immature. i hate leno and zucker is an ass. this website must be pro leno because that is not the sentiment anywhere in la. in this business anyway

1747 days ago


Wouldn't be the first time networks manipulate the media all the time.

F*** NBC and Jay Lamo

1747 days ago

Vanessa Bee    

Without a doubt Jeff Zucker is at fault for the whole mess concerning Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno.

Why in the world would you take two successful shows lead by hosts that were doing well in their respective time slots and move them around the way NBC did. The explanation from what I understand on NBC's part was because Conan is younger and would bring a younger audience along with him that would in turn please advertisers, if he took over the Tonight Show. I am suprised that the NBC executives didn't have the insight and foresight to grasp that this might not work out.

Jeff Zucker can't pass the buck onto anyone else. He has to stand up and take responsibility for his huge error.

1747 days ago

Matthew Simpson    

Hack my ASS...anyone with a copy of an HTTP debug proxy such as Fiddler can weight your polls with as many votes as they see fit...Not a hack job, just a sorry IT staff for TMZ...

Does the code snippet below look familiar?


You should, it's your insecure name/value pair string to the poll in question...

1747 days ago

Wild Willie    

I voted for Leno. I think Leno and Zucker got some type of crazy voting technique going on to make Conan the bad guy.

Conan is not the bad guy. He brought his family and friends across country to do what he loves!

1747 days ago


I'm just going to stop watching NBC now and just download the good shows (community). They don't deserve the money they get from my viewership.

1747 days ago


Screw NBC

1747 days ago


This issue is so easy to resolve:

Conan- 11:35-12:35, tonight show
Leno- 12:35- 1:35, comedy
Fallon- 1:35- 2:35, late show
Daly- 2:35- 3:00, awesome

Kick the damned "Poker after Dark" out of there.
There, no more news to compete with.

And if that don't work, try this on for size on TBS:

Conan- 10:00p
Lopez- 11:00p

Still no news to compete with.

I'd watch Conan over NBC dramas any day of the week.

1747 days ago
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